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The Best Hand Mixers for Bakers

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🕚 Updated June 2023

Want to know one of the best bakers' secrets? A great hand mixer! These magic wand-like tools can make your time in the kitchen much more efficient because they eliminate the need to mix ingredients manually.

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  Most Powerful Most Compact Best for Beginners Best Heated Best Budget
MultiMix 5 Electric Hand Mixer and Chopper
Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer
Electric Hand Mixer Beginner's Set
HeatSoft Hand Mixer
300W Ultra Power Electric Hand Mixer
Our SummaryThis mixer features several attachments, plus a free-standing 2-cup-capacity chopper.This handy little mixer is lightweight, compact, but powerful, too. It features five speeds and two stainless steel beater attachments.his is not just a hand mixer, this is an all-inclusive beginner baker kitchen set. In addition to the mixer, you get bowls, measuring cups and spoons.Oster's ingenious heated mixer design makes quick work of baking.This low-budget hand mixer features a storage base, five speeds with a turbo charge setting, and a powerful 300-watt motor.
Pros✓ 350-watt motor
✓ Smart mix technology
✓ Multiple attachments
✓ Chopper can handle nuts, fruits, and chocolate
✓ Small and lightweight
✓ Compact
✓ Comes in 13 colors
✓ Lockable swivel cord
✓ Also offers bowls and measuring cups
✓ Stainless steel material
✓ Optional HeatSoft technology for melting ingredients as you mix
✓ Comes with a storage case
✓ Easy to store
✓ Comes with a storage base
✓ Two dough hooks
✓ Two beaters
✓ Super affordable
Cons✗ More expensive than other mixers
✗ Only comes in black
✗ Not the most powerful or versatile✗ Some found it to be not as powerful as advertised✗ Beaters are too short for big bowls
✗ Higher price
✗ Electrical cord is short
✗ Not the best quality
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The Best Hand Mixers for Bakers

A person uses a hand mixer to whip egg whites in a glass bowl.
Olga Dubravina/Shutterstock.com

Now that we have the latest and greatest hand mixers available to us, it’s difficult to imagine a time when all that a cook had was a non-electric rotary beater. Actually, that tool is still used and has made a comeback. But why not find a hand mixer with the accessories and features that you need to make the best version of the recipe that you want to make? A good baker knows that you have to select the right beater attachment, speed, and mixing time according to the item that you’re making. The right beaters for a fluffy meringue will be quite different than those for bread dough. And if you have a hand mixer with attachments for meringue, bread doughs, cookies, and cakes, you’re ahead of the game.

Buying Guide for Hand Mixers

A boy uses a hand mixer to mix ingredients in a big glass bowl in the kitchen.
Daniel Jedzura/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a hand mixer?

Hand mixers make the whole prep process for baking simpler and faster. Plus, a well-mixed batter produces a better-tasting baked good. Have you ever eaten a piece of cake or cookie with a chunk of flour or baking soda because it wasn’t thoroughly mixed? This doesn’t have to be your fate with a good hand mixer.

What should you look for in a hand mixer?

  • Design: Your skill level plays in a bit here. Some hand mixers come with advanced accessories and features that an occasional baker won’t need, and why put money into something that you don’t need? There are some great simple designs with basic functions for new bakers, too.
  • Accessories: If you know what you’re doing in the kitchen, you might want to look for a hand mixer with all the embellishments. If so, look for quality parts, a nice case, and all the beater attachments that you want or need.
  • Speed: Some seasoned bakers don’t buy into the idea of “the more speeds, the better.” That being said, there are some impressive hand mixers with more than five speeds, which should give you high performance for making dough at low speeds or stiffly beaten egg whites at high speeds. Most people agree that the most important thing about hand mixer speeds is that there’s actually a difference between them.

Should you buy a hand mixer if you already have a stand mixer?

This is a question that you’ll have to answer for yourself, but the advantages of hand mixers are many. You have more control over the mixer, and you can adjust the beaters to different angles and lift and lower them while beating and fluffing egg whites. Hand mixers also take up less space than big stand mixers, which can be an advantage, both practically and aesthetically. Plus, you can use any bowl that you like with a hand mixer, whereas a stand mixer only works with the bowl that it comes with. Many people enjoy having both a stand mixer and a hand mixer for optimal baking and cooking convenience.

Our Picks for the Best Hand Mixers

Most Powerful

Braun Electric Hand Mixer and Chopper

This mixer features several attachments and a free-standing two-cup-capacity chopper.

Pros: This powerful hand mixer by Braun has a 350-watt motor, which is always a desirable feature, and what’s called smart mix technology. As you mix, the motor doesn’t just turn the beaters, but also powers them down simultaneously. It’s kind of like a power drill. You hold the mixer and choose from among nine speeds, but the motor does the work. It’s easy to clean, the dough hooks work excellently, and the chopper handles everything that you might want to throw into baked goods like nuts, fruits, and chocolate chips.

Cons: Honestly, it’s difficult to find much to complain about regarding the Braun MultiMix hand mixer. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but its high performance is worth the cost if you have the money. Another drawback is that it only comes in black, so if colorful kitchenware is your thing, move on.

Bottom Line: If the Braun MultiMix’s attachments, features, powerful motor, and chopper appeal to you, you won’t be disappointed. For all of the promises that other similar products make, Braun holds up as a gold standard.


Best Design

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer

This handy little mixer is lightweight and compact, but powerful, too. It features five speeds and two stainless steel beater attachments.

Pros: This KitchenAid hand mixer has lots of delightful features. It’s on the smaller and lighter side, which makes it a perfect mixer for a small kitchen. Plus, it comes in 13 lovely colors. Some people might consider this completely unimportant, but for those who have a kitchen theme going or who simply like color, this product’s color selection is impressive. Another nice aspect is the lockable swivel cord that makes it possible to lock to the right or left, leaving room for adding ingredients.

Cons: Drawbacks to this KitchenAid model are mostly revealed in comparison to other KitchenAid mixers. It’s not the most powerful and it’s more limited in speed. It comes only with wire beater attachments. If you want to make bread dough, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: The KitchenAid Ultra Power hand mixer delivers what it promises. If you want a durable, cute, compact, high-performance, basic hand mixer, it’s worth your consideration. But serious bakers or individuals who always buy the most powerful, high-tech, and shiniest products will likely be disappointed.


Best Set

WEPSEN Electric Hand Mixer Set for Beginners

This is not just a hand mixer, this is an all-inclusive beginner baker kitchen set. In addition to the mixer, you get bowls, measuring cups, and spoons.

Pros: As a beginner’s set, WEPSEN’s product is all-encompassing. Seriously, it offers pretty much everything that a novice needs to get started baking. The set comprises nesting bowls, measuring cups, and spoons, not to mention the five-speed electric mixer that comes with wire beaters and whisks. Everything is stainless steel for superb durability, and the low price is also enticing.

Cons: Some users found that the mixer doesn’t perform according to the full range of speeds that it offers and that it’s not as powerful as expected.

Bottom Line: This set with a hand mixer is made for beginners to baking who have little or nothing in the way of bakeware. This would make a great gift for a first-year college student who wants to get into baking.


Best Heated

Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer

Its ingenious design makes it possible to switch quickly between tasks. You can be in the middle of making dinner and spontaneously start a batch of cookies.

Pros: For any of you bakers out there who have made some oopsies with timely butter melting, check out the Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer. You won’t have to remember to put the butter out on the counter ahead of time. The HeatSoft technology softens butter and other cold ingredients as you mix, with the HeatSoft function blowing warm air around the beaters. And the heat is optional, thank goodness. Just push the heat-activating button found just above the mixing power boost button. The 270-watt, seven-speed motor, plus the power boost option, make for a robust mixer. Also included is a convenient storage case that attaches to the mixer and can hold the power cord.

Cons: If you like to use large bowls for big batches, you might be disappointed with the beaters, as they’re on the shorter side. Some customers might also find the price too high.

Bottom Line: The Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer is a great piece of equipment. The HeatSoft feature shortens preparation time, allowing you to focus on other things, like following your recipe! Research indicates that this product lives up to the standards that it presents, so if you like what it has to offer, the Oster mixer could be the one for you. On the other hand, if you want something simpler and less gadgety, check out the other mixers that we’ve shared.


Best Budget

SHARDOR 300W Hand Mixer

This low-budget hand mixer features a storage base, five speeds with a turbocharge setting, and a powerful 300-watt motor.

Pros: Despite its low price, the Shardor Ultra Power Electric Hand Mixer with five speeds and a turbo function is a nice little mixer. It’s on the small side, which makes it easy to store. What’s more, the mixer has a storage base for the attachments. With everything in one place, you avoid losing an attachment. These include two dough hooks and two beaters, all of which perform well for making dough or meringue.

Cons: The electrical cord is on the shorter side, which can be a problem, depending on the layout of your kitchen. Many reviewers report that there’s little difference between speeds, and they all tend to run high. It’s not the most durable option out there, either.

Bottom Line: This hand mixer gets a B if allotting grades to products is a thing. It performs well for its price, and it could perform better with higher-grade parts and more features. Customers might find it a wise purchase if they aren’t expecting this mixer to perform like a higher-grade model.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen, a novice baker, or any level in-between, you can relax knowing that there’s a hand mixer out there for you. You just have to find it. Important things to look for are a powerful motor, an array of attachments, and quality parts. Beyond the fundamentals, look for technology advances, storage options, and colors. And keep the price in mind. Generally speaking, the costlier mixers tend to perform better and have more desirable qualities.

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