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The Best Granite Cleaners

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🕚 Updated July 2023

As beautiful as granite surfaces in a home are, they require careful and proper care to help their beauty last as long as their durability. If you need a cleaner to keep your granite shiny and free of germs, check out this round-up.

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  Best Spray Best Cleaner and Sealer Combo Best Cleaner and Polisher Combo Best Wipes Also Great
Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine
Black Diamond
Stoneworks GRANITE PLUS! 2 in 1 Cleaner & Sealer
Granite Disinfectant Cleaner and Polish
Granite & Stone
5 Piece Kitchen Bundle
Our SummaryA gentle and effective cleaner for daily use to keep your granite counters gleamingly clean.This cleaner and sealer combo makes important home maintenance easy.Disinfect, restore, and protect your natural stone surfaces with this cleaner.For a quick clean, these wipes are a safe option so stains won’t set.Wipe away dirt and bacteria to reveal shiny and beautiful granite without any separate cleaner.
Pros✓ Kills 99% of germs
✓ Safe for granite and other natural stone surfaces
✓ Good for everyday use
✓ Cleans and seals to protect against stains and scratches
✓ Makes maintenance simple
✓ Streak-free
✓ Kills 99% of germs while safe for granite
✓ Polishes surfaces as well for greater shine
✓ Convenient way to spot clean quickly to prevent stains
✓ Easy to dispense
✓ Safe on granite
✓ Variety pack
✓ Just add water
✓ Can withstand a year's worth of machine washes
✓ No harsh cleaning ingredients
Cons✗ Hard to leave streak-free on darker granite✗ If using for maintenance this can be a longer chore✗ Requires a wait time for full polish effect✗ Should be followed by dry cloth
✗ Wipes are small
✗ May not be as effective
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The Best Granite Cleaners

Closeup of a hand in a yellow latex glove using a blue towel to disinfect a countertop.
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Buying Guide for Granite Cleaners

Man cleaning kitchen counter with solution to kill viruses and bacteria.
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Why should you buy a granite cleaner?

Everyone wants a clean home, and the granite surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen shouldn’t be forgotten. However, these surfaces need careful care with cleaners that will not only disinfect but protect your granite to keep it durable and beautiful for many years. While it’s an extra product to purchase for your home chores, the right cleaner is worth it.

What should you consider when shopping for a granite cleaner?

  • Type of Cleaning: You can find granite cleaners that are daily disinfectants as well as cleaners meant for less frequent use that seal and protect your granite while cleaning it. While you most likely will want to get both types of granite cleaner, you don’t necessarily have to purchase both at the same time.
  • Cleaning Time: While some cleaners are meant for quick tasks, like wiping up a small spill, other cleaners will require time for the cleaner to sit and gently lift up dirt and grime for a deeper polish and shine. This type of cleaner would best be used on surfaces that are completely cleared off so the entire granite surface can be cleaned and sealed for greater protection.

Does the granite need to be sealed to use these cleaners?

Every natural stone should be initially sealed before using these cleaners. Natural surfaces, though durable, are porous, so they soak up what is applied to them. All of the products included in this list should be used only on surfaces that are sealed, but most countertops are installed with a sealant, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Our Picks for the Best Granite Cleaners

Best Spray

Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine

A gentle and effective cleaner for daily use to keep your granite counters gleamingly clean.

Pros: This disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, so you can keep all of your home’s surfaces safe. This cleaner is safe to use on non-porous sealed granite, sealed marble, sealed limestone, sealed slate, and glazed tile.

Cons: When used on dark surfaces, it can be hard to remove the streaks after use.

Bottom Line: Everyone wants a clean home. This gentle cleaner can be used every day on your delicate and difficult-to-clean surfaces without concern. The scent is pleasant, and it’s great for quick disinfecting and cleaning throughout the day.


Best Cleaner and Sealer

Black Diamond Stoneworks GRANITE PLUS! 2 in 1 Cleaner & Sealer

This cleaner and sealer combo makes important home maintenance easy.

Pros: Maintaining your natural stone investment is important, but it doesn’t have to be laborious. This cleaner and sealer combo makes it so easy that it’s almost enjoyable. Its streak-free formula means you just spray it on the cleared surface and wipe it off. With each use, it cleans while also protecting the surface from new stains or scratches.

Cons: Consumers should understand this has a built-in sealer for continued protection of your natural stone surfaces, but it does not do the job of an initial stone sealant.

Bottom Line: Once you’ve initially sealed your natural stone surface, it’s still important to periodically seal the surface to keep it protected from stains and scratches. This cleaner and sealer combo spray makes this household maintenance job easy and quick. The scent is pleasant, and it leaves a shiny, streak-free finish.


Best Cleaner and Polisher

Weiman Granite Disinfectant Cleaner and Polish

Disinfect, restore, and protect your natural stone surfaces with this cleaner.

Pros: To keep your natural stone surfaces looking shiny, you need to put some extra care into your cleaning routine. This combo spray disinfects the surface, gently lifting up dirt and grime to restore and protect it. After a quick 10-minute wait of letting the cleaner sink into the surface, rub it away for a clean and polished look.

Cons: Waiting 10 minutes is a must to get the full restorative effect.

Bottom Line: While waiting 10 minutes is not necessarily a long time, this is not a great option for a time when you need to clean quickly. If you’re looking to restore and protect your surface while cleaning, this is a great option for when you have the extra time.


Best Wipes

MiracleWipes for Granite & Stone

For a quick clean, these wipes are a safe option so stains won't set.

Pros: If you live in a busy household, spills and messes happen, often when you don’t have the time to do a thorough cleaning. These wipes are great for cleaning up messes quickly while being safe to use on natural stone surfaces like granite. Unlike other cleansing wipes, these are designed specifically for granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, and other stone surfaces around your home. You can purchase these effective wipes in a package that includes a microfiber cloth, a recommended tool for drying the area after cleaning.

Cons: For best results with leaving your surface streak-free, the wipe should be followed by the use of a microfiber cloth, which does add an extra step. The wipes are small, so if you have a large countertop to wipe down, you might need more than one.

Bottom Line: Cleaning your granite countertops doesn’t have to be a tedious chore, especially for spot cleaning. Thanks to these wipes, you can clean up spills and debris without harming your natural and beautiful stone. While the wipes are easy and quick to use, to make sure the result is streak-free, it’s suggested to use a microfiber cloth to dry the area.


Also Great

E-Cloth 5 Piece Kitchen Bundle

Wipe away dirt and bacteria to reveal shiny and beautiful granite without any separate cleaner.

Pros: Buying this cleaning cloth bundle can help you clean any of your natural stone surfaces safely. Made of microfiber of different thicknesses and lengths, each cloth can be used for specific places, like tight spaces around a faucet. These cloths only need water to be effective cleaners, wiping away debris, spills, and bacteria. The cloths also polish granite surfaces to reveal the beautiful shine you love. Simply wash these in the laundry to reuse.

Cons: Reusing the cloth after a few rinses may not be as effective for disinfecting.

Bottom Line: If you’re not interested in adding extra cleaning products into your cleaning routine or are concerned about different cleaning ingredients, this is a great option. Simply add water and let the microfibers grab bacteria, grime, and dirt. The cloths can not only clean but polish the surface as well without the need for additional cleaners or harsh scents.

Final Thoughts

To keep your granite or other natural stone surfaces shiny, preserved, and free of germs, a special cleaner is important. Whether you like to clean with a cloth, spray, or wipe, you can choose from any of these cleaners or combination products and find the product that fits your needs.

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