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The Best Greenery Garlands

🕚 Updated December 2022

A faux garland is an excellent and fun way to add a bit of class to your environment without the stress of maintaining a live plant. Add a little bit of greenery to your space with these fantastic garlands.

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  Top Choice Best with Lights Best for Centerpieces Best Floral Look Best Multicolored
84 Feet 12 Strands Artificial Ivy Leaf Garland
84 Foot 12 Pack Artificial Ivy Garland
Eucalyptus Garland
Der Rose
Two-Pack Artificial Eucalyptus Flower Garland
Der Rose
Four-Pack Artificial Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus Leaves Garland
Our SummaryClassic hanging ivy that's perfect for privacy fences or special occasions.A quick solution for a whimsical vibe.Perfect for a lovey tablescape.Decorate your wedding venue or drape a backdrop with this stunning yet simple floral garland.This lush green garland is easy to hang inside your home or at your next party.
Pros✓ 12 individual strands
✓ Easy to hang
✓ Allows for more design freedom
✓ 12 individual strands
✓ Comes with 33-foot LED light string
✓ Gorgeous for use on tables
✓ UV-treated for indoor/outdoor use
✓ Two 6.5-foot garlands
✓ Made of high-quality plastic and silk
✓ Wire is bendable and moldable
✓ Four 6.2-foot garlands
✓ Made of high-quality silk with flexible wiring
✓ Deep green and frosted gray color
Cons✗ 12 individual strands may be difficult to work with✗ Light string is 33 feet but garland is 84 feet✗ Leaves may not look as full in real life✗ May be thinner than expected✗ May be thinner than expected
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The Best Greenery Garlands

faux ivy garland strung around a brown wood patio trellis canopy

Buying Guide for Greenery Garlands

Bright living room with sofa, armchair, pouf and green plants.

Why buy a greenery garland?

One of the best reasons to buy a greenery garland is to add more ambiance, life, or character to a space. The nice thing about a faux garland is that it can be used for indoor and outdoor decor. Well-crafted fake plants look more lifelike than ever, so many options look highly realistic and low maintenance. Garlands can also be used for temporary purposes, such as decorations for a special event or holiday to create a nice aesthetic.

What should you look for in a greenery garland?

  • Length: Consider ahead of time where you plan to hang or display your new faux garland to have an idea of how long you’ll need it to be. If you have one specific spot in mind, you may even want to measure it before shopping to help narrow down your search. Shorter options may be around 6 feet, with 100- or even 150-foot models available for bigger areas. Garlands in the 20- to 50-foot range are the most common, but there are plenty of different lengths. If you go for an option with multiple strands, consider how many strands you might want your new garland to have.
  • Material: There are two main materials that artificial ivy garlands will be made from—silk and plastic. Plastic is more durable—a better choice for outdoor display, but it may not look as realistic depending on the quality of the plastic. Silk leaves have a lovely sheen and are soft to the touch but will be more expensive and prone to wear and tear.
  • Environment: Are you planning on using the garland for indoor decorating, or do you want to place it outside? And if you do want to hang the garland outside, is this for a permanent installation or temporary needs? This is important to determine, as depending on the materials used in production, a garland may be better for indoor use or anywhere that won’t be in direct sunlight for extended periods. For example, silk is more realistic but usually isn’t ideal for outdoor use unless it’s been treated for durability.
  • Design: Think about if you’d prefer one long strand or multiple hanging strands. Both are good options, but they’ll create different looks. There are light- and dark-green options and green leaves with a white border. Some garlands come with string lights, adding a more festive look.

What are some decorating tips to make a green garland look its best?

No one wants garland that looks like obvious plastic or cheap fabric. Thankfully, you can make any garland—even something you find from the dollar store—more believable by layering. Design experts recommend starting with the garland as the base. Then, to build more character, layer more design elements on top of it to make it look fuller and more abundant.

Our Picks for the Best Greenery Garlands

Top Choice

DearHouse 84 Feet 12 Strands of Artificial Hanging Ivy Leaf Garland

Classic hanging ivy that's perfect for privacy fences or special occasions.

Pros: The DearHouse Hanging Ivy Garland is an excellent choice for creating beautiful greenery scapes around your home or party venue. You’ll get 12 individual strands of garland—each measuring 7 feet in length. Put them together and create a great backdrop for photos or to provide pretty privacy or separation.

Cons: Since these are individual strands that aren’t connected, this option might pose a challenge for some people to use.

Bottom Line: This package’s extended length and multiple strands make this an attractive option for home-decor fans.


Best with Lights

Pros: Greenery is nice and offers a beautiful vibe, but greenery plus lighting is even better. The Kaszoo 84-Foot Artificial Ivy Garland with LED String Lights is an excellent choice for you if that sounds right. You’ll get 12 individual pieces of ivy garland, each measuring 7 feet. But this set also comes with a 33-foot string of white LED lights. Note that the LEDs are rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cons: You’ll have to spend time figuring out how to hang the garland and string the lights, which might be an intensive process. Since you get 84 feet of garland, but just 33 feet of LEDs, you’ll either need to double up on the garland or use less of it.

Bottom Line: Fans of whimsical design will love the ethereal environment created by this softly lit ivy garland. With a generous 84 feet of greenery included in the package, there’s quite a bit to make a variety of decor styles.


Best for Centerpieces

WildIvory Eucalyptus Garland

Perfect for a faux candle tablescape.

Pros: Not everyone is obsessed with ivy or wants a hanging plant design in their home. The WildIvory eucalyptus garland is a great alternative for creating a gorgeous tablescape. It can be used as a table runner or even treated as an accent for a candle design. This garland is UV-treated, meaning that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. You’ll get a 6.5-foot long garland that’s 5.9 inches wide and has roughly 100 round boxwood and apple branches and 150 eucalyptus leaves.

Cons: This garland may not look as full or as realistic as shown in the picture.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a base item for your decorating plans, this eucalyptus garland can be a great starting point. With 6.5 feet of garland and a blend of eucalyptus and boxwood leaves, you’ll get plenty of visual interest.


Pros: These floral pieces are the perfect addition to your garden tea party or arch for your wedding ceremony. They come in a set of two, each measuring 6.5 feet for a total of 13 feet. They are made of high-quality plastic and silk to create a realistic natural vision for any spot you need to decorate. The wire is bendable and moldable, making it easy to secure.

Cons: If you’re looking for a fuller look, you’ll need to buy more than one pack of these garlands.

Bottom Line: Create your ideal floral masterpiece with these garlands that boast simple beauty. Although fake, they deliver a close-to-perfect natural element to your space.


Pros: For a subtle touch of greenery, these silver-dollar eucalyptus leaves are a lovely option. This set comes with four garlands, each measuring about 6.2 feet long. They’re made of high-quality silk and have flexible wiring to be easily used wherever you like. Instead of being one color, these are two-dimensional with a lush, deep green color and a frosted gray shade.

Cons: These are not as luscious and full as depicted in the photos; you’ll need to buy more than one pack for larger table settings.

Bottom Line: Elevate your tablescape or weave one of these pieces into a wreath for your next gathering. With four pieces that go beyond your typical green color, you’ll be set for decor that’s a little more than basic.

Final Thoughts

While you’ll want to confirm whether a specific garland can be used for indoor versus outdoor needs, there are many options that can be used for everything from privacy fences to tablescapes or even hanging plant designs around the home.

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