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The Best Blue Light Glasses

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🕚 Updated November 2021

Many of us spend a lot of time in front of screens these days, and the blue light that emits from our computers, smartphones, and tablets can cause a lot of eye strain. Combat it with blue light glasses.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses, 2-Pack
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses
Our SummaryThese fashionable blue light glasses feature amber lenses for optimal protection from harmful blue light rays.The light-yellow tint of these glasses protects the eyes well.These effective blue light blocking glasses come in two pairs and tons of colors and patterns.These high-quality blue light blocking glasses are engineered for total eye protection during hours in front of the screen.Bring back a classic look with these cat-eye metal frames. They look great and protect your eyes.
ProsStylish, amber lenses, better clarity, flexible and lightweight, can be worn all day and for various activities.Four pairs, light-yellow tint, filter 100% UV rays, retro square-shaped frames, lightweight, comfortable fit.Assortment of colors and designs, transparent, UV400 lenses, shock-resistant durability, lightweight frames, nose pad, quality hinges.High-quality, filtration system is supplemented with a yellow tint, CE and ANSI certified by an independent laboratory.Metal frame, durable hinges, soft silicone nose pad, microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth, elegantly designed box.
ConsSome dislike the amber tint, could cause color distortion.Aren't as effective as other options, not anti-glare.Some report that the sizing is off and that the lens has an annoying glare.You may notice distortion of colors, an effect of the lenses' yellow tint. Some users find this distracting.Metal frames can be cold and less comfortable for some.
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The Best Blue Light Glasses

A businessman wearing glasses works on his laptop at night.
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Blue light exposure from digital devices can cause increased headaches and fatigue, insomnia, eye strain, and even blurred vision. Still, it’s impossible to quit work and online schooling and painful to give up gaming, online shopping, and reading. We also need our smartphones to communicate with family and friends, update our social media profiles, and be aware of what’s going on in the world. Many of us are reliant on computers for work and school, even very young children. Blue light glasses coupled with the 20-20-20 rule can help save our eyes!

Buying Guide for Blue Light Glasses

a closeup of a woman wearing glasses and a reflection of a screen on a lens.
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Why buy blue light glasses?

There are a lot of good reasons to buy blue light glasses. Blue light glasses have lenses made from filtering materials and surface coatings that block the electromagnetic radiation we see as blue, which have wavelengths of 400-500 nanometers (nm) in the visible light spectrum of 400-780 nm. These wavelengths from computer screens, mobile phones, tablets, and so on cause eye strain and disturbance of the natural sleep-wake cycle known as our circadian rhythm when not filtered out. The glasses can also help with glares or reflections from digital screens and less-than-ideal contrast between text and background to prevent strain on our eyes and sleep cycles.

What should you look for in blue light glasses?

  • Blocking Power: You want to look for glasses with lenses that effectively do what they’re made to do: block blue light rays. Check the wavelength range blocked to ensure that the blue light spectrum (400-500 nm) is covered. Some glasses feature lenses with amber or yellow tints, which can provide the best defense against blue light. You’ll find that some lenses are made with American HEV (high-energy visible light) substrate absorption technology. This may be an important measure to take to best block harmful rays.
  • Lens Tint: Many believe that amber or yellow-tinted lenses provide the best protection. Amber can increase visual acuity and block a higher percentage of blue light, making them especially great for night use or extended screen time. Others prefer fully transparent lenses as they’re effective in blocking blue light without distorting color and look like normal glasses for daytime use.
  • Magnification Options: Some blue light glasses are available in different magnifications to help people who need glasses for reading.
  • UV Protection: Blue light is a fairly new concern, but we’ve known for a long time that ultraviolet radiation is harmful. The tissues that make up the eye are delicate and deserving of the best care! Many blue light lenses feature UV 400 protection.

How much should you expect to spend on blue light glasses?

It may surprise you to know that even the fanciest computer glasses are affordable for most. You can expect to spend as little as $10 for a pair of fashionable, durable frames. If you want particularly high-quality, customized, or designer glasses, you can spend around $150. The most expensive glasses we review here are around $35-$40.

Our Picks for the Best Blue Light Glasses

Top Choice

Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses, 2-Pack

These fashionable blue light glasses feature amber lenses for optimal protection from harmful blue light rays.

Pros: You don’t have to sacrifice your fashion flair with these stylish glasses by Livhò. Founded in Milan in 1999 by the Italian company RTL, Livhò is on the up and up with the latest fashions in blue light glasses. These glasses stand out from other blue light glasses because they have amber lenses, which block out more blue light than others and give better clarity. Made with TR90 material, the frames are both flexible and lightweight for durability and comfort. Use them all day while working, gaming, reading, or streaming your favorite shows.

Cons: Some individuals dislike the color distortion that these tinted lenses create.

Bottom Line: These très chic glasses minimize headaches, improve sleep, and make the time you spend in front of digital screens more tolerable and enjoyable. Don’t forget, you get two pairs of these attractive specs with one purchase. Choose from classic black and clear frames to leopard printed and almost everything in between.


Best Bang for Your Buck

WMAO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The light-yellow tint of these glasses protects the eyes well.

Pros: You get four very cool pairs of blue light blocking glasses with this great buy from WMAO. The light-yellow tinted lenses are more effective than typical computer glasses as they filter 100% UV rays. A pair of these glasses can be a lifesaver if you’re on the computer between 4-8 hours daily and have begun to feel the impact on your physical health. Fortunately, taking care of your eyes can be fun, especially with these retro, square-shaped frames. They’re lightweight and comfortable, too.

Cons: These glasses are unisex, both in style and fit. They’re not anti-glare and might not be as effective as other options.

Bottom Line: Such a great deal shouldn’t be overlooked! These glasses are a smart decision for protecting your eyes from blue light and a fun opportunity to change up your favorite outfits for work and play. It’s an affordable way to switch things up, express yourself and protect your eyes, too.


Best Variety

MEETSUN Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

These effective blue light blocking glasses come in two pairs and tons of colors and patterns.

Pros: If you already have a pair of blue light glasses, you may want to switch them out for two pairs of these glasses by MEETSUN. And if you’re new to computer glasses, these are a good place to start. MEETSUN’s blue light blocking UV400 lenses offer clear vision and shock-resistant durability. The lightweight frames feature a nose pad that prevents pressure across the bridge of your nose. Additionally, the quality hinges and carefully crafted bows make for an ideal fit. Wear the glasses comfortably all day long to prevent eye strain and headaches.

Cons: Some wearers of these glasses find that the sizing is off, that the lens has an annoying glare, and that the frames aren’t as fashionable as they’d expected. However, these reports are few and far between.

Bottom Line: It’s kind of like candy shopping in the old days. There are so many great options it’s hard to choose. That’s okay, though. You get two fantastic blue light-blocking computer glasses.


Best for Gamers

HORUS X Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These high-quality blue light blocking glasses are engineered for total eye protection during hours in front of the screen.

Pros: These blue light blocking glasses are on the pricier side for good reason. They’re high-quality from lens to frame. The lenses’ blue light filtration system is supplemented with a yellow tint to ensure total blockage. Of course, for optimal protection, you’ll want to wear the glasses whenever you sit in front of your computer or gaming device. With their fashionable look and lightweight feel, this shouldn’t be difficult to do. These glasses stand out from the rest as they’re CE and ANSI certified by an independent laboratory.

Cons: You may notice distortion of colors while you wear these glasses, an effect of the lenses’ yellow tint. Some users find this distracting.

Bottom Line: There is no need to cut down on your gaming time with these quality blue light filtering glasses. The yellow tint isn’t there just to give you a unique look but to protect your eyes as best as possible.


Best Metal Frame

SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses

Bring back a classic look with these cat-eye-shaped metal frames. They look great and protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays.

Pros: These hipster-styled metal frame glasses that block blue light were designed especially for women who spend hours in front of the computer. The effective filter can save you from migraines, insomnia, and poor productivity. Yet, it’s the exceptional frame that sets these glasses apart from the rest. They’re designed so that you can easily replace the lenses with prescription computer lenses if you want. Most blue-light-blocking glasses don’t have this feature! Also, the reinforced metal, durable hinges, and soft silicone nose pads work in tandem to ensure longevity and comfort. Finally, the glasses come with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth, a blue light test card and electric torch, a glasses kit, and an elegantly designed box.

Cons: You may discover that the cat-eye frames don’t suit the shape of your face. The metal can also be cold and uncomfortable for some.

Bottom Line: Designed especially with women in mind, these cat-eye metal frame glasses are sure to give you a unique edge at the office, school, or even at home. Show your eyes some love with these practical computer glasses.


Best for Kids

SEEAFUN Blue Light Glasses

These unisex computer glasses for kids are as durable as they are cute.

Pros: It’s hard to believe how much time young kids spend in front of screens. Luckily, these lenses block 100% of the harmful blue rays your child is exposed to and are transparent as well for distraction-free vision. Don’t worry if you have an active child, as the TR90 frames are lightweight, flexible, shock-resistant, durable, and safe to wear.

Cons: It’s hard enough for adults to find glasses that fit. Finding the right pair for your kid poses yet another challenge. These glasses are one-size-fits-most for a pretty large range of ages, so it’s possible they won’t fit your child well.

Bottom Line: These blue light glasses sure are cute. And not only are they durable, but they’re also easy to clean and maintain. SEEAFUN includes a cool mini car glasses case, a test card, a mini screwdriver for simple adjustments, and an elastic strap and cleaning cloth. You also have an assortment of colors to choose from, including pink, blue, black, and more.

Final Thoughts

We want and need our digital screens for fun and work, but when we use them for hours on end, our eyes really take a hit. Make a change for the better with a pair of these blue light blocking glasses.

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