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The Best Golf Tees to Improve Your Game

a golf ball resting on a tee on a golf course

If you enjoy hitting the links, then you probably know that having a high-quality tee can make a huge difference in your game. There are many different types of tees available on the market today, from classic tees to specialty tees designed to help with specific deficiencies in your driving game. Luckily, most golf tees are quite inexpensive, and there are many great ones out there. Here are some we recommend for your next game of golf.

Shopping for Golf Tees

Here’s what you’ll want to think about before buying golf tees:

  • Height: The rules of golf state that a tee must be less than 4 inches in length. Most tees produced today are between 2.25 inches and 4 inches. Taller tees usually can give you more distance, while shorter ones can be better for accuracy.
  • Resistance: Resistance is another important factor; many modern tees lower resistance by utilizing pronged designs or soft coverings over the head of the tee. Lower resistance will usually mean longer drives.
  • Durability: Whether your tee is made of plastic or wood, you want it to be durable and last through the powerful drives.

Best Overall: Callaway Par-Tee Combo Pack

six white golf tees with various colored tips

The Callaway Par-Tee’s unique rubber-cupped top does a magnificent job creating low-spin launches while maximizing drive distance. This combo pack includes two tee sizes (3.25 inches and 1.75 inches), making it ideal for golfers with both distance and accuracy in mind. The tees also feature rugged co-molded construction that makes them virtually unbreakable. For a great overall tee with no real drawbacks, the Callaway Par-Tee is right for you.

Best Overall

Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees, White, 4 Pack

This tee features a rubber molded top to reduce launch spin and maximize distance for improved drives.

Best for Launch Control: Maxfli Performance Series

box of white golf tees

The Maxfli Performance Series golf tees feature a three-band design to help promote consistent height and flight, making it perfect for those that have trouble controlling their drives. The four-pronged head reduces clubface contact for impressive distance off the tee with lower resistance. These tees are also very durable and will have no trouble lasting round after round.

Best for Launch Control

Maxfli Performance Series Low Resistance 3.25" & 1.5" White Golf Tees - 50 Pack

This golf tee utilizes a four-pronged head to reduce resistance and increase your drive accuracy and distance.

Best for Distance: Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee

packet of blue golf tees with off white brush-like tips

The Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee is the perfect tee for those who want to increase their drive distance while reducing spin. The 4 Yards More Golf Tee outperforms competitors in both robotic and field testing measuring drive distance thanks to its unique six-prong design that reduces resistance. These tees are also much more durable than they look and are built to last over 100 drives under normal conditions.

Best for Distance

Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee , 3 1/4 Inch, Blue, 4 Count (Pack of 1)

The six-prong design of this golf tee eliminates a vast majority of the resistance of standard tees, making it perfect for long-distance drives.

Also Consider: Pride Professional Tee System Mini Tee

bag of white golf tees with orange accents

For a great overall tee at a fantastic price, the Pride Professional Tee System is one to consider. Made of 100% natural hardwood, these 1.5-inch mini tees shine in par 3 scenarios where accuracy is more important than distance. The wooden tees are also quite durable and typically last a few rounds before showing any signs of wear and tear.

Also Consider

Pride Professional Tee System Mini Tee, 1-1/2-Inch- 90 Count (White)

This tee is a great, durable option for accurate par 3 drives.

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