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The Best Grout Floats You Can Buy

Before taking on any serious project, you should invest in tools that will make your life and project easier. One such tool is a grout float: grout floats are typically used to apply grout in the spaces found between tiles. Finding the right grout float to add to your toolbox makes the tough task of grouting seem like a piece of cake. Here are some fantastic ones we recommend for your next grouting project.

What to Look for When Buying a Grout Float

You are going to want a grout float that is sturdy enough to last through your entire project. Look for floats that are built with durable materials, such as gum rubber and polyproxylene. Grouting can be a tasking chore, so you’ll want a grout float that ensures long-lasting comfort. Look for a grout float with an ergonomic handle that helps you cover hard-to-reach corners.

Best Overall: M-D Building Products Grout Float

Applying grout should never be harder than it has to be, and this grout float will help make the task easier than ever. The tool features a beveled edge with rounded front edges that give you complete control. The float also has squared off back corners that help to ensure total grout coverage, so you’ll never miss a spot. This grout float has you and your projects covered.

Best Overall

Float Rubber 9x4in Grout Gum

This grout float has rounded front edges and squared off back corners that provide complete control and total grout coverage.

Most Ergonomic: OX Tools Gum Rubber Grout Float

Grouting can be hard on your body, but this grout float was built to maximize your comfort. The tool features a specialized OX grip handle that gives you perfect balance and extra comfort while working. It has two rounded corners and two square corners for complete grout coverage. Thanks to this tool, grouting has never been more comfortable.

Most Ergonomic

OX Tools 12" x 4" Gum Rubber Grout Float | OX Grip Handle

This grout float features a specialized handle that guarantees you an extremely comfortable grouting experience.

Most Durable: SuperiorBilt Platinum Grout Float

Grouting is a tough task that requires equally tough materials. This grout float is crafted using solid polyproxylene that will not crack or separate. The ergonomic handle is slightly offset to help you grout hard-to-reach areas. The float features sharp edges that make for faster and easier cleanup. This grout float is sturdy enough to last through your toughest projects.

Most Durable

SuperiorBilt Platinum Grout Float

Crafted from solid polyproxylene, this grout float is a reliable option that will last through your toughest projects.

Also Great: Goldblatt 12″ Gum Rubber Float

This grout float has everything you need to make your next project a piece of cake. The float features a double-layered rubber pad that provides better cushioning. Bonded to the rubber pad is a non-stick gum rubber face that ensures a smooth application. The ergonomic handle gives you complete control over your grouting projects. This grout float is the perfect no-nonsense tool to add to your toolbox.

Also Great

Goldblatt 12" by 4-inch Gum Rubber Float with Soft Handle - G02723

This grout float features a double-layered rubber pad that is bonded to a non-stick gum rubber face to ensure a professional finish for your next grouting project.

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