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The Best Grips to Hold Your Wig in Place

A wig grip is a key part of wearing a wig, whether you do so frequently or occasionally. It’s essentially a headband worn over your hair and underneath the wig to prevent the wig from slipping off. Wig grips are made with double-sided material so that the grip itself stays securely in place on your head as well as prevents the wig from sliding off the grip. They’re often adjustable and one size fits all in order to be easily tailored to fit your head, wig, and styling preferences. While not the only method for keeping a wig firmly on your head, wig grips are far more comfortable than tape, glue, clips, or pins since they won’t pinch your head or cause headaches. They’re also more stable and are thus more likely to keep your wig in place on a windy day or during vigorous activities like dancing. Here are a few wig grips that we recommend.

What to Consider in a Wig Grip

Here are a few things to look into before buying a wig grip:

  • Color: While the actual colors available depend on the brand and seller, just about every wig grip will come in several different colors. Black, dark brown, neutral brown, and beige are the most common shades. You’ll want to find the color that most closely matches the hair color of your wig. Transparent wig grips are also an option.
  • Features: Though they all function the same, not all wig grips are created equal. You’ll definitely want a wig grip that is adjustable for it to best fit your head and wig’s hairstyle, especially if you like to rotate between multiple wigs with different styles. A comfortable material that is absorbent and/or moisture-wicking is also an ideal choice since this will keep your head from overheating in warm weather. Keep an eye out for grips with diamond-stitching or other durable stitching, which will help prevent the band from rolling over during wear and keep it from fraying over time.
  • Quantity: Some wig grips are sold in pairs or multi-packs. If you wear wigs with any degree of frequency, these may be the right choice for you since you can rotate bands in and out, which will save them wear and tear in the long run. Some wig grips also come paired with a wig cap. While not strictly necessary to wear a cap in tandem with a grip, they can be a great way to make certain your natural hair is safely contained while wearing your wig. A grip/cap pairing is also ideal if you like to wear beanies or headscarves with your wigs.

Top Choice: GEXworldwide Flexible Velvet Wig Grip

This is an all-around well-equipped wig grip. Made as one size fits all, this grip can be adjusted thanks to the hoop and loop fastener in order to fit your head size better and more comfortably, so you won’t come down with a headache. The precise stitching makes the grip smoother and stronger, and the brand logo sewn on the right side of the grip ensures that you always wear it with the correct side out. The velour material is furred to increase friction between your hair and your wig—a thin yet strong fabric to ensure breathability and help keep your head cool. This grip has a wide frontal band and a narrowed backend to prevent slippage during wear for a more secure feel. It’s available in four different colors to best match your wig.

Top Choice

GEX Wig Grip Band Flexible Velvet Scarf Head Hair Band Wig Band with Adjustable Fastern (Beige)

A well-equipped wig grip that is adjustable, secure, and breathable.

Best Value: Dreamlover Wig Grip Headbands

Here are two wig grips for one low price, perfect for anyone who wants to rotate grips or have a spare one on hand to be safe. The soft velour material is breathable and won’t weigh you down or overheat your head even in warm weather and climates. It’s also elastic to fit more head sizes and adjust to better fit around your hairline. The neat rhombus-shaped stitching holds the grip together to increase its durability and decrease its chances of breaking. Precise stitching around the edges further enhances these features. The narrow backside and widened front band makes the grip more resistant to reduce the risk of your wig slipping off or sliding around. When you wear this grip, the sewn-on brand logo should be on the outside of the grip and placed on the right side of your head for maximum security and anti-slippage. Four colors are available for purchase.

Best Value

Dreamlover Wig Grip for female, Wig Grip Bands for Keeping Wigs in Place, Wig Grip Headband, Tan, 2 Pieces

A two-for-one deal of durable velour wig grips with precision stitching for extra strength.

Best Matching Set: Milano Collection Comfort Band & Wig Cap

Wig caps are a great way to ensure that your hair stays under wraps while wearing a wig and provide friction to keep it from slipping off. Coupled with a wig grip, you’re all but guaranteed never to need to worry about your wig sliding around or falling off. This matching wig band and cap set is designed for anyone who wants this extra security. Both pieces are made with a unique, patented construction that is non-slip for wigs, beanies, and headscarves alike without requiring tape or glue or clips. They’re also lightweight, thanks to the blend of absorbent fiber material, without sacrificing strength and sturdiness. Both grip and cap are strong enough to hold up to daily use in all kinds of weather and physical activities. The set is available in seven different colors and both are adjustable to provide one-size-fits-all coverage.

Best Transparent: LULALA TOO Transparent Silicone Wig Band

Even if a wig grip is the exact same shade as a wig’s hair, some people still get nervous about it showing through. That’s where a transparent wig band like this one comes in. It’s made of food grade silicone that is soft, stretchable, and waterproof, making it easier to clean. The specially engineered silicone grip keeps your wig securely in place comfortably. The grip isn’t sticky so you don’t have to worry about it snagging on your natural hair. It also protects your scalp, which may stimulate it and better encourage your hair to grow. This grip is double-sided, with the shorter grip drops meant to be worn inside against your scalp, and the longer grip drops on the outside against your wig. The band does come with instructions to ensure that you wear it correctly for the best possible fit.

Best Transparent

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