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The Best Halloween Candy Bowl

🕚 Updated September 2023

Halloween isn't Halloween without trick-or-treating. Kids love to knock on doors, proclaim the magic words, and receive their candy while proudly displaying their Halloween costumes. Grab a festive candy bowl to make the interaction even more exciting.

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  Best Classic Design Best Set Best Animated Large Size Also Great
8 Black Cauldron Kettle
5 Halloween Spider Web Plastic Basket Bowls
Halloween Candy Bowl
Mintra Home
Plastic Bowls with Handles (Orange)
Bronze Resin Halloween Skull Candy Bowl
Our SummaryThis 8- by 6-inch witch's cauldron-shaped candy bowl is made from durable plastic for long-time use.These five candy bowls come in three creepy colors for all your Halloween treats.This creepy animated jack-o-lantern bowl really puts the trick in trick or treat.This two-pack of large 4.5L Halloween candy bowls are perfect for big parties or trick-or-treating hotspots.Perfect as a candy bowl or a fun and festive planter, this trendy skull bowl is a must-have this Halloween.
Pros✓ Can be used for more than one holiday
✓ Decent capacity
✓ Durable
✓ Colorful
✓ Sturdy plastic
✓ Multifunctional
✓ Great for party treats
✓ Good value
✓ Scary
✓ Red LEDs and spooky sounds
✓ Easy to use
✓ Holds a good amount of candy
✓ Very large
✓ Built-in handles
✓ Microwave and dishwasher safe
✓ Two-pack
✓ Stack inside each other
✓ Strong resin
✓ Hand-painted
✓ Weatherproof
✓ Detailed, spooky
Cons✗ Not designed to hold liquids✗ Small
✗ Mini candies might slide through the gaps
✗ Motion sensor is delayed✗ A bit pricy for plastic bowls✗ Small
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The Best Halloween Candy Bowl

Halloween candy in a decorative ceramic bowl with ghosts and "BOO" painted on it.

Buying Guide for Halloween Candy Bowls

A tabletop is decorated with a pumpkin bucket, plastic spiders, and a purple spiderweb shaped candy dish containing gourds and pinecones.

Why buy Halloween candy bowls?

A Halloween-themed candy bowl adds to the fun of trick-or-treating and/or decorating for the holiday. You can buy one for giving out candy, another to place your kids’ candy inside, and even one for a Halloween party. They make decorating for the holiday even more fantastic with spooky designs sure to delight your guests. Some are interactive, adding sound effects or even small animatronics to startle trick-or-treaters, adding a bit of spooky fun to their Halloween night.

What should you consider in Halloween candy bowls?

  • Quantity: How many Halloween candy bowls do you want or need for the upcoming holiday? Will one do the “trick” (pun intended), or do you need more for keeping a bunch of treats in at a Halloween party? Some people love to set out several candy bowls on their front porch or a table in the driveway for passing trick-or-treaters. But it’s up to you and your annual traditions what you’ll need.
  • Size: Size is an important consideration when purchasing a Halloween candy bowl, as its height, width, and depth will impact how many and what kinds of candies, chips, or other treats it can hold. If you live in an area that sees a high volume of trick-or-treaters, a bigger bowl will probably be better. Several smaller bowls will be more suitable for treats like candy corn and M&Ms at a Halloween party.
  • Material: Many Halloween candy bowls are made of plastic, but other materials may include wood, metal, ceramic, resin, or glass. If you have little hands going in and out of the bowl, however, a breakable material may not be suitable.

How much candy should you put in your candy bowl for trick-or-treaters?

This is a great question, and many of us are guilty of buying too much Halloween candy this time of year. Not that that’s a bad thing… But mostly, you’ll want to try and remember how many kids came to your home the previous year and how much candy you had left at the end of the night. If you had way too much, put out less this year. If you ran out last year, put out another bag or two this year. If you’re in a new neighborhood and you’re not sure, we’d say it’s better to have too much candy than not enough.

Our Picks for the Best Halloween Candy Bowls

Best Classic Design

GiftExpress 8 Black Cauldron Kettle

This 8- by 6-inch witch's cauldron-shaped candy bowl is made from durable plastic for long-time use.

Pros: This cauldron bucket is the perfect witchy vessel for your Halloween candy. It also doubles as a pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day, so you can have fun with this cauldron all year long. It holds a ton of candy, so you don’t have to worry about refilling your bucket over and over again. Plus, it’s made of durable, thick plastic, so it will last you for years and years. And it’s safe as a playroom toy for ages 3 and up.

Cons: This cauldron is not made to hold liquid, so it unfortunately can’t double as a bubbling cauldron or an apple-bobbing bucket.

Bottom Line: For a solid, black witch’s cauldron that holds a good amount of Halloween candy, this is a fantastic choice. It’s thick and durable, and it can work for other holiday and party themes as well.


Best Set

JOYIN 5 Halloween Spider Web Plastic Basket Bowls

These five candy bowls come in three creepy colors for all your Halloween treats.

Pros: This cute pack of spiderweb Halloween candy baskets includes five pieces that come in three different colors: one black, two purple, and two orange. You can toss these bowls on your table and fill them with lots of sweet treats for a Halloween party or fill each with different candies for the trick-or-treaters. Or you can fill these baskets with fruit or your favorite seasonal decorations. They’re safe, nontoxic, and made from durable plastic, so you can use them year after year for all your decorating needs.

Cons: These bowls won’t hold as much as the other options on this list due to their size. The gaps in the bowls mean that they aren’t best suited for smaller candies, such as M&Ms, as they might slip through the cracks and fall out.

Bottom Line: These spiderweb bowls are a decent size for holding many sweet treats. You can use them for a cookie table, candy dishes, or decorative bowls. And because they’re made from sturdy plastic, you can keep them for years.


Best Animated

FUNPENY Halloween Candy Bowl

This spooky animated jack-o-lantern bowl really puts the trick in trick or treat.

Pros: Get ready to scare the bejeezus out of your friends and neighbors! Designed with creepy red LED lights, sound effects, and a hidden skeleton hand that pops up, this animated jack-o-lantern candy bowl is frightfully wonderful. When the hand pops up, the eyes light up, and the bowl emits a scary sound. It’s powered by three AA batteries, which are not included, but they’re easy to install. The dimensions of the bowl are 11 x 4.8 inches, and it can hold up to 8 cups of candy.

Cons: The motion sensor has a delay.

Bottom Line: If you want to go all out and choose an animated novelty Halloween candy bowl, this may be an excellent option for you. It’s got all the sights and frights to delight your friends and neighbors.


Largest Option

Mintra Home Plastic Bowls with Handles (Orange)

This two-pack of large 4.5L Halloween candy bowls are perfect for big parties or trick-or-treating hotspots.

Pros: Get ready for a ton of trick-or-treaters or big Halloween parties with these extra-large bowls. Available in pumpkin orange, they have built-in handles for a superior grip making distributing candy much easier. The large bowls can hold over 8 pounds of candy and come in a handy two-pack, giving you better value for your money. These bowls are made of durable, food-safe plastic and are microwavable, dishwasher safe, and kid-friendly. They’re also lightweight and easy to store away when not in use, as they’ll stack inside one another.

Cons: Some customers find these a little pricey for plastic bowls, even taking their large size and the two-pack quantity into account.

Bottom Line: These bowls can hold around 8.5 pounds of Halloween candy! They’re perfect if you live in a big, busy neighborhood with lots of kids. And unlike some plastic bowls, they’re dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, so you can reuse them for other events—or next Halloween.


Also Great

SUMMIT COLLECTION Bronze Resin Halloween Skull Candy Bowl

Perfect as a candy bowl or a fun and festive planter, this trendy skull bowl is a must-have this Halloween.

Pros: This ultra-cool skull Halloween candy bowl is made from cold cast resin and is hand-painted with beautiful detail. It measures 7 x 4.75 x 4.25 inches and should hold plenty of delightful Halloween candy for your partygoers. It has a small drainage hole at the bottom, and it’s weatherproof, so it’s perfect to use as a planter in a garden or as a window decoration. If you place a cool succulent or fern in it, your skull will have the coolest hairdo on the block. And though it appears heavy, it’s surprisingly lightweight.

Cons: It’s fairly small, so if you’re using it for trick-or-treaters in a busy neighborhood, you’ll probably need to refill it a few times.

Bottom Line: This skull is both cool and multifunctional. It’s made from durable materials that are sturdy and practically unbreakable. It would make an awesome candy bowl or an awesome gift for a friend.

Final Thoughts

It’s fun and practical to have a Halloween-themed candy bowl for trick-or-treaters or for your next spooky party. There are lots of shapes, colors, and themes to choose from. And you can even scare the whole neighborhood with an animated candy bowl if you choose!

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