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The Best Hair Crimpers

🕚 Updated December 2021

We live in a world where you don't have to settle with the hair you're born with. Whether you want to turn your thin hair into voluminous locks or your stick-straight hair into beachy waves, one of these quality hair crimpers can help.

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  Best for Fine or Thin Hair Best with Barrels Best for Loose Waves Extra-Hot Iron Most Versatile
  Bed Head
Little Tease Hair Crimper, 1/2 inch
3 Barrel Curling Iron Wand
Bed Head
Makin "S" Waver
Gold N Hot
Professional Ceramic Hair Crimper Iron
3-in-1 Straight Specialty Styler
Our SummaryAdd volume to your style with just the right amount of tease and texture.This curling iron can style a lot of hair at once, minimizing your time achieving natural-looking waves.Get a beachy look when you can’t get vacation time with this hair waver.This iron delivers on the classic crimp look with maximum heat.Switch your style as much as you want with this versatile tool.
ProsTourmaline ceramic technology, multiple heat settings, 6 ft swivel cord, can be used on any lengthTourmaline ceramic technology, 2 heat settings, insulated tips, large wand reduces style timeTourmaline ceramic technology, multiple heat settings, 6 ft swivel cord, can work with any length of hair2 heat settings, hot enough for medium and thick hair, swivel cord3 different styles with one tool
ConsVery hard, meant for thin hair only, hair can get caught at edgesLarge wand is hard to maneuver, only suitable for medium and long hairVery hot, hard to touch at tipsVery hot and can cause damage negligentLow heat, takes long to heat up
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The Best Hair Crimpers

A stylist uses a hair crimper on a woman's hair.

Buying Guide for Hair Crimpers

A hair crimper tool on a purple background.

Why should you buy a hair crimper?

Hair crimpers are a type of curling iron that adds waves to your hair. Some create finer crimps to honor the ’80s look or to give your roots a nice lift. Other crimpers provide larger waves in your hair to add variety to your hairstyles. A hair crimper is a great purchase for those wanting a new way to add movement to their hair. Plus, they’re affordable.

What should you consider when purchasing a hair crimper?

  • Look: It may seem obvious, but you need to decide what look you want before you pick a crimper tool. With different crimpers, you can get loose waves, ’80s crimps, texturizing crimps, or beach waves. If you’re not sure about the differences between them all, take a look first, then determine what look you want.
  • Hair Texture: Hair crimpers operate at high heat, but your hair texture will determine what temperature is best for your hair health and the desired results. For thin hair, styling tools can deliver the desired crimp with lower heat (200-350 degrees Fahrenheit). On the other hand, those with thick or coarse hair need to use tools at a higher temperature (400-450 degrees Fahrenheit) to get the look they want.

How can you protect your hair from heat damage when using a hair crimper?

While most quality hair styling tools are made with tourmaline ceramic technology to protect your hair from extra damage due to heat, there are other products that you can use as well. Pretreat your hair with heat protectants for heated styling products to keep your hair healthier.

Our Picks for the Best Hair Crimpers

Best for Thin or Fine Hair

Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper, 1/2 inch

Add volume to your style with just the right amount of tease and texture.

Pros: If your hair is on the thinner side, this texturizing crimper can add volume. This small crimper creates subtle crimps that will noticeably add volume to the lower layers of your hair without weighing your hair down as some styling products do. The tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz, while the 6-foot cord is on a swivel, making it easy to avoid the dreaded twisted tangle while doing your hair. It’s best used on the lower layers of your hair close to your roots to give it extra lift and texture.

Cons: The heat gets up to 400 degrees, which is great for styling, but be careful of your scalp and fingertips! Some hair can get caught at the edges if you’re not careful and will inevitably be ripped out. It’s not great for using on your entire head of hair.

Bottom Line: This tease hair crimper can add volume and texture to thin hair efficiently. It’s a nice little trick to get the oomph you want in your hair.


Best with Barrels

MODVICA 3 Barrel Curling Iron Wand

This device can style a lot of hair at once, minimizing the time to achieve natural-looking waves.

Pros: Are you wanting to add big natural waves to your hair? This three-barrel curling iron crimper can help you get that exact style. With tourmaline ceramic technology, it reduces frizz and produces the heat you need in your iron without damaging your hair. It has two heat settings, one more suitable for thin hair, the other for thick or coarse hair. The large wand has insulated tips to make it easy to use without scalding your fingertips.

Cons: The wand is quite large, making it a bit difficult to maneuver at first. Its large size also only makes it suitable for medium or long hair lengths.

Bottom Line: Cut down the time it takes for you to style large, natural-looking waves with this large, three-barrel curling iron. Once you get used to styling with this tool, you’ll be able to get a gorgeous look done even faster.


Best for Loose Waves

Bed Head Makin S Waver

Get a relaxed wavy look with this hair waver.

Pros: The beach wave is one of the most popular hairstyles because it’s so versatile and can work with most hair lengths. This waver styling tool makes it easy to achieve. The tourmaline ceramic plates allow for the high heat to style the perfect beach waves without damaging your hair and keeping frizz out (one thing a day at the beach can’t do). This styler has multiple heat settings to customize the right amount of heat suitable for your hair. It also has a swivel cord to help prevent a tangled and damaged cord.

Cons: This styling tool heats up to 400 degrees, which is great for your hair, but even the fingertip holding area gets quite hot, making it uncomfortable to hold. Just be mindful of where you hold the styling tool so you don’t burn your fingertips.

Bottom Line: This “S” waver can add fantastic movement to various hair lengths. If you love the beach wave look, this is the tool for you.


Extra-Hot Iron

Gold N Hot Professional Ceramic 2

This iron delivers on the classic crimp look with maximum heat.

Pros: If you have thick hair, you likely know how hard styling can be. This crimper heats up to 450 degrees (or less if you don’t need it so hot), so however thick your hair is, you can crimp in a style that stays. This crimper tool styles your hair with the classic look, adding volume, movement, and personality. It has two heat settings and a tangle-free swivel cord to make styling your hair easier.

Cons: This iron is meant to get super hot, so be aware of other products or items around your countertop to make sure you don’t melt anything in the way. It’s also important that when using something with such high heat, you know how quickly to move the iron through your hair so you don’t cause added damage.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to get the classic crimped look, this iron delivers it effectively with high heat. It’s best for people with medium to thick hair.


Most Versatile

Conair 3-in-1 Straight, Waves Specialty Styler

Switch your style as much as you want with this versatile tool.

Pros: Do you like to mix up your hairstyles? If you want straight hair one day, loose waves another, then tight crimps the next day, this three-in-one styler with interchangeable plates is for you. You only have to buy one tool, so you can save money and space in your bathroom drawers!

Cons: It takes a few minutes longer to heat up than most styling tools. It has a lower heat, which also adds time to styling. It’s not the best tool out there for experienced hair crimpers.

Bottom Line: This affordable and compact hair tool is a good product for a young girl who may be interested in playing with hairstyles but is too young to trust with an extra-hot iron.

Final Thoughts

Spending a valuable chunk of time trying to achieve a particular hairstyle only to end up with undesirable results is truly frustrating. Thankfully, there are many effective hair crimpers like these ones that can give you the waves you’ve been dreaming of.

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