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The Best Golf Balls

🕚 Updated October 2021

Golf balls are often forgotten elements that can make a noticeable difference to performance. Here are some golf ball options that can help you improve your golf game.

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  Best Overall Best for Extra Distance Best Personalized Ball Best Budget Best Color Variety
Pro V1 Golf Balls
Chrome Soft Golf Balls
Personalized Name & Initial Golf Balls
Distance Plus Golf Balls
Glycerin Golf Balls 15-Pack
Our SummaryA golf ball that allows you to achieve longer distances with greater accuracy.Soft chrome golf balls that offer optimal speed control for better consistency.Customize the appearance of your ball to create a more unique golfing experience.An affordable set of golf balls that are ideal for beginners.Multicolored golf balls that provide you with greater visibility while out on the course.
ProsConsistent trajectory, better short game procession, softer feel to the ball.Resilient outer core reinforced with Graphene, ideal ball spin, incredible durability.Customizable features, high performance design, unique in appearance.Low cost, aerodynamic dimple pattern, high-velocity tee shots.Durable build, ideal speed control, titanium core, long trajectories.
ConsOnly comes with 12 balls in total, a little expensive.Doesn't offer the most aerodynamic design.More suitable as a gift than for high performance.There are better professional options available.More suitable for golfers with vision issues.
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The Best Golf Balls

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Food for a golfer’s thoughts: you funnel hundreds into the right set of clubs for you, and rightfully so. They need to be superb if you’re going to wow yourself and your golfing buds each breezy Sunday morning. However, for as much money and attention you pour into your clubs, how often do you do the same for your golf balls? Look for the best of the aerodynamic bunch to help you level up your game.

Buying Guide for Golf Balls

White golf balls lined up in a box.
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Why buy golf balls?

Are you an avid golfer? If so, you know you’ll need golf balls. It’s simply a fact that they’ll be a recurring purchase if you golf regularly. Some golf balls can offer better aerodynamics than others to help you send them soaring across the fairway. Pick up a shiny new set of golf balls for your next day on the course.

What should you look for in golf balls?

  • Construction: A top priority to consider in your next pack of golf balls is its construction, and there are two types of options that really define the golfing world: the two-piece and the multi-layer golf ball. The former (comprised of a core and cover) is a thick and durable option that promotes distance, while the latter (comprised of multiple layers between the cover and core) elevates a golfer’s control on swings.
  • Exclusivity: It’s also important that you seek a bit of personalization out of your next pack of golf balls, whether that be in figurative or literal terms. Your golf balls should unabashedly represent you and your game across every yard of the green or even just your putting mat, so look into options that are loud, visible on every level, and even customizable, letting others really know it’s “your” ball.
  • Pack Size: Finally, when you’re playing golf, you’re likely going to lose a few balls in the process. Consider medium to larger packs when zeroing in on your preferred golf balls so as to prevent frequent re-ups when you should be swinging.

Why do golf balls have dimples?

Golf balls are somewhat defined by their dimples, but they weren’t always part of their design, and they aren’t there for looks. In the early 1900s, golfers found more consistent success with hitting the worn-down balls. In fact, a smooth golf ball would travel only about half as far as a golf ball with dimples. So intentionally dimpled golf balls became part of the design that’s evolved into the standard for modern golf balls. They each typically have around 300 to 500 small dimples on the ball’s surface to achieve optimal aerodynamics and reach impressive distance, lift, and control.

Our Picks for the Best Golf Balls

Best Overall

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

A golf ball that allows you to achieve longer distances with greater accuracy.

Pros: This 12-pack of pro golf balls from Titleist features aerodynamically molded golf balls that deliver consistent, high-flying results. Each ball in the pack is designed to reach excellent distances across the course with an incredible amount of precision. They’re available in three different colors and are on the softer side.

Cons: This particular set only comes with 12 golf balls as opposed to larger packs. They’re also a little pricey. We recommend that you purchase Titleist golf balls if you plan on devoting a lot of time to golf or playing competitively.

Bottom Line: If you need reliable balls that will help you learn the fundamentals of golfing, then this set is a great option. You can use them to practice your mid-range shots and drives. Ultimately, these golf balls can help you get better in a quick amount of time.


Best Value

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Soft chrome golf balls that offer optimal speed control for better consistency.

Pros: Engineered for performance, these golf balls provide you with plenty of speed and precision right off of the tee. With large and sturdy inner cores, you can launch them further while minimizing the spin on the balls. This way, you can produce higher trajectories, which will help you increase your overall distance.

Cons: The golf balls themselves are somewhat plain-looking, and you don’t have the option to customize the printing or graphics that appear on them. You’ll find golf balls out there with better dimple patterning.

Bottom Line: You’ll get longer distances and better reliability with these golf balls. Also, the price alone makes them a viable option, whether you’re a beginner or expert golfer. You can save money without having to compromise when it comes to quality.


Best Personalized Ball

infusion Personalized Name & Initial Golf Balls

Customize the appearance of your golf balls to create a unique experience.

Pros: These golf balls feature two-piece construction with aerodynamic dimpling, so they’ll give you dependable results. However, it’s the fully customizable surface design that will really win over the crowd. You can add names, course names, dates, and hole numbers to customize or commemorate special moments or achievements on the balls themselves. This can add a whole new element to your golf game with your friends, family, and spectators.

Cons: These golf balls are obviously more of a novelty option. In terms of overall performance and consistency, there are other golf balls you should consider purchasing. These are certainly more suitable as a gift.

Bottom Line: These golf balls are fully functional, yes, but potentially offer more value in a golfer’s heart than on the green. They can make a Christmas or birthday experience memorable for your friend, parent, sibling, or significant other that loves to golf.


Best Budget

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

An affordable set of golf balls that are ideal for beginners.

Pros: Offering an incredible combination of speed and aerodynamic properties, these golf balls are a great choice for avid golfers. Each ball has several features that maximize your ball speed. This includes a two-piece construction with an ultra-soft feel to the golf ball, which will help improve your trajectory and aim.

Cons: These golf balls lack some of the features you find with pro-style options. If you already have a lot of experience and skill as a golfer, then you’re better off purchasing different golf balls.

Bottom Line: These golf balls are a great option to get you going in the sport. With a super affordable price tag, you don’t have to spend extra money on professional golf balls that aren’t suitable for your amateur playing style.


Best Color Variety

Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls

Multicolored golf balls that provide you with greater visibility while out on the course.

Pros: The five bold colors catch the eye, while the 70 compression construction allows it to rocket away from the tee. These Nitro Glycerin Golf Balls are an ideal choice for cloudy days and kids taking their first few swings. Included here are 15 golf balls, each of which features a semi-translucent cover coated in shades of neon purple, pink, orange, green, and blue. With greater visibility and a titanium core, these balls make for an afternoon’s worth of easy swinging.

Cons: Having greater color variety is ultimately more viable for golfers who have trouble seeing the ball. Also, these particular balls can be distracting for golfers who don’t actually require visual assistance.

Bottom Line: Colorful golf balls are a great option for beginners or those suffering from vision issues. They allow you to see the ball clearly and play the game easily. Plus, the color adds some fun to the game.

Final Thoughts

Having a brand new set of golf balls will make you want to hit the golf course as soon as you open the box. Having the right set of golf balls will make you feel confident when it comes to improving and enjoying your golf game.

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