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The Best Gym Timers for Your Workout

Timer set to 00:00 on a stepper platform in the gym
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We regular gym-goers had to get creative this past year as gyms were closed. First, we frantically cobbled together workouts we could do at home. Some were fortunate to already have a home gym with weights and the whole nine yards. Others bought chin-up bars, resistance bands, and gym timers. Yes, and now we have a better idea of what timer works best for interval workouts we like. But there is always a little uncertainty about whether we have the best gym timer for our needs.

Purchasing a Gym Timer

Here are some factors to consider when buying a gym timer:

  • Technology: When the topic is gym timers, technology is important, even unavoidable. Think about the features you want in a timer. Do you want a simple solution, a timer with preset intervals without a lot of complicated settings? Or do you want to be able to sync up your Bluetooth device and save and share every workout you create?
  • Sport: There are gym timers that meet general standards for many sports, wall timers that are suited for basketball, and others that cater to boxing, for example. If you’re a yogi, you may want to consider small gym timers with easy audio adjustment.
  • Environment: Those wall timers can take up a lot of wall space, though many are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Still, you need either wall space or a place to set up a stand. Like to run outside? There are outdoor timers, too.

Best Wall Timer: Synergee Premium LED Programmable Wall Timers

Illuminated wall gym timer with numbers in red and the word UP in blue

If a gadget-loving fitness fanatic comes across the Synergee wall interval timer, they might get so impressed that they forget to actually work out. This timer comes with preprogrammed settings for Tabata, Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM), and Count Up/Count Down. You can choose between three sizes that measure from as small as 8 inches long to as large as 29 inches long. The high-contrast screen allows you to see the numbers from a distance so that you aren’t distracted throughout your workout. The timer comes with a wall-mount for perfect positioning and a remote control that lets you adjust all of the clock’s functions from a 60-foot radius.

Best Wall Timer

Synergee 28” Workout Interval Timer. Programmable Wall Mounted Interval Timer. Gym Timer with Wireless Remote. Tabata EMOTM Stopwatch Count Up/Down MMA Clock.

This interval wall timer has all the features you need to create a challenging workout and an impossible-to-miss LED display.

Best Compact: Gymboss Plus Interval Timer and Stopwatch

Small purple timer illumited with an interval setting

This palm-sized Gymboss interval timer and stopwatch frees you from the indoors without compromising on the functions you need to run intervals. The timer is water-resistant and will withstand the sweatiest of exercisers. Use the Gymboss to time a quiet yoga session or lead a group class; the intensity of the beep can be adjusted for the environment. Secure the timer to your waist with the removable belt clip, or set it on the floor while you hammer out a session.

Best Compact

Gymboss Plus Interval Timer and Stopwatch (Violet/Pink)

Small and multifunctional timer you can take outside or program a tough session in the gym.

Best for Boxing: TITLE Boxing Pro Digital Gym Timer

Black and white boxing timer with Work Time, Rest Time, and On and Off buttons

This clock features a classic design that is simple and effective. It’s a sleek, black and white 8- by 3- by 8-inch timer made especially for boxing. You can set the duration of your intervals anywhere from 30 seconds to 9 minutes and rest time between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. You can customize your MMA, grappling, combat training, or cardio workouts with this versatile timer.

Best for Boxing

Title Pro Digital Gym Timer

This simple but smart boxing timer makes setting up tough training workouts easy.

Best Mobile App Powered: GymNext Flex Timer-Home Edition

Illuminated wall timer, to the left a mobile phone running the GymNext app

If you are as into technology as you are fitness, the GymNext Flex Timer is for you. The mobile app timer works via Bluetooth, with a range of over 100 feet. The app lets you customize, save, and share various workouts, from EMOM to Tabata. Hang the timer on the wall with the included brackets, or mount it onto a surface. The 13- by 2- by 5-inch timer has a 2.3-inch LED display with an adjustable 95-decibel buzzer that won’t be easy to ignore.

Best Wearable: Everlast 7011 Interval Training Timer Yellow

Yellow, illuminated timer with band for the wrist

Whether you attach it to your waist or put it around your arm, the Everlast interval timer is the tool that lets you move around, inside and outside, without losing track of your time. Choose from interval and stopwatch modes. Customize your workout by setting round duration and rest periods. Simple designs like the Everlast timer are often the most pragmatic and accessible.

Best Wearable

Everlast 7011 Interval Training Timer Yellow

Go wherever you want and still get in a great workout with this small, wearable interval timer.

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