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The Best Hand Massagers

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🕚 Updated September 2022

We're on our phones, tablets, and computers for hours every day, using our fingers to type, swipe, and delete. They rarely get a break! If you want to show your hands some love, here are some hand massagers we recommend.

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  Premium Choice Best Value Best Manual Best Wearable Also Great
LX3 Cordless Electric Hand Massager
Wireless Hand Massager
Dual-Sided Finger and Hand Massager
Hand Massager
Cordless Electric Hand Massager
Our SummaryA luxurious heated massager with compression and a bonus finger massager.This hand massager relaxes your hands with its heating mechanism.A no-frills, inventive finger and hand massager that comes with an exercise guide.Give your sore hands a break with this easy-to-use wearable hand massager.Effectively relieve carpal tunnel pain with this unique compression massager for hands and wrists.
ProsAdjustable heat, vibration, and air compression, heats quickly, gentle on the hand, lightweight, battery-operated.Affordable option, treats each finger individually, three pressure modes and levels of intensity, lightweight.Basic design, dual-sided, massages fingers, requires no energy source.Soothing benefits, targets acupuncture points, wearable, warming function.Connects with pressure points, four modes plus three intensity settings, cordless, LCD display.
ConsExpensive.Smaller size.Requires more effort.Doesn't fit all sizes.Heat not as intense as some other models.
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The Best Hand Massagers

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Buying Guide for Hand Massagers

A young woman working at her computer takes a break and puts her hand in a hand massager.

Why buy a hand massager?

Regular hand massages can improve your mood, help you relax at the end of the day, and reduce pain from conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy. Our hands are made of numerous muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Each plays an essential role in our hands’ ability to move in conjunction with the bones of the hand and fingers. When one part is tired or injured, the other parts are affected.

Buying a hand massager is less expensive and much more convenient than regularly going to a masseuse. If you suffer from chronic hand pain, you can use the device daily. Plus, many are portable, so you can take yours with you to work and use it at your desk.

What should you consider in a hand massager?

  • Heat and Compression: A hand massager with air compressors will focus on the pivotal points in the hands and wrists using both pressure and heat. This is important because these points will help you relax and trigger a balance throughout the body. This will also help prevent the pain from reaching other parts of your body, like the neck and back.
  • Customization: Customizable settings are important to look out for so that you can have versatile features and different pressure levels. The levels of strength help you reduce or maximize the pressure depending on your pain. If you’re looking to buy a hand massager for a friend or family member, find one available in different colors or gift packages featuring different accessories like finger massagers.
  • Comfort and Fit: Because hand massagers are designed to relax the hands and body, it is essential to find a model that fits. Some are wider to accommodate above-average-sized hands. If you want complete coverage and comfort, find a hand massager that can also target your wrist.

How much should you expect to spend on a hand massager?

Most hand massagers are priced at around $60. However, you will find quite expensive and incredibly affordable versions. As usual, prices increase based on the quality of materials, function, and technology. The most affordable hand massager we reviewed is under $10. It’s a high-quality massager, but it’s self-operated, not battery-powered.

Our Picks for the Best Hand Massagers

Premium Choice

Lunix LX3 Cordless Electric Hand Massager

This massager can be adjusted to get the pressure that you'd like, and it's made to last beyond the competition.

Pros: This hand massager offers an intense massage through a combination of heat, vibration, and air compression. But unlike many other hand massagers, it’s completely adjustable to suit your needs. It heats to 120 degrees Fahrenheit within eight minutes. The LX3 hand massager uses air compression only, no rolling, making it gentler than other similar hand massagers. Use it to relieve arthritis, carpal tunnel, or joint pain. The unit is lightweight and battery-operated for ultimate convenience. It comes with a travel bag, a USB charging cable, a user manual, and a bonus finger massager!

Cons: The Lunix LX3 is on the pricier side. If you need to look at more affordable options, read on.

Bottom Line: This is a fantastic hand massager with great features. It’s gentle but effective, luxurious, and high-quality.


Best Value

Comfier Wireless Hand Massager

This hand massager warms and relaxes your hands with its soothing heating mechanism.

Pros: The Comfier electric hand massager is the best bang for your buck. It’s affordable and gets the job done with its adaptable compression and heat feature. It’s designed to pamper every part of the hand, including the fingers, knuckles, and fingernails. It comes with three pressure modes and three levels of intensity, plus the unit is light and comfortable. The gentle heat therapy promotes blood circulation, eases muscle pain, and heats cold fingers. Not to mention that this hand massager is also wireless and portable, so you can use it just about anywhere.

Cons: Some users say the massager is too small or not proportionate to meet the dimensions of their hand.

Bottom Line: This massager might be the closest version to a real hand massage. It fits like a glove rather than a mitten, so each finger gets personal treatment. And it’s easy to use at home, in the office, or on the go.


Best Manual

Gaiam Dual-Sided Finger and Hand Massager

This no-frills finger and hand massager comes with an exercise guide.

Pros: You may be allured by the Gaiam massage roller if you appreciate simple, no-nonsense tools. It requires no outside energy sources—no batteries or power cable. The manual device is dual-sided. One end opens so that you can slide a finger in. Move your finger back and forth across the green rollers to stimulate blood flow and relax stiff muscles and joints. The other end is closed and has its own roller. Use this end to massage the meat of your hand and specific points on your fingers. And don’t worry if the operation of this manual hand massager sounds confusing; it comes with a helpful user guide to help you make the most of your massage.

Cons: It requires more work than electric options.

Bottom Line: At such an affordable price, the Gaiam hand massager is a great product to try out. If you want a no-nonsense option, this is for you.


Best Wearable

CINCOM Hand Massager

Give your sore hands a break with this easy-to-use wearable hand massager.

Pros: For fast relief from everyday hand pain, this massager provides soothing benefits. It targets different acupuncture points and kneads with four separate massage heads. Upper and lower airbags press gently along the fingers, hands, and wrists. This gentle pressure offers much-needed assistance to people who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel. With heat, pressure, and kneading action, this massager helps alleviate joint pain and numbness. Not to mention, this is a great tool to warm cold, sore hands in the cold weather months.

Cons: This massager doesn’t fit hands of all sizes.

Bottom Line: For a professional-feeling massage at the touch of a button, this hand massager is a must-have. It has three strengths to fit your comfort level. And the two heat settings are a fantastic bonus during the colder months.


Also Great

SoftGym Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Effectively relieve carpal tunnel pain with this unique compression massager for hands and wrists.

Pros: This massager works by connecting with pressure points in your fingers, palms, and even down through your wrists. And with four different modes plus three different intensity settings, you can find just the right amount of pressure in just the right order to relieve pain and stiffness related to everyday use, arthritis, or carpal tunnel. There’s a heating function to warm your hands as they receive a relaxing massage. This massager is cordless and quiet, so you won’t need to worry about bulky cords, and you won’t need to worry about interrupting anyone at home or in the office. With the LCD dashboard, you can easily set it and forget it.

Cons: The heat is not as intense as some other hand massagers.

Bottom Line: Unlike many other hand massagers, this unit works while it’s being charged, so if your hands are sore, you won’t have to wait. There are two different colors available, and it’s easy to use.

Final Thoughts

If your hands could use a little more TLC, a hand massager could be just what you need. Consider if you’d like something with light compression, multiple settings, or optional heat. All in all, these selections are solid picks that can help you relax.

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