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The Best Graph Paper Booklets You Can Buy

two notepads of graph paper and one stack of graph paper; one is blank and two have mathematical drawings on them
Mr. Pen/Amazon Basics/Oxford

From math equations and charts to drafting the blueprint of a house or just plain old doodling, graph paper allows us to plot our way through a series of interconnected squares with the utmost tidiness.

Graph paper is designed for precision, granting mathematicians, engineers, and every type of artist the foundation they need for consistent results. However, when it comes to this kind of paper, we’re often faced with two questions: “Do I have enough?” and “Is this ideal for my work purposes?” If you want to avoid these roadblocks the next time you’re in the thick of homework, then here are a few graph paper options we think you should check out.

What to Look For in Your Next Bundle of Graph Paper

When you’re ready to plot with accuracy and room for error, let these factors guide your purchase:

  • Format: When it comes to the usefulness of your next pack of graph paper, you must buy with the appropriate format in mind. The most popular format of graph paper is the quad style, which commonly features two, four, and even five squares per inch. A higher square count allows users to graph or draw with more detail, so save the quad style for simple equations.
  • Bundling: We go through graph paper like the flu goes through tissue paper, so buy in bulk when need be. Individual users tend to get by on single graph pads and books that offer anywhere from 50 to 100 pages. However, for community settings like the classroom or office, you should seek out paper bundles with page counts no less than 300.
  • Support Style: Finally, the overall design of your graph paper pack isn’t solely limited to the squares on its surface. A good stack of graphing paper should grant you support and protection for your notes. The graph pad keeps your work organized while allowing you to write while standing, thanks to its hard cardboard backing. Composition books can offer the same support alongside a bit more protection on the front.

Best Graph Pad: Mr. Pen Graph Paper

On the left, a closeup view of a 4-by-4 graph pad that features a perforated seal at the top. On the left, a ruler and protractor lie on the pad while surrounded by pencils and pens.
Mr. Pen Store

An ideal choice for the individual worker, this Mr. Pen Graph Paper includes 55 perforated sheets with a 4-by-4 graphing design (four squares per inch). Each sheet features your standard dimensions, measuring out to 11 by 8.5 inches. However, unlike some standard sheets, this option features thick paper construction that prevents ink from bleeding through, allowing users to work on both sides without ruining their notes.

Best Graph Pad

Mr. Pen Graph Paper

A traditional graphing pad that features 55 easy-to-tear pages and sturdy cardboard backing for writing support.

Best Graph Composition: Joyful Journals Composition Notebook

At centerframe, a graph paper composition book with a bright red matte cover and a black perforated seal on the binding.
Joyful Journals Store

An all-purpose notebook for graphing work, note-taking, and the occasional doodle, this Joyful Journals Composition Notebook offers students plenty of writing space inside of its matte encasing. There are 100 grid-ruled pages inside of this notebook, each featuring a 4-by-4 grid structure. Its matte cover not only adds support to your writing, but it provides all-around protection for your notes.

Best Graph Composition

Joyful Journals Composition Notebook

This 100-page notebook provides all-around support and the ample amount of graphing space necessary for most students.

Best Spiral-Bound: Mead Spiral Notebook

On the left, a dark red graph paper spiral notebook that features a plastic cover at the front. On the right, the spiral is flipped open to reveal its grid-lined paper and the tightly coiled spine conjoining each page.
Mead Store

The modern alternative to yesteryear’s composition book, this Mead Spiral Notebook offers its workers 100 double-sided pages that feature not four, but five squares per inch. The inclusion of an extra square amounts to tighter, more precise graphing in addition to more note-taking space overall. This option’s spiral-bound design keeps your work in place while allowing for swift removal from its tightly-coiled, snag-resistant body.

Best Spiral-Bound

Mead Spiral Notebook

A well-organized notebook that offers a tighter, more precise graphing experience.

Best Loose Leaf: Oxford Filler Paper

On the left, a 400-page stack of loose leaf, 4-by-4 graph paper. On the right, the loose leaf stack sits in the prongs of a three-ringed binder.
Oxford Store

For the office worker or student who prefers to move their graphing paper into another workspace, like a ringed binder, this Oxford Filler Paper bundle offers users a generous helping of loose leaf graphing pages. In total, there are 400 double-sided, 4-by-4 graph-ruled sheets. There’s truly plenty to work with and divvy up here since you can split up the overall page load however you see fit.

Best Loose Leaf

Oxford Filler Paper

A generous bundle of graphing sheets that you can split up between several binders and subjects.

Best Bulk Pack: Amazon Basics Graph Paper Pad

On the left, a stack of six, 100-sheet graph pads that feature a perforated seal at the top. On the left, a single graph pad lies on a desk next to a pen.
Amazon Basics Store

If you’re really on the hunt for an unmatched load of graph paper, these Graph Paper Pads from Amazon Basics offer far and away one of the largest paper packs around, with 600 pages at your disposal. Included in this bundle are six 100-sheet graph pads, with each sheet featuring four squares per inch. And because these are pads, you’re getting plenty of writing support from its thick cardboard backing, making it easy to transport without damage.

Best Bulk Pack

Amazon Basics Graph Paper Pad

A six-pack of graph paper pads that includes 600 total pages of writing space.

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