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The Best Glue Sticks for Your Next Craft

A young girl using a glue stick on colorful paper.
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Whether you are creating a planetary diorama for your science class or putting together heavy-duty pieces of furniture, it is important to have a good set of glue sticks in your craft arsenal. The type of glue sticks you will need depends on the projects you are working on. If you are working with wood, metal, glass, or any other hard-to-bond materials, you should use hot glue sticks. Regular glue sticks work well with school projects, scrapbooks, and any other paper-based crafts. DIY novices and craft connoisseurs alike will love these highly recommended glue sticks!

Purchasing Glue Sticks

Here are some things to consider before purchasing a pack of glue sticks:

  • Features: In order to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, you need to look for glue sticks that come with all of the features you need to successfully finish your projects. If you are working on an outdoor craft or a project that needs to withstand the test of time, consider looking for a set of glue sticks that has a weather-resistant formula and creates a long-lasting bond. If project versatility is what you are after, hot glue sticks that work with high, low, dual, and multi-temperature glue guns would be a great choice for you.
  • Dispersal Method: The classic tube glue stick shape is ideal for young children that need a solid grip. They also help reduce messes by keeping the sticky glue on the craft project and away from hands. Hot glue guns provide more precision, but the heat from the device can burn your skin, so it is important to keep your safety in mind.

Best for Outdoor Crafts: Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks

A hairy gorilla hand gripping a transparent pack of clear hot glue sticks.
Gorilla Glue

Because of ever-changing weather conditions and the harsh nature of the sun, outdoor projects require much more durability and longevity than most DIY crafts. This glue is weather-resistant and designed to provide a long-lasting hold on surfaces that are typically hard to bond, such as glass and metal. The glue sticks are crafted with a formula that features a 45-second extended working window that allows you more time to perfect your craft. These clear glue sticks work with both high and low-temperature guns, making them a great choice for a wide variety of projects.

Best for Outdoor Crafts

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Full Size, 8" Long x .43" Diameter, 20 Count, Clear, (Pack of 1)

These glue sticks have a formula that gives crafters a 45-second working window to adjust their project before drying.

Best for School Projects: Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks

Orange, white, and blue package of seven glue sticks with a transparent cover.

What’s a school project without a good glue stick? These glue sticks are specifically designed for young learners; they go on purple in order to help kids see exactly where they are applying the glue, and then they dry clear. The glue features a non-toxic, washable formula that can be wiped away with a damp towel for mess-free crafting. This pack comes with six purple glue sticks and one bonus glue stick that applies and dries clear to ensure that your craft space and school work stay clean. These glue sticks are a great choice for parents and teachers who are looking to teach their kids how to glue inside the lines.

Best for School Projects

Elmer's Disappearing Purple (6g) and Clear Re-Stick School Glue Sticks (8g), Washable, 6 Grams, 7 Count

These glue sticks go on purple in order to help kids see exactly where they are applying the glue.

Best for Scrapbooking: SHARPIE Elmer’s CraftBond Scrapbook Glue

Four scrapbooking glue sticks with orange, black, and transparent packaging.

It is important to invest in scrapbooking materials that will help you preserve and protect your precious memories. This glue set comes with everything you need to create durable scrapbooks that will withstand the test of time: an extra-strength glue stick, a glue stick pen, a clear dual-tip glue pen, and a Photo Stiks glue stick. This glue stick set is specifically formulated to be used on porous surfaces in order to provide a permanent bond that will hold all of your pictures, paper products, and scrapbook accessories securely in place. Each glue stick features a non-toxic formula that dries clear for long-lasting professional results.

Best for Scrapbooking

Elmer's CraftBond Scrapbook Glue, 4 Piece Set, Natural

These glue sticks are crafted with a non-toxic formula that dries clear for a professional finish.

Best for Woodworking: FIXSY Hot Glue Gun Sticks Woodworking

White cardboard box filled with transparent glue sticks.

While these glue sticks are specifically formulated to create a long-lasting bond between wooden materials, they can also be used for non-wooden crafting, sealing, home repairs, and advanced projects. They are designed to be used with a hot glue gun in order to give crafters a super smooth glue stream that makes intense projects much easier to handle. These glue sticks are safe to use with high, low, dual, and multi-temperature glue guns, making them a convenient, high-quality choice for a wide variety of projects.

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