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The Best Glass Picture Frames

🕚 Updated March 2022

Our favorite photos deserve to be displayed, not just saved inside a phone. Use a glass picture frame to make your photos stand out in your home or office. Here are some choices to start with.

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  Classic Look Best Glam Look Best Floating Look Best Stained Glass Style
8x10 Picture Frames Glass, 2 Pack
8x10 Picture Frames Sparkle Glass Photo Frame for Tabletop
Metal and Glass Picture Frames
J Devlin
Glass Art Pic 412 Series Stained Glass Picture Frame
Our SummaryThese simple and elegant frames let your pictures be the focus.A spectacular moment deserves a frame that matches in shimmer and shine.This set of floating frames provides simple elegance to your photo gallery.Textured stained glass adds just the right amount of style to your picture frame.
ProsElegant and simple silver frame, horizontal and vertical orientation, easy to slip pictures in back pocket.Shimmery beveled edging, button closure for changing photos, can be hung on the wall, vertical and horizontal orientation.Elegant floating look, set of three, versatile style, can be hung on wall, horizontal and vertical orientation.Multicolor stained glass, unique style, horizontal and vertical orientation.
ConsNo hooks for hanging.Thin glass, cardboard stand.Delicate, must clean after changing photos.No hooks for hanging, must be placed in natural light for stained glass effect.
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The Best Glass Picture Frames

Gold decorated frame mockup with purple burdock flowers in the glass jug.

Buying Guide for Glass Picture Frames

A person holds a glass photo frame with a picture of a smiling couple.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why should you buy a glass picture frame?

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably taken many pictures—but what’s so special about pictures when they stay on your phone? Display your loved ones, accomplishments, memories, or milestones in a glass frame so you can be reminded of the big moments. Forget having to scroll through screenshots or food pictures to find them.

What should you consider when purchasing a glass picture frame?

  • Size: One of the most important details to consider when purchasing a picture frame is the size that you will need. When deciding what size you need, you also need to consider what size will allow for the best quality picture. Since so many photos are taken with cell phones, not all of those pictures are high-quality and will have an enlarged size without being blurry.
  • Orientation: Most frames can be displayed horizontally and vertically, although some cannot. Before making your choice, double-check to make sure the frame can be placed exactly how you want it.
  • Display Versatility: Many glass picture frames can be both standing on a surface and hung on the wall to display your cherished memories. However, if you are looking for a specific way to showcase your photos, be sure that the frame can accommodate your style and vision.

How can you make your glass picture frame look its best?

Be sure to dust your picture frames regularly like you do the rest of your house or office. Keeping dust from collecting on your picture frame will help it stay crisp and clear. Plus, soft dusting may help you avoid a deeper cleaning job.

Our Picks for the Best Glass Picture Frames

Classic Look

Giftgarden 8x10 Picture Frames Glass

These simple and elegant frames let your pictures be the focus.

Pros: These elegant 8×10 glass frames with simple silver lining can be displayed vertically or horizontally. It’s easy to change the pictures and add a fresh look to your display by sliding them in the back pocket. The design can easily fit most styles and decor because of its simplicity.

Cons: The picture frames do not have hooks on the back to hang on the wall.

Bottom Line: These simple and elegant picture frames add a beautiful touch to your favorite photos. Decorate a bookshelf, desk, or end table with this sleek, simple frame.


Best Glam Look

Calenzana 8x10 Picture Frames Sparkle Glass Photo Frame for Tabletop

A spectacular moment deserves a frame that matches in shimmer and shine.

Pros: These frames have a beveled cut and silver border to draw attention to your pictures. The elegant shimmer effect is a nice touch for photos of special occasions. Easily change the picture you want in the frame with button closure on the back. These frames can be placed in vertical or horizontal positions, creating a nice variety in your arrangement. They can also be hung easily on the wall.

Cons: The glass is fragile, making them easier to break. The frame stand is cardboard and may need some reinforcement for long-term use.

Bottom Line: These frames grab your attention with their sparkle, drawing attention to your even more beautiful pictures. The frames can be hung and placed on a stable surface, making them versatile for your gallery or display.


Best Floating Look

AceList Metal and Glass Picture Frames

This set of floating frames provides simple elegance to your photo gallery.

Pros: The understated look of these frames creates a display that allows your photos to be the focus. They are handcrafted with metal and glass to provide a simple, elegant look that freshens up any space. Their versatile look can complement most styles and decor.

Cons: Since they are mostly glass, you’ll have to clean the frames of fingerprints after placing the pictures.

Bottom Line: This set of elegant picture frames is a beautiful way to display photos, decorative prints, or pressed flowers.


Best Stained Glass Style

J Devlin Glass Art Pic 412 Series Stained Glass Picture Frame

Textured stained glass adds just the right amount of style to your picture frame.

Pros: If you’re looking to add just the right amount of color or personality to your frame without detracting from your photo, this is a great option. Gentle shades of blue, green, peach, and aqua stained glass complement each other as they timelessly frame your photo. You can place the frame in both a horizontal and vertical orientation.

Cons: It is not able to be hung on the wall. To get the most of the stained glass beauty, you’ll need to place the frame in front of a place that gets natural light.

Bottom Line: The unique design of this stained glass frame is excellent for adding original style to your photo arrangement. To get the most effect of the unique multi-colored beauty, you’ll have to plan where to position the frame near natural light exposure.

Final Thoughts

Glass picture frames are truly a timeless way to display your most special memories. They add a decorative element to your space that is truly personal. With so many affordable, versatile, and stylish frames out there, you can design a whole gallery to display your favorite photos instead of having to scroll through your phone’s photo album.

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