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The Best Glass Spray Bottles

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🕚 Updated August 2023

Glass spray bottles are highly versatile to house your favorite liquids. Here are some of the best ones to store your homemade cleaners, essential oils, natural air fresheners, perfume, DIY products, and more.

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  Best for Cosmetics Best with Measurements Best for Misting Best for Perfume Best Bottle Kit
Amber Glass Spray Bottles
Clear Grass Spray Bottles
Glass Plant Mister Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle Kit
Our SummaryThis is a solid set of solid amber glass spray bottles that emit a fine mist.This set of two glass spray bottles comes with measurements on the side.Add a touch of elegance to your plant care routine with this beautiful mister, perfect for home or office use.These two classic, gold metallic atomizer bottles have a continuous spray.This amber bottle set includes spray bottles, mist bottles, roll-on bottles, labels, and two funnels.
Pros✓ Refillable
✓ Leakproof
✓ UV protection
✓ BPA and lead-free
✓ Refillable
✓ Dishwasher-safe
✓ Adjustable/rotatable sprayer
✓ Comes with additional caps, funnel, labels
✓ Multipurpose
✓ Beautiful decor
✓ Convenient ring-finger holder
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Refillable
✓ Fine-mist spray
✓ BPA and lead-free
✓ Compact size
✓ Variety of sizes
✓ Versatile
✓ BPA and lead-free
✓ Good value
Cons✗ Not for thick liquids
✗ Nozzles can clog
✗ Inconsistent spray
✗ Nozzles may leakX Sprayer is unreliable✗ Not for thick liquids✗ Roll-on bottles may clog
✗ Lower quality labels
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The Best Glass Spray Bottles

Zero waste natural home cleaner, orange peel infused vinegar for all purpose cleaning.
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Buying Guide for Glass Spray Bottles

Set of empty brown transparent spray bottles.
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Why buy a glass spray bottle?

Using a glass spray bottle, you can make your concoctions or even refill the bottle with purchased beauty or cleaning products. Because they’re refillable and reusable, they are a great alternative to single-use plastic. Another advantage to glass spray bottles is UV protection, which protects the liquids inside from ultraviolet light that could ruin their efficacy. And, simply put, they’re often more aesthetically pleasing than their plastic cousins, available in a wide range of colors, designs, glazing, textures, and embossments.

What should you look for in a glass spray bottle?

  • Size and Capacity: The size and capacity of a bottle are important considerations when choosing a container for your product. For example, if you are looking for a spray bottle to hold beauty products, you may need a smaller bottle that is easier to carry or pack for travel. On the other hand, if you are looking for a spray bottle for cleaning products, you’ll probably need a larger bottle that can hold more liquid.
  • Spray Function: Some bottles have a fine misting spray, while others have a single-stream spray. A fine mist spray might be more appropriate for misting plants or applying facial toner, while a single-stream spray might be more appropriate for a cleaning solution. You may also want to consider bottles that are adjustable to different spray streams.
  • Coloring: Glass bottles come in various colors, but amber bottles have an extra layer of protection from UV light. Additionally, the color of the bottle can also affect the appearance of the product inside, so it’s important to consider the aesthetic of the bottle as well. Glass spray bottles can also be opaque or frosted, so it’s also worth keeping in mind if you want to be able to see the contents clearly or not.

What other glass spray bottle features should you consider?

Depending on your intended use, bottles with measurement markings down the sides can be an excellent advantage for mixing and measuring liquids such as essential oils. It’s also worth considering if the bottles come with extra accessories like funnels for easy pouring or labels that allow you to keep various liquids properly marked so you don’t have to worry about getting your hairspray mixed up with cleaning solution.

Our Picks for the Best Glass Spray Bottles

Best for Cosmetics

Hydior Amber Glass Spray Bottles

This is a solid set of solid amber glass spray bottles that emit a fine mist.

Pros: This set of two solid amber glass spray bottles is refillable and leak-proof and has UV protection. You can use these bottles for various things, including homemade hand sanitizer, diluted essential oils, witch hazel, face spray, air freshener, deodorant, household room cleaner, and other mixtures. The spray nozzle emits a fine mist and comes with two additional black fine-mist sprayers, a funnel, a dropper, and four labels. These bottles are both BPA-free and lead-free.

Cons: This may not be the best option if you are looking for a spray bottle that can handle thick liquids, such as oil-based products. Some have reported that the sprayer does not work well with thicker liquids, and diluting with water may be necessary. Additionally, some have reported that the sprayer stopped working after only a few uses, which may not be ideal for those looking for a long-lasting solution.

Bottom Line: This bottle duo set is a great multipurpose choice for those making at-home DIY products. With their fine-mist spray nozzles, you can use these bottles for thinner, more diluted solutions.


Best with Measurements

AOZITA Clear Glass Spray Bottles

This set of two glass spray bottles comes with measurements on the side.

Pros: These two clear glass spray bottles are great for mixing liquid cleaners. The refillable containers work well with household cleaners, essential oils, plant misters, ironing sprays, hair sprays, and more. The bottles are dishwasher-safe, making them convenient to keep clean. The sprayer design is adjustable and can rotate 90 degrees, providing you with an option for mist or stream sprays. Extra storage caps, a stainless-steel funnel, and four labels also come included with your purchase, adding more value to buying these spray bottles.

Cons: Many have reported sprayer issues, such as leaking or breaking, which reduces the spray bottles’ effectiveness. Some have also reported that the plastic sprayer is flimsy and cheaply made.

Bottom Line: These 16-ounce glass spray bottles are great for your at-home cleaners, especially since they have measurements on the side. They hold enough liquid that you won’t have to constantly refill them, keeping your duties around the home quick and efficient.


Best for Misting

Ebristar Glass Plant Mister Spray Bottle

Add a touch of elegance to your plant care routine with this beautiful mister, perfect for home or office use.

Pros: This spray bottle has a distinct misting spray function, making it perfect for misting small house plants such as succulents, ferns, and orchids, and it makes a great gift for plant lovers. It’s made of a high-quality, thickened glass container with a plastic-painted metallic top pump. It also has a convenient ring-finger holder, making it easy and comfortable to hold. The vintage design is functional and adds a decorative touch to your plant stand even when not in use. There are five different beautiful colors to choose from, including a clear option.

Cons: Some found that the plastic components of the sprayer mechanism were prone to breaking or malfunctioning, leading to sporadic misting or dripping. The spray nozzle doesn’t always work properly either, potentially spraying in all directions.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a glass spray bottle that’s both functional and beautiful, this model just might be the one for you. Colorful and decorative, it’s perfect for plants like orchids that benefit from regular misting rather than outright watering from a classic watering can.


Best for Perfume

Hydior Glass Spray Bottle

These two classic, gold metallic atomizer bottles have a continuous spray.

Pros: These two metallic, frosted glass bottles are perfect for perfumes, essential oils, hairspray, air fresheners, room sprays, and other DIY beauty products. The bottles emit a fine-mist spray and are BPA-free and lead-free, meaning they’re free from harmful chemicals that can leach into the product. Additionally, their compact size makes them ideal for travel as they can easily fit into a purse or carry-on bag.

Cons: The nozzle may not spray correctly if the liquid is too thick. Some reported that the sprayer leaked or stopped working after a few uses, making the product useless. Additionally, some had concerns about the fragility of the glass bottles, which could break easily if dropped.

Bottom Line: These classy misters are portable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They work well for at-home products and add a nice touch to spraying or misting your perfume. Overall, these spray bottles are a good value for their price and can be used for various purposes.


Best Bottle Kit

BonyTek Glass Spray Bottle Kit

This amber bottle set includes spray bottles, mist bottles, roll-on bottles, labels, and two funnels.

Pros: This spray bottle kit has everything you need for DIY projects. You’ll get two amber glass spray bottles with trigger sprayers and caps, 10 glass mist bottles with sprayers, 16 chalk labels, 24 blank white labels, 12 roller bottles with a roll-on bottle opener, a cleaning bottle brush, and plastic droppers and funnels. These bottles can hold various items, including cleaning solutions, air fresheners, moisturizing sprays, and more. The dark amber-brown color of the bottles provides UV protection for sensitive essential oils and cleaning solutions.

Cons: The spray tops may stop working after a short period. The glass is incredibly fragile and prone to breaking if dropped, which may make them unsuitable for those who are clumsy or have children or pets that may knock them over. While labeling stickers are included, some customers have found them to be of low quality and not very usable.

Bottom Line: This bottle kit is versatile and clean due to its reusable nature and being an alternative to plastic spray bottles. The set includes a variety of sizes and comes with extras like roller bottles, labeling stickers, and a cleaning brush, giving you a good bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

Glass spray bottles are great for most liquids and cleaning supplies for those at-home activities or chores. With the extra perk of them being a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, you can’t go wrong taking the glass spray bottle route for your cleaning and spraying needs.

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