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The Best Camping Hammocks

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🕚 Updated March 2023

Hammocks are fun and functional outdoor gear. They can be used when you're roughing it in the wilderness or just relaxing in your own backyard. Check out these hammocks we recommend for your next camping trip.

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  Top Choice Best for Kids Most Color Options Double with Mosquito Net Best for Rainy Days
  Wise Owl Outfitters
Camping Hammock
Wise Owl Outfitters
Kids' Hammock
Camping Hammock
Camping Hammock with Net
Camping Hammock with Rain Fly and Mosquito Net
Our SummaryThese hammocks are easy to tote wherever your next camping trip takes you.Nurture your child's love of the outdoors with this comfy and durable hammock.Find the perfect color of hammock to fit your personality and style.Cozy up for peaceful rest in nature with this hammock that has a mosquito net attached to it.This camping hammock won’t let the rain keep you from a relaxing experience.
ProsLightweight, storage bag doubles as cup holder, durable parachute nylon material, compact, triple-interlocking stitching, 15 colors.Lightweight, durable material, packs down to the size of an orange, triple-interlocking stitching, three colors.Dries fast, made of parachute nylon, two 10-ft straps, 18 loops for adjustments, two carabiners, 30 options.Mosquito net attached, two 10-ft straps, 32 loops for adjustments, two carabiners, fits in storage bag, parachute nylon.Mosquito net attached, comes with tarp, supplies come in drawstring bags, made of durable taffeta nylon, resists fading.
ConsSingle size can be tight for some people.Limited adjustability.Not super lightweight, straps show wear quickly.Double size hammock is uncomfortable if used solo.Single stitching, tree straps don't come with pre-sewn loops.
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The Best Camping Hammocks

A man sits back in an orange hammock and enjoys the view of a lake in front of him.
Iryna Inshyna/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Camping Hammocks

a young woman relaxing in a hammock next to a campfire
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Why buy a camping hammock?

Camping hammocks offer a comfortable and convenient alternative for those who don’t want to sleep on the ground in a tent. They’re typically less expensive and lighter than tents, making them ideal for quick getaways or backpacking trips. They can also offer more airflow and less condensation than sleeping in a tent. They double as a place to sit at your campsite, too. Even if you only want a hammock for lounging rather than sleeping, it’s still a worthwhile investment. They’re made of durable and breathable fabric, so they’ll last through many relaxing afternoons or nights in the wild.

What should you consider when shopping for a camping hammock?

  • Convenience: Some hammocks are more difficult or take longer to set up, so look for one with quick and easy strap setups to save yourself some time.
  • Portability: Your hammock should be compact and lightweight, whether you’re hiking to your campsite or just wanting to save space.
  • Size: Hammocks are most commonly built for one or two people, very rarely any larger. Pick the size of hammock that’s best suited to your needs.
  • Protection: Consider buying a hammock with features such as a bug net, a rain tarp, or an insulating under-quilt for additional protection against the elements, especially if you plan to spend the night in your hammock.

How do you wash a camping hammock?

Pay attention to the care instructions when choosing your hammock. Most often, you can wash it in your machine after removing the carabiners (they could damage your machine and clank around). To keep your high-performance material at its finest, you will want to hang it dry. Be sure that it is completely dry before folding it up so that it doesn’t develop mold or mildew.

Our Picks for the Best Camping Hammocks

Top Choice

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

This hammock is easy to tote wherever your next camping trip takes you.

Pros: This hammock is super convenient to travel with because it’s lightweight and can fold down to the size of an eggplant. The storage bag can be used as a cup holder when the hammock is being used. It’s available in 15 colors, so you can find the one that matches the rest of your gear or the one that will make you feel most relaxed. The single-person hammock has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, and the double-person hammock can hold 500 pounds. Easy to set up, it comes with two 9-foot tree straps and two carabiners. It’s made from soft yet strong parachute nylon and has triple-interlocking stitching for durability. It has five loops to adjust height settings.

Cons: Even if you’re planning to use this solo and have a larger build, it may be better to buy the double size since the single is a little small.

Bottom Line: This hammock has comfortable and durable features for an affordable price. With companion pieces, you can have a quality camping hammock with protection from bugs and extra comfort for cozy nights in nature.


Best for Kids

Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock

Nurture your child's love of the outdoors with this comfy and durable hammock.

Pros: This hammock is comfy and durable, made with soft parachute nylon and triple-interlocking stitching. Your child can relax and play in it while you leave worry behind, too. This hammock for kids comes in three fun color combinations. Setup is quick and easy with the two 9-foot tree straps and carabiners. You’ll have it up for your patiently waiting kiddo in only a couple of minutes.

Cons: Since this is a kids’ hammock and meant to be more versatile than just for attaching to larger trees, the straps should have the ability to attach securely to smaller poles or trees.

Bottom Line: This is a wonderful hammock for kids to use during camping, lounging, playing outside, and even using indoors. More than one child can sit in it securely. The fabric is durable to stand up to kids’ play and use, so they’ll be able to love it for a long time.


Most Color Options

Kootek Camping Hammock

Find the perfect color to fit your personality and style.

Pros: You can find your favorite color out of 30 options! No matter what color you choose, each hammock is comfortable and durable because it’s made from parachute nylon. It’ll resist fraying, tearing, and it’s easy to clean. Best of all, it dries quickly if it gets wet or after washing. The fast-drying hammock makes it easy to fold up and carry easily in its compact bag. This hammock comes with two ten-foot straps and carabiners. Each strap has 18 loops to make it possible for it to fit any size pole or tree without damaging the bark. It has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Cons: The fabric of this hammock is not as thin and lightweight as other options. The straps also seem to show signs of wear faster than other makers.

Bottom Line: There’s a lot of customization that’s available with this camping hammock. From 30 color options to longer straps and 18 loops for varying levels of secure attachments, it’s easy to find the hammock that suits you and a place to relax in it. Just check for signs of wear on the straps before each use.


Double with Mosquito Net

Sunyear Double Camping Hammock with Net

Cozy up for peaceful rest in nature with this hammock that has a mosquito net attached to it.

Pros: A camping experience can be marred all too easily by the annoyance of bugs. Keep them away so that you can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep with this hammock that comes with a mosquito net. The large size is great for a cozy couple’s getaway. It’s available in 10 different color options and comes with two 10-foot straps, 32 loops for adjustments, and two carabiners. It’s easy to store and carry in the bag without adding much bulk to your gear.

Cons: Buying a hammock that is too big for what you need may make it uncomfortable, so if you only need it for yourself, don’t buy a double hammock.

Bottom Line: This camping hammock is soft and durable and has several loops to make it adjust to your needs. It comes with all the supplies you need for a quick and easy setup, and you can store stuff in a convenient bag that stays attached to the hammock. The mosquito net is easy to use and keeps bugs away, allowing you to truly relax in nature.


Best for Rainy Days

FIRINER Camping Hammock with Rain Fly and Mosquito Net

This camping hammock won't let the rain keep you from a relaxing experience.

Pros: This hammock comes with an attached mosquito net as well as a protective tarp to keep you dry and covered, even if it rains during your camping trip. It comes with everything you need to set up your hammock in convenient drawstring bags. This hammock is made from high-quality taffeta nylon that is durable and resistant to fading.

Cons: The hammock has single stitching, which will increase its chances of becoming damaged quickly. The tree straps for hanging don’t have pre-sewn loops in them to make it easy for adjusting.

Bottom Line: This hammock comes equipped with both a mosquito net and a protective tarp, so you can enjoy getting outside without having to worry so much about the weather. This hammock literally has you covered.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying the outdoors in a camping hammock is easy to do with these recommendations. Even beginners in the camping world will find these hammocks easy to set up so that they get on with enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.

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