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The Best Hair Picks for All Your Styling Needs

Hair picks are most popular for those with very curly, thick, or extremely textured hair. Hair picks have stiff teeth that can help with styling or detangling unruly hair. Mastering one can take time, but their styling ease for professionals and amateurs to develop the right look makes them very handy hair tools. There are multiple lengths and designs to choose from, depending on your styling and hair needs. Here are some of our favorites.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hair Pick

Here’s what you might want to look for:

  • Use: They are most commonly used to detangle and style hair, although there is a bit of a following for using metal hair picks in the kitchen when slicing fruits and vegetables to get that “perfect-sized slice.” In their primary function, they are popular for professional and amateur hairstylists of all ages to use with many of their clients.
  • Material and Teeth: Metal picks will offer more stability and durability, although they can seem intimidating to your learning, so starting with a plastic option may be better. The teeth on certain picks will also make them more capable of various tasks. Shorter teeth are great for detangling and styling afros, while longer teeth are ideal for separating and styling a more naturally curly look without frizz.

Best Overall: LEADUWAY 3Pcs Hair Pick

These picks are made with durable plastic handles and scalp-friendly metal teeth. These picks are suitable for curly, afro, or even straight hair. They work well for detangling wig braids, maintenance combing, or creating your own style all your own. These picks are also easy to wash, fast-drying, and portable, making them great for traveling.

Best Overall

LEADUWAY 3 Pcs Hair Pick, Metal Picks for Afro Hair, Hair Picks for Women and Men, Afro Combs, Fist Pick for Hair, Hair Comb for Hair Styling

With scalp-friendly metal picks and an easy-to-grip plastic handle, these picks make hair styling more effortless than ever before.

Best for Long Hair: Afro Pick Styling Comb by OZMOFUZE

With professional quality and durable materials, this pick is ideal for detangling long, thick hair. The extra-wide, reinforced teeth made of polished metal are both strong and gentle, working to create a traditional and natural hairstyle with every use.

Best for Long Hair

Afro Pick Lift Black Fist Metal Hair Comb, Detangle Wig Braid Hair Styling Comb for African by OSMOFUZE (No Fist Xtra-Long)

Durable and polished extra-wide teeth make this pick ideal for styling and detangling long, thick hair while giving it a natural style.

Best for Detangling: Afro Pick, Hair Pick, Metal Pick Comb

The shorter, square design makes this pick ideal for detangling curly, unmanageable, thick hair. The improved metal teeth with this clip make it a great addition to any professional setup or for an amateur looking to create their own barbershop style.

Best for Detangling

Afro Pick, Hair Pick, Metal Pick Comb, Detangle Wig Braid Hair Styling Comb, Hair Comb Pick(1 pack)

The square design and improved metal teeth on this pick make it great for detangling hair or creating a barbershop look.

Best Styling Set: Oneleaf 10Pcs Hair Stylists Professional Styling Comb Set

These combs are salon grade and durable. Made of PP material, they are heat resistant and won’t scratch your scalp or get stuck in tangles. They are ideal for styling all hair types. Included in the set are a fine-tooth pin tail comb, a wide-tooth rat tail comb, a fine-tooth rat comb, a three-in-one comb, a wave comb, a cutting comb, a swallow styler pick, a rake comb, a dual-purpose comb with metal lift, a dual-purpose comb with plastic lift, and a carrying case.

Best Styling Set

Best Colorful Set: 6 Pieces Plastic Wide Hair Pick Combo by Yaomiao

These color picks are made of durable plastic for reliable long-time use. They’re great for all ages. The twelve prongs lift and add volume to your hair without combing and destroying your curls. The long teeth also help create lift and volume, perfect for layered styles and separating and defining your curls without creating frizz.

Best Colorful Set
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