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The Best Golf Bags to Bring to the Course

man playing golf outside with his golf bag beside him

The quality of a golfer’s club is important, but no less important is a golfer’s bag. Whether it’s a couple of swings at a driving range or on the fairway, you’ll need a quality golf bag to secure your gear in.

Here are our top picks for any golfer!

What to Look for in a Golf Bag

  • Type: There are a few different types of golf bags to choose from. Here are the three we compiled in this list.
    • Stand bags: These bags enable you to set your clubs upright with its built-in legs. These bags are best suited for those who enjoy walking the course, although these can also be set on a cart.
    • Cart bags: These bags are specifically designed to be used with a cart. They come with ample storage and multiple pockets, but typically heavier than other bag types. Unlike stand bags, cart bags don’t have legs.
    • Carry/Sunday bags: The lightest of the three, this is a compact bag that can be slung over your shoulder with ease. However, these bags can’t carry as many clubs as the others.
  • Top pockets: Bags can vary in the number of pockets they offer. If you care about organization, bags with more pockets may suit you better.
  • Weight: Especially if you’re carrying your bag yourself, a heavier bag may fatigue you. Keep in mind, however, that you’re also adding the weight of your gear.
  • Side pockets: Make sure you’re able to store your other items, such as balls, tees, and your towel.

Best Cart Bag: Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

black golf bag holding clubs with white and red accents

This bag is designed with a 14-pocket top, with a dedicated space for each type of club. These pockets also secure the club in place and help prevent damage. On top of that, this bag provides 11 additional pockets for extra storage, which includes expanding pockets for shoes, an insulated cooler pocket, and front pockets for golf balls. Externally, this bag provides tee, glove, towel, and rangefinder holders, along with space for an umbrella. In rainy weather, this bag comes with a snap-on hood to keep your items dry.

Best Cart Bag

Founders Club Premium 14 Way Organizer Cart Bag (Black)

This high-quality cart bag comes with a generous number of top pockets, and plenty of room for additional gear.

Best Budget: Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Bag

tall narrow black and white golf bag

Golf is by no means an inexpensive sport. It’ll cost hundreds for a set of your own clubs, in addition to other gear and fees. For a happier bank account, the Orlimar Pitch and Putt is a functional, low-cost golf bag for all of your gear. This is a 2.9-pound bag with shoulder carrying straps that distribute its weight for comfort. This comes with a built-in kickstand that’s stable on flat ground and on slopes.

Best Budget

Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag, black , Regular

This golf bag can carry a set of clubs---and it won't break the bank.

Lightweight Option: Champkey Carry Bag

long narrow black golf bag with white accents holding clubs and propped up on a double stand

This lightweight bag comes in handy in a quick round of golf, or for practice swings at the range. It’s a 1.95-pound bag with a two-pocket top, effectively storing up to nine clubs. In addition, this bag comes with four side pockets for extra gear, and a cup holder as well. You can use the adjustable strap to sling it over your shoulder or carry it around with its handle.

Lightweight Option
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