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The Best Glass Spray Bottles

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🕚 Updated February 2022

Glass spray bottles have a versatile use, be it for homemade cleaners, essential oils, natural air fresheners, or DIY products. Whatever you need them for, here are some of the best ones to get you started!

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  Best for Cosmetics Best with Measurements Best for Misting Best for Perfume Best Bottle Kit
Amber Glass Spray Bottles
Clear Grass Spray Bottles
Transparent Glass Watering Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle Kits
Our SummaryA set of solid amber glass spray bottles that emit a fine mist.A set of two glass spray bottles with measurements on the side.A multi-purpose glass mister that is lightweight but has a large capacity.Two classic, gold metallic atomizer bottles that have a continuous spray.A multi-purpose amber bottle set that includes spray bottles, mist bottles, roll-on bottles, labels, and two funnels.
ProsRefillable, leak-proof, UV protection, BPA-free, lead-free.Refillable, dishwasher-safe, adjustable/rotatable sprayer, comes with additional caps, funnel, labels.Multipurpose, lightweight, fine-mist spray.Refillable, fine-mist spray, BPA-free, lead-free.Variety of uses, BPA-free, lead-free.
ConsNot for thick liquids, nozzles can clog, inconsistent spray.Leaky nozzles.Handle can break if screwed on too tight.Not for thick liquids.Roll-on bottles can clog.
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The Best Glass Spray Bottles

Zero waste natural home cleaner, orange peel infused vinegar for all purpose cleaning.
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Buying Guide for Glass Spray Bottles

Set of empty brown transparent spray bottles.
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Why buy a glass spray bottle?

Using a glass spray bottle, you can make your concoctions or even refill the bottle with purchased beauty or cleaning products. Because they are usually refillable and reusable, they are a great alternative to single-use plastic. Another advantage to glass bottles is UV protection, which protects the liquids inside from ultraviolet light that could ruin their efficacy.

What should you look for in a glass spray bottle?

  • Size: Determine how much space you need inside a bottle, whether it is for a small amount for beauty products or larger for cleaning products.
  • Spray Function: Some bottles have a fine mister, while others have a single-stream spray. You may also want to consider bottles that are adjustable to different spray streams.
  • Coloring: Glass bottles come in all colors, but amber bottles have an extra layer of protection from UV light. This may be an important factor depending on the product you need the bottles for.

What other glass spray bottle features should you consider?

Depending on your intended use, bottles with measurements down the sides can be an excellent advantage for mixing and measuring liquids. Also, it’s worth considering if the bottles come with additional features like funnels for easy pouring or labels that make it efficient for using multiple bottles with different products around the home or office.

Our Picks for the Best Glass Spray Bottles

Best for Cosmetics

Hydior Amber Glass Spray Bottles

A set of solid amber glass spray bottles that emit a fine mist.

Pros: This set of two solid amber glass spray bottles is refillable, leak-proof, and has UV protection. You can use these bottles for various things, including homemade hand sanitizer, diluted essential oils, witch hazel, face spray, air freshener, deodorant, household room cleaner, and other mixtures. The spray nozzle emits a fine mist and comes with two additional black fine-mist sprayers, a funnel, a dropper, and four labels. These bottles are both BPA-free and lead-free.

Cons: These bottles are meant for diluted liquids, so thicker products will not be sprayed through the nozzles.

Bottom Line: This bottle duo set is a great multipurpose choice for those making at-home DIY products. With their fine-mist spray nozzles, you can use these bottles for your thinner, more diluted solutions.


Best with Measurements

AOZITA Clear Glass Spray Bottles

A set of two glass spray bottles with measurements on the side.

Pros: These two clear glass spray bottles are great for mixing your cleaners. The refillable containers work well with household cleaners, essential oils, plant misters, ironing sprays, hair sprays, and much more. The bottles are dishwasher-safe, which is convenient. The sprayer design is adjustable and can rotate 90 degrees, and there is also an option for mist or stream sprays. This purchase includes extra storage caps, a stainless-steel funnel, and four labels.

Cons: The nozzles tend to leak.

Bottom Line: These 16-ounce glass spray bottles are great for your at-home cleaners, especially since they have measurements on the side. They hold enough liquid that you won’t have to constantly refill them, keeping your duties around the home quick and efficient.


Best for Misting

OFFIDIX Transparent Glass Watering Spray Bottle

A multipurpose glass mister that is lightweight but has a large capacity.

Pros: This thickened-glass mister is multipurpose because it can be used for spraying plants, personal cooling, pet cooling, window or table cleaning, spraying fruits, etc. It’s a comfortable design with an easy-to-use top pump and a ring finger holder. The top pump is made with plastic to prevent rusting, and the nozzle design creates a fine-spray effect.

Cons: The mister handle may break if it is screwed on too tightly.

Bottom Line: This small mister is sturdy, durable, and perfect for watering indoor plants. It won’t take up much storage room and is a great addition to keep your green friends hydrated!


Best for Perfume

Hydior Glass Spray Bottle

Two classic, gold metallic atomizer bottles that have a continuous spray.

Pros: These two metallic glass bottles are perfect for perfumes, essential oils, hair spray, air fresheners, room sprays, and other DIY beauty products. The bottles emit a fine-mist spray and are BPA-free and lead-free. The bottles can be refilled and are great for traveling.

Cons: The nozzle may not spray correctly if the liquid inside is too thick.

Bottom Line: These classy misters are portable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They work well for at-home products and add a nice touch to spraying or misting your perfume.


Best Bottle Kit

BonyTek Glass Spray Bottle Kit

A multipurpose amber bottle set that includes spray bottles, mist bottles, roll-on bottles, labels, and two funnels.

Pros: This package comes with four amber glass spray bottles with four black trigger sprayers, four black caps, a glass mist bottle with mist sprayers, 16 black chalk labels, 24 white labels, four roller bottles with a roll-on bottle opener, a cleaning brush, a plastic dropper, and two essential oil plastic funnels. The bottles are dark brown and protect the content from degradation from ultraviolet light. The glass is not affected by strong oils like citrus. They are BPA- and lead-free.

Cons: The roll-on bottles can get clogged over time.

Bottom Line: This bottle kit is versatile and clean due to its reusable nature and it being an alternative to plastic spray bottles. You’ll be covered with the included labels and cleaning supplies that come with the kit.

Final Thoughts

Glass spray bottles are great items to have on-hand for most liquids and cleaning supplies for those at-home activities or chores. With the extra perk of them being a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, you can’t go wrong taking the glass spray bottle route for your cleaning and spraying needs.

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