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The Best Grips for Your Golf Clubs

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Everyone knows there’s more to the art of golfing than just raw talent. Ultimately, you’re going to want your iron to be at the top of its game, and that truly starts at the top of your golf club. Adding a dependable grip to your club increases the overall ability of what you can do behind the tee. With the right grip, you can expect improvements in various handling abilities and, moreover, your shot selection. If you’re in the market for a good golf grip, here are some that we recommend.

Tee Up the Perfect Purchase

Consider these factors before buying your club grip:

  • Purpose: First and foremost, you should understand which iron you’re buying a grip for. While it’s encouraged among golfers that you should use the same grips for each club you own for a uniform feel, varying sizes between your golf clubs will also help you differentiate the amount of pressure and swing strength necessary for whichever iron you’re gripping.
  • Material: A good golf grip should be constructed from dependable materials. Consider a grip that’s crafted from a material like soft rubber, which will increase how easily your club rests in your hands throughout swings.
  • Handling Features: In a similar nature to material, you should consider a grip that utilizes several different ways to improve your handling behind the iron. Seek out a grip that employs features like all-weather control for great handling under the sun or clouds, as well as different kinds of patterns and textures for improved feedback.

Best Putter Grip: SuperStroke Traxion Tour Putter Grip

red and white golf club grip with white lettering

Featuring Traxion Control and Spyne Technology, this Tour Series putter grip from SuperStroke offers golfers a firm grip from a trusted sporting brand. What makes this an ideal grip for your putters is its advanced surface texture that benefits the track and feedback of your stroke. This grip’s Traxion Control employs X-shaped treads across the sides and bottom of the handle to bring you a comfortable and consistent stroke. Similarly, its Spyne design utilizes an embossed ridge along the underside of the grip to guide its users to the ideal hand placement.

Best Driver Grip: Golf Pride MultiCompound Golf Grip

textured gray striped golf club grip

Here’s an all-weather control option with great surface texturing, Golf Pride’s Multicompound Plus4 is a hybrid golf grip that’s tour-proven and capable of driving well beyond your expectations. It features a different upper hand setup to the lower hand, with the former being made from a soft, brushed cotton cord for built-in stability, and the latter crafted from an even softer rubber for comfortable placement in your hand. Because this hybrid grip also utilizes a larger diameter in its lower hand area, you’re ensured a grip that’s lighter while promoting fluid movement with each swing.

Best Driver Grip

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, Standard, Gray

This grip for your drivers ensures better and longer drives through its hybrid design.

Best Wedge Grip: SuperStroke S-Tech Rubber Golf Grip

blue golf club grip

The SuperStroke S-Tech grip features a blend of highly engineered rubber compounds that create an almost tacky feel that sticks to your palms behind every swing. Like other dependable grips, this SuperStroke comes with an all-weather cross traction surface texture that provides its users with a non-slip grip for sweaty palms and light rain. This grip is available in six colors and doesn’t cost more than some pocket change.

Best Value: Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips

multiple black and red golf club grips with several accessories

Offering buyers 13 golf grips in this value bundle, Champkey’s STP Comfortable Golf Grips that are as easy going as its name would suggest. The STP grip was designed to lessen the pressure you place on your hands and body while in play. The grip features two parts: an inner tube that’s made of rubber for improved feedback and better shots and an outer layer that’s made from polyurethane for easy handling while you swing. Additional perks with this grip include its all-weather-control surface texture, significant shock absorption abilities, and repair kits with each size and color.

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