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The Best Kids’ Gymnastic Bars

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Gymnastics bars are a great way to keep energetic kids occupied. Whether your child is training to be a gymnast or enjoys improving their flexibility and strength, at-home gymnastic bars provide an opportunity to practice and improve their skills.

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  Top Choice Holds the Most Weight Premium Choice Great Adjustable Option Best Value
Expandable Horizontal Gymnastics Bar, Adjustable Height
Horizontal Gymnastics Bar for Kids, Adjustable Height 3'-5'
Z Athletic
Kids' Gymnastic Kip Bar and Gym Mat
Gymnastics Horizontal Kip Bar for Kids, Height Adjustable 3' to 5'
Gymnastics Horizontal Bar, Adjustable Height, Folds, and Expands
Our SummaryA foldable, easily moveable, sturdy gymnastics bar with five height settings.This smartly designed gymnastics bar offers the safety your kid needs to practice flips.A quality-made kids' gymnastic bar and mat with wondrous color variety.This elegant, incredibly strong kip bar has an impressive max weight capacity.An all-around easy-to-use kids’ gymnastics bar of impressive quality.
ProsTriangle structure creates a safe frame, pedestal legs combined with four slip-resistant rubber floor rings create friction and absorbs shock, height-adjustable steel bar with a powder-coated finish, expands and folds.Reliable triangle structure with nonslip rubber sleeves prevents training bar from moving, easy to unfold and store, height-adjustable to four settings, rotary knob for secure adjustments, main bar made of thick carbon steel, nonslip adjustable pedestals create stable foundation.Comes with an industrial-standard high-density foam mat, stainless-steel support bars, nine height adjustable settings, max weight capacity is 120 pounds.Adjustable to 10 different heights, max weight capacity of 230 pounds, sturdy top bar made of fiberglass, stainless-steel arms with double-locking mechanism, quick-release knobs for easy assemblage and storage, sturdy foundation with steel base tubes and rubber covers.Made of high-quality steel, stabilized by pedestal legs and triangular structure, four nonslip protection pads, spin-lock mechanism, protected with rustproof paint.
ConsBar may be a bit wobbly.Drilled holes used for adjusting the height don't line up correctly.May feel the supporting crossbar through the mat.The structure moves while in use.Only comes in pink.
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The Best Kids’ Gymnastic Bars

Little girl climbing on parallel bars at indoor playground.
KK Tan/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Kids’ Gymnastic Bars

Young gymnast on a horizontal bar.

Why buy a kids’ gymnastic bar?

Buying a gymnastic bar can be an excellent way for your kid to taste what gymnastics is all about before you invest in classes. Certainly, many kids will enjoy the equipment regardless of their interest in gymnastics. A good set of bars provides a way to have fun and challenge their hand-eye coordination, balance, and strength. Also, playtime on the gymnastic bars can be creative fun, too. Drape a sheet over the bar for an indoor tent.

What should you look for in a kids’ gymnastic bar?

  • Size: Some gymnastics bars take up little space, while others require more room. Check your gymnastics bar’s dimensions to ensure your home can accommodate the necessary setup. Look for easily collapsible and storable options too.
  • Weight Capacity: Double check that your gymnastics bar can hold your child’s weight. Different bars have varying weight capacities. Also, take into consideration the fact that your child’s constantly growing. It may be beneficial to go for a height-adjustable kids’ gymnastic bar with a greater weight capacity than your child now.
  • Adjustability: Whether you want to use your gymnastics bar for more than one child or use it as your child grows, consider the height adjustability you may need before making your purchase. Also, pay attention to the parts and design which make the bar adjustable and if it has a double-locking system and quick-release knobs.

How much should you expect to spend on a kids’ gymnastic bar?

Kids’ gymnastic bars can run from $85 to $360, but you can find some as low as $55. Why such a wide range of prices? Gym equipment is generally pricey, especially weight-bearing products like spinning bikes, treadmills, and gymnastic bars. The pricier kids’ gymnastic bars are often made of higher quality parts like fiberglass and have more complex designs. You can find, for example, double horizontal bars, longer mats, and more.

Our Picks for the Best Kids’ Gymnastic Bars

Top Choice

Tepemccu Expandable Horizontal Gymnastics Bars, Adjustable Height

A foldable, easily moveable sturdy gymnastics bar with five height settings.

Pros: This triangle-shaped bar is supported with two round pedestals that meet the ground plus four slip-resistant rubber floor rings—all of which create friction and absorb shocks as your children play. The upper portion is a height-adjustable steel bar with a powder-coated finish. As your young gymnast grows, you can adjust the bar from 34.8 to 50.8 inches with three other settings. This expandable and foldable gymnastics bar also wins out in terms of portability.

Cons: You may find the gymnastics bar a bit wobbly. Be sure to place it on a flat surface.

Bottom Line: This easy-to-setup, move, and store gymnastics bar may please you as much as your kid. Choose from the following colors: blue, light pink, navy blue, and pink.


Holds the Most Weight

Dai&F Horizontal Gymnastics Bar for Kids, Adjustable Height 3'-5'

This smartly-designed gymnastics bar offers the safety your kid needs to practice flips.

Pros: Utilizing the reliable foundation of the triangle structure, this junior gymnastics horizontal training bar will stay put as your kid flips around the bar or hangs to angles. Your floor will be protected as well. It’s easy to unfold and then fold to store. The horizontal bar is also adjustable to four different heights. Use the rotary knob to change and secure each adjustment. The main bar is thick carbon steel and can accommodate kids between three and eight years old and up to 150 pounds. The antislip adjustable pedestals add to the sturdy foundation making it stable even if you’re on an uneven floor.

Cons: The drilled holes used for adjusting the height don’t line up correctly.

Bottom Line: This heavy-duty, adjustable horizontal gymnastics bar may mark the beginning of your child’s career. Or it might be just what they need to focus their energy on and explore their balance and coordination.


Premium Choice

Z Athletic Kids' Gymnastic Kip Bar and Gym Mat

A quality-made kids' gymnastic bar and mat with wonderous color variety.

Pros: If you’re looking for variety in color and design, the Z Athletic kip bar might be worth looking into. Unlike many kip bars, this product comes with an industry-standard high-density, cross-linked polyethylene foam gym mat. It’s covered in a high-quality 18-ounce vinyl and measures 4 feet x 6 feet x 2 inches. The kip bar features stainless-steel support bars with holes and a pin-locking mechanism to move between nine height options. The top bar is strong and flexible, made of fiberglass, and covered in a synthetic wood veneer. The usage max weight capacity is 120 pounds, and the direct pull-down weight limit is 300 pounds.

Cons: Children may feel the supporting crossbar through the mat.

Bottom Line: This more advanced gymnastic kit bar comes in many colors. Choose from pink and purple bars and a rainbow of mat colors.


Great Adjustable Option

SHIWEI Gymnastics Horizontal Kip Bar for Kids, Height Adjustable 3' to 5'

This elegant, incredibly strong kip bar has an impressive max weight capacity.

Pros: Adjustable to ten different heights—three to five feet—this kip bar is designed to accommodate your kid; moreover, the max weight capacity is 230 pounds. This is a gymnastics bar geared to support most kids’ bodies. This sturdy kit bar features a fiberglass bar rail, stainless-steel arms, and a double-locking mechanism to make height adjustment easy and safe. The quick-release knobs make the equipment easy to assemble and disassemble. For safety, a kip bar also requires a sturdy foundation. The steel base tubes are two millimeters thick and protected with rubber covers for added stability at each end.

Cons: The structure may move a bit when being used.

Bottom Line: This bar offers an excellent opportunity for kids of all sizes to try out gymnastics. It comes in blue, navy blue, pink, and rose pink.


Best Value

ORIENGEAR Gymnastics Horizontal Bar, Adjustable Height, Folds, and Expands

An all-around easy-to-use kids' gymnastics bar of impressive quality.

Pros: From the base to the top, this kids’ gymnastic bar offers quality stability, easy use, assemble and store. Made of high-quality steel, the horizontal bar is stabilized by round pedestal legs and a triangular structure. Its four nonslip protection pads on each corner of the base reduce friction and protect the floor. Adjust the height of the bar by spinning the nobs on the spin-lock mechanism from 36, 41, 46, and 51 inches tall. The kids’ gymnastic bar is protected with rust-proof pink paint for extra durability.

Cons: If your kid dislikes pink, you might want to look at other models.

Bottom Line: This kids’ gymnastic bar can support individuals around 160 pounds or less. When your kid is done training for the day, pull up the connecting rods and fold.

Final Thoughts

You can provide your child an opportunity to learn balance, coordination, flexibility, and face anxiety about height by investing in a kids’ gymnastic bar. It’s an excellent way for them to learn and grow while having fun in the convenience of your home.

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