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The Best Hair Towels for Women

🕚 Updated August 2023

The way you choose to dry your hair impacts the overall health and condition of your locks. With a high-quality hair towel, you'll be able to avoid frizz, cut your dry time in half, and put your head on the right track towards healthy hair. Here are some fantastic hair towels we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Value Best for Frizz Control Best for Long Hair Best Patterns
Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap
2-Pack Hair Towel Wrap
Microfiber Hair Towel
3 Pack Extra Large Hair Turban
Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap
Our SummaryA set of hair towels made of advanced microfiber material that absorbs up to 75% of water from your tresses.Lightweight and affordable hair towels that will save you time and money.Anti-frizz towels with a button-and-loop design to help you easily wrap your hair up.A set of large hair towels that will cut your drying time in half with extra-absorbent materials.A chic choice for those who prefer to quickly dry their hair and look good doing it.
Pros✓ Soft and quick-drying
✓ Machine washable
✓ Polyester-polyamide blend
✓ Absorbs more than eight times its weight in water
✓ Ultra-lightweight yet durable and high-quality
✓ Affordable
✓ Set of two
✓ Variety of colors
✓ Machine washable
✓ Fits most head sizes
✓ Absorbent and shortens hair-drying time
✓ Convenient closure
✓ Anti-frizz and ultra-soft
✓ Convenient and easy to use
✓ Great for all hair types, textures, and ages
✓ Microfiber material gently and effectively dries hair
✓ Set of three
✓ Button-and-loop design
✓ Extra-large
✓ Nonslip
✓ One-hand lock button design
✓ Absorbent
✓ Three-pack
✓ Made of anti-frizz microfiber material
✓ High-quality
✓ Lint-free microfiber
✓ Several colors and patterns
✓ Absorbs water five times faster
✓ Loop and button
✓ Soft, comfy, and won't pull or snag
✓ Easy to travel with
Cons✗ May be too small for those with very long, thick, or curly hair✗ Not as effective for those with long, thick hair
✗ Tends to leave lint in hair
✗ Not as effective for extra-long hair
✗ Not recommended to put in dryer
✗ Not as lightweight✗ May not be ideal for thick, long hair
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The Best Hair Towels for Women

Beautiful African American woman with a bath towel on her head and perfect glowing skin looking aside.

Buying Guide for Hair Towels

Mom and child girl are in bathrobes and with towels on their heads.
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Why buy a hair towel?

While you might think that leaving your hair to air-dry naturally would be a healthier choice than using the heat of a hair dryer, air-drying can actually do more damage due to the fragile state of soaking wet hair. The healthiest and best way to dry your hair is by first wrapping your locks in a soft microfiber or cotton hair towel that’ll absorb water but still leave your hair damp, and then finish off the dry-time by blow-drying your hair at a cool to medium heat. A great blow-dryer brush or detangling brush can also help smooth the hair after washing and drying.

What should you look for in a hair towel?

  • Materials: If you’re looking to invest in your hair health, you should choose a microfiber hair towel. Microfiber is a super-soft synthetic fabric that gently dries your hair. It is ultra-absorbent, lightweight, and highly durable, meaning you’ll be able to maintain healthy hair for a longer period of time. If you have curly hair, choose a cotton hair towel with the same texture as a t-shirt. Microfiber can cause too much friction for curly hair and result in frizz, but a cotton hair towel will gently absorb water while locking in essential moisture for your curls.
  • Size: If you have short- to medium-length hair, the size of most hair towels will work for you. Those with long or thick hair should look for a hair towel that is at least 8 by 8 inches to ensure that all of their hair is covered. This will help all the hair dry at the same rate.
  • Style: You can spruce up your hair care routine by choosing a hair towel with a cute pattern. A trendy, patterned hair towel will be great for gym or spa days. You can even buy a hair towel that complements your bathing suit, so you can wear it to the beach or pool!

How should you wash a hair towel?

Preserving the quality and longevity of your hair towel is essential. To do this, hand or machine wash it with cool water and mild detergent. It’s also important to avoid bleaching, ironing, and dry cleaning. It’s recommended to air-dry your hair towel so that the material doesn’t get ruined in a hot dryer, but you can opt to dry your hair towel on a cool, delicate dryer setting for convenience.

Our Picks for the Best Hair Towels

Top Choice

YoulerTex Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

A set of hair towels made of advanced microfiber material that absorbs up to 75% of water from your tresses.

Pros: This hair towel will dry your hair faster than normal towels. It’s made of advanced microfiber material that’s super soft to the touch, fast-drying, and extremely absorbent. The polyester-polyamide blend absorbs more than eight times its weight in water, meaning it’ll dry you off faster and stay fresh longer. While the towel is ultra-lightweight, it’s also highly durable. The towel edges are bound with a soft gray material that works to extend the longevity of the fabric. This high-quality hair towel is a great choice for all hair textures, lengths, and styles. The twist and loop design also makes it incredibly easy to wrap your hair in; plus, it’ll stay securely on your head while you proceed with the rest of your routine.

Cons: If you have long, thick, or curly hair, you may find that your hair still takes a long time to dry. This towel may also be too small for those with long or thick, curly hair.

Bottom Line: This set of two soft and affordable microfiber towels comes in several colors and will dry your hair in record time. It’s sure to fit on all head sizes, and it’s machine washable for your convenience.


Best Value

M-bestl 2-Pack Hair Towel Wrap

Lightweight and affordable hair towels that will save you time and money.

Pros: This set of two microfiber towels comes in various timeless colors. It will fit most head sizes, and the premium microfiber material will absorb the excess water from your hair. This towel is designed to shorten your hair-drying time so that you can spend more time doing other activities. It also has a convenient loop and button closure and won’t slide or slip off your hair.

Cons: These hair towels aren’t as effective for those with long, thick hair. They also tend to leave lint in the hair if you machine dry instead of air-dry it.

Bottom Line: This affordable microfiber towel pulls the hair away from your face and neck so that you can easily apply skin care or makeup products. It’s also machine washable and is a great staple to have for your beauty routine.


Best for Frizz Control

Hicober Microfiber Hair Towel

Anti-frizz towels with a button-and-loop design to help you easily wrap your hair up.

Pros: If blow-drying your hair leaves it a frizzy mess, check out these anti-frizz hair towels. They’re made of microfiber that gently and effectively dries your hair without heat, ensuring that your hair will be healthier and smoother. The towels come in a pack of three and feature a button-and-loop design that allows you to easily wrap your hair without the towel unraveling. Frizzy hair is no match for these ultra-soft, easy-to-use hair towels.

Cons: Those with waist-length hair or longer may find that this towel doesn’t completely cover their hair. It also isn’t dryer recommended.

Bottom Line: This convenient set of hair towels is designed to drastically cut down your drying time and your frizz. They’re great for people of all hair types, textures, and ages and are incredibly easy to use! The elastic loop also ensures that it’ll stay put while you’re at the beach or gym.


Best for Long Hair

Leporem 3-Pack Extra-Large Hair Turban

A set of large hair towels that will cut your drying time in half with its extra-absorbent materials.

Pros: If you have long, luscious locks or thick coils, you know just how much work goes into getting your hair fully dry. This super-absorbent hair towel allows you to go throughout your day without residual dampness. They come in a pack of three and are made of anti-frizz microfiber material that works to dry your hair naturally and effectively. The towels are 30 inches long, so they’re large enough to completely wrap and dry super-long hair at the same rate.

Cons: This is a larger-sized towel, so it won’t be as lightweight as the other options on this list.

Bottom Line: These extra-large hair towels are designed with those with thick, long, and textured hair in mind. They also have an easy one-hand lock button design that ensures that they’ll stay put.


Best Patterns

Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

A chic choice for those who prefer to quickly dry their hair and look good doing it.

Pros: This high-quality microfiber towel is designed to protect your hair in style. It comes in eight chic colors and patterns and absorbs water five times faster than conventional towels. The material is lint-free, so you don’t have to worry about picking lint from your hair after drying. It has a loop and button design that will securely wrap the hair without pulling or snagging. It’s also soft, comfortable, and easy to travel with.

Cons: The dimensions are 8.1 by 6.8 by 3 inches, so it may not be ideal or large enough for thicker, longer hair.

Bottom Line: This stylish hair towel makes getting ready for school or work a breeze. It’s durable, breathable, and designed to last. The material is also super gentle on the hair, so it’s suitable for all hair types.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have beachy waves, straight tresses, or tight coils, having the right routine for your hair is critical to prevent frizz and damage. The unique fabric of these hair towels gently absorbs water while locking in essential moisture for your hair, reviving the natural shine and bounce of your locks.

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