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The Best Gold Picture Frames

🕚 Updated November 2021

For centuries, gold has been one of the most preferred colors to complement fine art and photographs. Now, you can easily decorate your home with the regal shine of gold to enhance your walls and shelves.

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  Lawrence Frames Sutter
Burnished Picture Frame
Wall Gallery Photo Frames
Golden State Art
Aluminum Photo Frames
Prisma Picture Frame
Picture Frames
Our SummaryCreate a stately look for your office or home with the subtle glow of this frame.Fill your wall up with a variety of photos and art while maintaining a keen sense of style.Take the work out of organizing your gallery wall with the various size options in this pack.Step out of the norm with the geometric design of this unique frame.Get a more vintage look with the matte finish and simple design of this frame.
ProsSquare shape available, scratch-resistant, versatile display.Matting option, shatter-resistant, easy to install.Real glass, two gold color options, lightweight.Unique display, modern look, multi-photo option.Solid wood construction, easy to place the photo, durable frame.
ConsVelvet adds bulk to the backing, gold is reflective.Only large sizes are available, plastic might cause glares.Non-removable matting and glass.Delicate construction, difficult to use.No freestanding option, hardware isn't flush with the frame.
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The Best Gold Picture Frames

Six gold pictures frames mounted on a white wall about a couch.

While golden objects were a luxury once only available to the rich and royal, gold frames are now accessible to people with various budgets. With the help of gold frames, you can make a gallery wall filled with different photos more cohesive. Or you can highlight your favorite family photo on your desk. Gold frames add a sense of luxury and elegance that goes beyond the average wooden picture frame, allowing you to elevate your decor without overextending your budget.

Buying Guide for Gold Picture Frames

A desk with various decor items on it and gold picture frames with botanical prints on the wall above it.

Why should you buy gold picture frames?

The metallic shine of gold can make your space look more regal, especially if you opt for a more ornate design that includes scroll patterns or a flower motif. The gold can serve as an accent color that adds a bold statement to more neutral spaces, making it great for homes that lean into warm tones in its decor. Just like how blue jeans have become a fashion staple that pairs well with almost everything, gold grames provide that ideal accent to most decor styles.

What should you look for in gold picture frames?

  • Size: Depending on your space and the clarity of the photo, you can find a variety of size options in gold picture frames. The most common sizes are 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14, allowing you to fill shelf space or add variety to your walls. However, it’s important to note the weight of the frame when considering size, as larger frames will require more hardwire and installation.
  • Construction: Photo frames are displayed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall, with some frames offering construction to allow both options. Additionally, clarity of the glazing (the transparent material between the frame and the photo), can affect how the picture is perceived. Glass is extremely scratch-resistant but heavy, while plastic is much lighter and less likely to shatter but doesn’t always look as high-quality.
  • Design: The traditional gold frames of the past don’t have to be your only image of this metallic material. There are poster and collage frames with thin edges to draw focus to the item being displayed. Floating picture frames are popular for fitting into minimalist and modern decors. And there is the reliable, simple frame with gently sloped ridges for a timeless look.

What kind of design works best for large photos and art?

Family portraits or expansive art pieces are meant to be centerpieces of your home, so framing them properly can seem like an overwhelming task. If you’re looking to purchase a gold picture frame larger than 8- by 10-inches, the width of the frame will play a big part in your decision process. Lightweight frames with ultra-thin edges have a modern look and are more renter-friendly as they will take less hardware to mount. If you want something grander, a thick frame will do the trick. However, it’s important to note that the weight of the frame will require resilient installation and add bulk to the decor style.

Our Picks for the Best Gold Picture Frames

Best Overall

Lawrence Frames Sutter Burnished Picture Frame

Create a stately look for your office or home with the subtle glow of this frame.

Pros: Make your special photo pop with the metallic shine of this simple gold frame. The burnished finish lets you enjoy the gold color without feeling overwhelmed by its reflection. Its traditional carved lines give off a polished appearance that looks great in an office setting. The velvet backing ensures that your walls will be scratch-free if you choose to mount them. Its stand also allows you to place the frame on a tabletop in a vertical or horizontal orientation. And with nine size options available, including square shapes, this gold frame can suit almost any photo.

Cons: The bulk of the velvet back and stand make this frame slightly tricky to mount, especially if you want your piece to be flush against the wall. Additionally, the shine of the gold isn’t burnished enough for some.

Bottom Line: This piece gives you the traditional look of a picture frame with the added flair of gold that isn’t too overdone. It works great for presenting important photos or documents in your office.


Best Set

upsimples Wall Gallery Photo Frames

Fill your wall up with a variety of photos and art while maintaining a keen sense of style.

Pros: If you are ready to get creative with your wall decor, this set of five picture frames can help you get started. The frames come with a white mat that creates an 8×10 space for your photos, or you can remove it to utilize the entire 11×14 space. To mix up your wall design, you can orient these frames vertically and horizontally. Rather than using glass, upsimples constructed these frames with plastic glazing. The material is lighter and is unlikely to shatter if the frame does fall, making these a great choice for those with kids.

Cons: These frames are meant to take up a lot of wall space, so you won’t find one smaller than 8×10. The plastic glaze is also prone to glares, making it difficult to view the photo inside in some lighting.

Bottom Line: These frames are an inexpensive option that can make your space feel fully decorated. Their lightweight and durable construction make them a great choice for college students, families, or simply people on a budget.


Best Variety

Golden State Art Aluminum Photo Frames

Take the work out of organizing your wall decor with the various size options in this pack.

Pros: With one purchase, you receive seven frames ranging in size from 5×7 to 11×14. The gold is highly reflective, but its thin edges make the overall design pop. The aluminum construction makes it lighter than other metals, while the glass glazing gives you a clear view of the display items. The different sizes allow you to explore your design preferences, as they can be formed to flow down the side of stairs or placed elegantly on the wall above your living room sofa.

Cons: The glass adheres to the frame, which doesn’t allow you to remove it for your preference. The matting also isn’t removable, giving you less viewing space within the frames.

Bottom Line: This budget-friendly option allows you to take on your wall decor without wasting your time. While the non-removable pieces won’t be for everyone, the design provides cohesion for those with a variety of display pieces.


Best Modern Design

Umbra Prisma Picture Frame

Step out of the norm with the geometric design of this unique frame.

Pros: Are you looking to ditch the look of a standard picture frame? Then you should take a look at this unique design. The floating frame places your picture front-and-center by creating a transparent border of glass. The geometric design allows you to orient the frame horizontally and vertically while maintaining an eye-catching look. You can even display multiple photos in the floating design with Umbra’s 19-inch long frame.

Cons: Precisely placing your photo between the two delicate glass panels can be difficult for some. This also reduces your ability to change the photo out often. Its design is also very fragile, so it’s not a great option for those with children or rowdy pets.

Bottom Line: While you might have to compromise on durability, this frame offers plenty of finesse. The floating, geometric design will suit those looking to make a bold statement with their photo or artwork.


Also Consider

PRJC Picture Frames

Get a more vintage look with the matte finish and simple design of this frame.

Pros: Gold can be highly reflective, so this matte option allows you to enjoy the color without the intense shine. The base is made of solid wood for added durability and features high-definition glass for clarity. The removable matting gives you creative room to display your image however you like. It’s easy to place your photo inside with the easy opening tabs on the backing. Once you’ve placed your photo exactly as you like it, the S-type hooks will let you hang the frame vertically or horizontally.

Cons: This frame only has the hardware for mounting, so it will require external support if you want to display it on a tabletop. Additionally, the hanging hardware is not flush, making the frame push out from the wall.

Bottom Line: If you’re a fan of gold but don’t want all of the flashiness, this frame is your ideal option. Its matte finish and simple design blend in with most decor styles for an elegant look.

Final Thoughts

Gold is a symbol of luxury, but it doesn’t have to be out of reach for the average joe. Gold picture frames come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing those with different style senses to enjoy the color in a way that feels true to them. Framing your artwork or photo with gold is a great way to signal that the piece is special and deserves attention. So whether you want to give a sentimental gift or spruce up your living space, a gold picture frame is a great option.

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