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The Best Hanging Water Bottles for Small Pets

Keeping your small pets hydrated is important. A hanging water bottle allows your pet to control its own water intake and reassures you that your pet has access to enough water to drink throughout the day. Whether you have a guinea pig, hamster, bunny, kitten, or any other small animal that needs to have a hanging water bottle in its home, we recommend these options.

Choosing a Hanging Water Bottle

While many hanging water bottles offer similar features, here are some things to consider when making your selection.

  • Material: Many hanging water bottles are made from plastic, but some come in glass for a more eco-friendly option. Search for your preferred material.
  • Capacity: Do you need your hanging water bottle to hold more water so that you have to refill less often, or do you prefer to have flexibility in choosing to use different water bottle sizes? Look for a water bottle that will accommodate your needs.
  • Installation: Are you looking for a water bottle that will stay secure while hanging? Check to see if hooks, screws, or nails are the best option for installing your hanging water bottle and preventing your small pet from causing any spills.

Best Overall: A-Z Amazing Water Bottle

This non-drip container is made of BPA-free plastic and comes with a flip-cap cover, making it easy to pour new water into the bottle without removing it from the cage. It holds an entire liter of water so that you have to refill less often and is easy to install with options to simply leave it on the floor or hang it using a universal fit spring clip and sturdy u-clip for secure and mess-free water for your pet. The stainless steel nozzle also lets your pet control its water intake safely and conveniently.

Best Installation Options: Choco Nose Water Bottle

The Choco Nose water bottle holds 11.2 ounces and is made of BPA-free plastic. It has a mini-sized nozzle, which is perfect for small pets. It offers two installation options: the usual screw-on bracket for cages and a unique nail-on bracket that allows you to attach the water bottle to a wall or wooden furniture if that suits your needs best. The provided bottle can be snapped off easily for refilling or cleaning and can even be switched out for any regular-sized PET bottle of your own choosing, which makes it great for travel.

Best Installation Options

Best Glass: Living World Water Bottle

Made from recycled glass, this hanging water bottle comes in 12- or 26-ounce sizes to fit your needs. It comes with a double-bearing, drip-resistant tube and an easy-to-install spring attachment and hanger. It will keep your small pet hydrated while ensuring you accommodate your eco-friendly preferences.

Best Glass

Best Premium: Generic Water Bottle

Generic offers a hanging water bottle made from ABS and stainless steel that comes in two different sizes to fit your needs. It has a flip-top to make refilling easy and a vertical thread design to keep your bottle tightly secured. In addition, it includes a built-in spring and sealing ring to prevent spills and keep water clean and fresh. Its rounded shape and choice of three colors also make it a fashionable drinking option for your pet.

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