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The Best Hair Tool Organizers

🕚 Updated October 2022

Tired of fighting to untangle cords from competing styling tools when you want to do your hair? Get one of these hair tool organizers and streamline your daily routine.

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  Top Choice Most Versatile Best Wall-Mounted Best for Countertops Best for Cabinet Doors
Style Station
Metal Wire Hair Tool Organizer
Styling Tools Organizer
Wooden Hair Tool Organizer
Hair Station Basket
Our SummaryThis organizer is vented, heat-resistant, and the perfect place to store your tools between uses.A sleek hair tool organizer that allows for plenty of ventilation when your heat styling tools need to cool off.A compact storage solution that's perfect for people that need to maximize space.This organizer stores your hair tools and products and adds a rustic decorative touch.Keep your hair tools out of sight but still organized with this over-the-cabinet option.
Pros✓ Fits in corners, on counters, or can be hung
✓ Heat-resistant mesh and silicone
✓ Multiple colors
✓ Three large holders
✓ Cord storage in back
✓ Designed with ventilation
✓ Large compartments
✓ Wall/cabinet/or countertop placement available
✓ Space-saving wall mount/over cabinet door placement
✓ Ventilation
✓ Made for the counter
✓ Three heat-resistant holders
✓ Other compartments for storage
✓ Made of cedar
✓ Hangs over cabinet door
✓ Ring holder
✓ Basket holder
✓ Nice capacity
Cons✗ Tools can't be placed inside immediately after use
✗ Small cord storage space
✗ Metal finish may conduct heat
✗ May look utilitarian for some people
✗ Hooks don't fit well on every cabinet door
✗ May not be enough storage for some people
✗ No compartment for cords✗ Won't fit well on every cabinet door
✗ Front hooks may create space issues
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The Best Hair Tool Organizers

Three different hair tool organizers full of hair tools and supplies.

It’s not uncommon for people to own multiple hair styling tools. From brushes and combs to curling wands and irons, hair dryersflat irons, and even straightening brushes, the options are almost endless. With so many types of hair styling tools to try, we run out of space to store them without tangling our power cords or cluttering our countertops. If this sounds familiar to you, check out these convenient hair tool organizers.

Buying Guide for Hair Tool Organizers

An over-the-cabinet hair tool organizer with a wire basket holds a hair dryer, a curling iron, a brush, and hairspray.

Why should you buy a hair tool organizer?

The simple answer is because it will keep you organized. There’s nothing worse than having to hunt for your preferred hairbrush or struggling to untangle a cluttered jumble of power cords to get your curling iron ready to use. A good hair tool organizer puts an end to the chaos by offering a dedicated space for your hair essentials.

What should you consider when shopping for an organizer?

  • Storage Space: When shopping for an organizer, consider how many hair tools you use on a regular basis that you want to keep easily accessible. Many come with three to four spaces to hold your tools. Some come with additional baskets for brushes or styling products as well.
  • Heat Tolerance: Several hair tool organizers are designed to tolerate hot stylers, so you won’t have to wait for them to cool down before putting them away and moving on with your day. If you’re often in a rush in the mornings, look for this feature.
  • Placement: Hair tool organizers can be mounted, kept on the vanity, or used in drawers. It shouldn’t be hard to find an organizer that can fit well and add extra functionality to your bathroom.

What can you keep in a hair tool organizer?

In general, there’s no limit to what you can store in a hair tool organizer. The obvious options include heat tools, hairbrushes, and combs. But depending on the type of organizer you select, you can also opt for storing hair care products, hair accessories like ties and clips, or even a microfiber towel to help speed up drying the next time you wash your hair.

Our Picks for the Best Hair Tool Organizers

Top Choice

Polder Style Station

This organizer is vented, heat-resistant, and the perfect place to store your tools between uses.

Pros: Made of heat-resistant mesh and silicone, this holder has three oversized openings to stand up your hair styling tools and provide ventilation so that they can cool down in a safe spot. You can keep your cords neatly stored away from the heat in the rear storage container. The organizer can sit on a countertop, hang over a cabinet, or nest in a corner, so it works for almost any bathroom.

Cons: If styling tools are immediately put in the holder after use, they could melt the holder if the hot metal touches it directly. The cord storage on the back is limited.

Bottom Line: This holder is a useful space saver for hair styling tools; just be careful not to put scorching curling irons inside. This organizer should be a welcome addition to many bathrooms with its versatile placement options. And you can choose from five color options.


Most Versatile

Sunlit Hair Tool Organizer Basket

A sleek hair tool organizer that allows for plenty of ventilation when your heat styling tools need to cool off.

Pros: There’s got to be a happy medium between effectively storing your heat styling tools and also allowing them to ventilate properly. This three-in-one organizer is a great option as it ensures that your tools will get plenty of ventilation thanks to the mesh wire frame. And it can be mounted, hung over a cabinet door, or left on a countertop if you prefer.

Cons: For people focused on aesthetics, this can look pretty utilitarian. And while it should be obvious, this metal frame means that if you put hot styling tools into certain compartments immediately after use, you’ll want to avoid touching those areas as the metal will conduct heat.

Bottom Line: For those concerned about ventilation as styling tools are cooling down, this three-part organizer is ideal. And with three ways to store it, this pick should work in most homes. However, some people may find it utilitarian in design. More importantly, the all-metal frame means that it conducts heat, so handle it with care when inserting hot styling tools.


Best Wall-Mounted

SimpleHouseware Cabinet Door/Wall Mount Hair Tools Organizer

A compact storage solution that's perfect for people that need to maximize space.

Pros: Whether you live in a small space or simply want to keep your countertop clear, an over-the-cabinet hair tool organizer is a smart way to keep things tidy without sacrificing surface space. You’ll get three dedicated rings to store larger items and a basket for smaller or flatter styling tools like combs, clips, and more.

Cons: For those who have a wider range of styling tools, this is one of the more compact options, meaning that it might not be enough space. And more importantly, there’s no dedicated area for cords, which means that while this does offer organization, it still might create a cluttered effect.

Bottom Line: If space is at a premium in your bathroom, this compact over-the-cabinet storage solution is ideal if you have a few styling tools in your main rotation that you want to keep close at hand. However, because this is a small organizer, it lacks a dedicated cord storage compartment.


Best for Countertops

ROLOWAY Wooden Hair Tool Organizer

This organizer stores your hair tools and supplies and adds a rustic decorative touch.

Pros: This cedar organizer adds decorative style to your bathroom while keeping your hair tools organized. It offers a rustic exterior finish and comes with three heat-resistant steel holders to keep curling irons, straighteners, or hair dryers. The steel cups can be removed for easy cleaning. It also has smaller spaces to hold brushes, hairsprays, oils, or hair accessories.

Cons: There is no holder or compartment for cords to be contained inside.

Bottom Line: This hair tool organizer can hold hot tools safely along with other hair accessories, making it a versatile and convenient option for vanity storage. The decorative style makes it an attractive addition as well.


Best for Cabinet Doors

Spectrum Hair Station Basket

Keep your hair tools out of sight but still organized with this over-the-cabinet option.

Pros: This organizer hangs over the cabinet door of your vanity, keeping your hair tools organized but out of sight. The open and diversified grid design helps your hair tools cool off quickly so that you can get on with the rest of your busy day. The wide basket can hold hair tools or styling products, while the loop and hook designs are perfect for straighteners, curlers, crimpers, and hair dryers.

Cons: The lip that goes over the door to hold it in place doesn’t fit every door or cabinet door perfectly, and this can cause issues with the door closing. Additionally, the extended depth of the front loops may make this a challenging pick depending on what’s already in your vanity cabinet.

Bottom Line: Organize your hair styling tools and products in this convenient organizer that keeps them all tucked away. This option fits over your cabinet door and doesn’t require any assembly.  Just measure your cabinet to ensure it’s a good fit.

Final Thoughts

Choose one of these hair tool organizers to add functional storage to your bathroom and keep it clean on a daily basis. From countertop to cabinet to wall storage, there’s an option that will make sense for you to add both organization and style to your bathroom or dressing area.

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