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The Best Hair Scissors You Can Buy

hands using shears to cut a woman's hair

Hair scissors, otherwise called shears, are specifically designed to have reliable, strong, and sharp blades for precise, pristine haircuts. Consider these options when selecting your hair scissors, whether you are a trained professional or a novice ready to cut hair for the first time.

Choosing Hair Scissors

Consider some of these factors when choosing your new trusty pair:

  • Length: Depending on whether you hold the hair while cutting or not, you may want to consider shorter or longer scissors. Each length has its unique benefit, so figure out which is best for your needs.
  • Fit: Opposing grip shears, offset handles, and crane handles are some common types of shears. How the scissors fit in your hand will determine if they put some stress on your elbow and thumb.
  • Type: Some types of scissors are better suited for dry or wet cuts. Others are more ideal for texturizing and thinning hair. Select a type that works best for you.

Best Overall: Coolala Hair Cutting Scissors

a pair of hair scissors, a comb, a cleaning cloth, and a box

These 6.5-inch professional hair scissors are appropriate for both salon and home use. Made of high-grade Japanese stainless steel, they have sharp blades and a long service life. They come with an adjustable screw for proper tension and comfortable use, and they can be used on anyone, including men, women, the elderly, children, and babies. As a bonus, a hair comb is included in the set. 

Best Overall

COOLALA Stainless Steel Hair Cutting Scissors 6.5 Inch Hairdressing Razor Shears Professional Salon Barber Haircut Scissors, One Comb Included, Home Use for Man Woman Adults Kids Babies

These scissors have sharp blades which are convex on the outside and concave on the inside to provide maximum razor-sharpness and durability.

Best Set: DigHealth Hair Cutting Scissors Kit

A hair cutting set complete with 12 pieces is displayed against a white background.

DigHealth’s professional-quality hair cutting scissors promise a perfect cut every time because they are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and sharp. Use the items in this kit to avoid hair damage and split ends. Plus, use the 28 V-shaped teeth on the thinning shears to ensure a 30% thinning rate when needed. Featuring an excellent design, these scissors have a distinctive easy-grip handle and an adjustment screw, which can adjust the tightness of the scissors. This kit includes 12 pieces total: a straight hair scissor, a thinning scissor, an adjustment screw, a hair razor comb, a dressing hair comb, a barber cape, a hair sweep brush, two hair clips, a cleaning cloth, and a bag to store and protect the scissors and ensure easy carrying. 

Best Thinning: Equinox Hair Scissors

A pair of hair cutting thinning shears, with yellow accents, is displayed against a white background.

Equinox offers a specialized, high-quality Japanese 420 stainless steel 6.5-inch hair thinning scissor. It is tempered with precise thinning blades and hand-sharpened thinning edges to evenly trim hair with ease and texturize hair for stylish looks. It boasts an ergonomic design that has a distinctive easy-grip handle design that allows the scissor to cradle fingers and deliver a confident cut every time. In addition, it reduces messy hair clutters as no hair gets caught in between its thinning blades, unlike other hair thinning scissors on the market. Equipped with a golden painted tension and adjustment screw, it can effortlessly be fine-tuned to your desire for tension and tightness.

Best Multi-Use: BITIWEND Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Three multi-color hair cutting scissors are displayed against a white background along with seven other hair cutting accessories.

This professional-quality set, made of 100% stainless steel, is sharp, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, heat-resisting, and unfading to ensure perfect hair cutting at every use. These scissors are ergonomically designed for the hairdresser’s comfort and can be used for classic or modern cutting techniques. The set also includes thinning shears to transform wavy, thick, or heavy hair into light, bouncy, curly hair. Best of all, this set even comes with professional dog grooming scissors that create that perfect look of roundness on dogs’ heads, feet, legs, and ribcages. All the pieces include hair cutting scissors, thinning shears, two clips, a dressing hair comb, a barber cape, a pet comb, a curved scissor, an adjustment screw, and a leather case.

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