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The Best Handheld Harps for Making Lovely Music

closeup of a brown carved handheld harp and its black case

The art of playing the harp dates back to ancient times, yet its popularity remains the same today. With proper training and a well-crafted harp, you can create truly angelic tunes. Whether you are looking to develop your harpist skills in the same practice as King David or are wanting to play something a little more modern, there is a wide range of harps to choose from. Here are some fantastic handheld harps that we recommend.

What to Look for When Buying a Harp

If you are a serious harpist, you are going to want to invest in a high-quality instrument. Look for a harp that is crafted from high-density wood, such as mahogany. This will help with sound resonance and quality. Make sure that the harp comes with either steel or nylon strings, as these materials are long-lasting and withstand moisture. It is also important to make sure that your harp comes with a tuning wrench so that you’ll be able to tune your harp to the right pitch.

Best for Beginners: Donner DLH-001 Lyre Harp

handheld brown wood harp with a black carrying bag and several accessories

Are you interested in learning how to play the harp but don’t know where to begin? This lyre harp comes with everything you need to become a great harpist: a tuning wrench, seven Donner Lyre strings, and, most importantly for beginners, an instruction book. The harp features a solid mahogany resonance box and carbon steel keys that work to give you the best sound quality. When installing the seven included strings, you can use the tuning wrench to adjust each string’s tension through clockwise or counterclockwise rotations. The harp comes with a high-density black gig bag that will protect your instrument wherever you go. If all of this doesn’t already sound good enough, here are some fun facts about this harp: the image of the seven-string lyre harp symbolizes the lyrical poet Erato, and the sun pattern carved around the soundhole symbolizes Apollo, the god of light and music. This harp is sure to inspire play within even the most novice harpists.

Best for Beginners

Donner Lyre Harp, 7 Metal Strings, Mahogany Body and Bone Saddle DLH-001 Lyre Harp for Beginner Kids with Tuning Wrench, Spare String Set, Black Gig Bag, Manual, Ancient Greece Style

This lyre harp comes with everything you need to become a great harpist: a tuning wrench, seven strings, and an instruction book.

Best Value: AKLOT Lyre Harp

handheld bright reddish-brown wood harp with a black drawstring bag and two accessories

This lyre harp gives you the best bang for your buck. It comes with seven steel strings, a tuning wrench, and a black gig bag. The harp was carved from a piece of high-density mahogany strong enough to keep the piece in tone, resulting in an instrument that has a warm-voiced, pleasant tone. It features both a specialty bone saddling that helps with sound stability and a concealed treatment loop end that makes it easier to change out strings. The harp is designed with soft, rounded edges to make it more comfortable to hold. This harp and its included accessories are designed to enhance the user experience, making it a great choice for you.

Best Value

7 String Lyre Harp, AKLOT 7 Metal Strings Lye Harp Bone Saddle Mahogany with Tuning Wrench and Black Gig Bag

The harp is carved from high-density mahogany and features rounded edges that make it extremely comfortable to hold.

Best Premium: Mid-East Mini Kinnor Harp

carved handheld harp in two different shades of brown wood

This mini kinnor harp combines history with high-quality craftsmanship: the instrument is designed to replicate the harps used during King David’s time. A kinnor harp is a type of ancient Hebrew lyre. According to the Book of Samuel in the Bible, David would play the kinnor harp to relax King Saul. Fittingly, the harp is tuned on a Biblical scale; this means that the tuning is similar to what they would have used during ancient times. This particular kinnor comes with ten Dupont nylon strings that are durable, long-lasting, and moisture-resistant. It also comes with a case that protects the harp while making it easy to transport. This harp will make a unique, historically-accurate gift for your favorite history buff.

Best Premium

Mid-East Mini Kinnor Harp

This mini kinnor replicates the harp played by King David, allowing us a glimpse of what music was like in ancient times.

Best for Kids: Hape Kid’s Happy Harp

handheld trapezoid shaped white wood harp

Have a little one that’s interested in becoming a musical genius? This harp is the ideal starter instrument for aspiring young musicians. It comes with everything your child needs to perfect their musical abilities: playing and tuning tips, a tuning wrench, two harp picks, five song sheets, and one blank song sheet meant to encourage your child to discover their own musical composition abilities. The harp is crafted from wood sourced from environmentally-sustainable forests and features child-safe nylon strings. This harp is a great choice for parents looking to encourage their children to develop musical creativity and fine motor skills.

Best for Kids

Award Winning Hape Happy Harp Kid's Wooden Musical Instrument, L: 15.7, W: 1.3, H: 7.9 inch

This harp comes with everything a young musician needs to become a great harpist.

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