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The Best Hat Organizers

🕚 Updated May 2023

Hat organizers are great for streamlining and reducing clutter in your living space. Having a designated area for storing your favorite hats not only preserves their quality but also makes them easily accessible. Here are our picks.

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  Best Overall Best Space-Saver Best Wall Dock Best Hanging Shelves Best Drawer Storage Best Portable Option
  Perfect Curve
Over-The-Door Hat Rack
Hat Rack for Baseball Caps
Dome Dock
The ORIGINAL Wall Mount Hat Rack
Boxy Concepts
Hat Rack
Boxy Concepts
Plastic Hat Organizer
Hat Storage for Baseball Caps
Our SummaryThis over-the-door hat rack holds up to 18 baseball caps for easy and convenient storage.Easily store your favorite baseball caps in the closet with this unique set of hangers.This patented, American-made hat rack mounts easily to the wall and saves tons of space.Protect and store your favorite hats in this hanging storage rack.For extra protection for your favorite hats, this tough transparent organizer keeps hats tucked away safely.For avid collectors, this hat storage organizer holds up to 40 baseball caps.
Pros✓ Stores up to 18 baseball caps
✓ Fully adjustable
✓ Hardware included
✓ Works with any closet hanger
✓ Hangs up to 20 hats
✓ Protects hats from damage
✓ Compact and minimalist
✓ Durable and weatherproof
✓ Holds up to 35 lbs.
✓ Keeps hats protected
✓ Strong velcro
✓ Folds flat for storage
✓ Easy to use
✓ Nice display
✓ Versatile
✓ Stores many hats or other items
✓ Fits under a bed or on a shelf
✓ Protects from bugs and moisture
Cons✗ Only works for hats with an adjustable strap on the back✗ Takes up room in the closet✗ May not work for all baseball caps✗ The cubes aren't reinforced
✗ For lightweight items only
✗ Assembly required
✗ Time-consuming to put together
✗ Not reinforced on the bottom
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The Best Hat Organizers

Dome Dock/ Perfect Curve/ Perfect Curve
Dome Dock/ Perfect Curve/ Perfect Curve

Buying Guide for Hat Organizers

Several caps hang on hooks near a door. Focus on worn cap in foreground.
David Smart/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a hat organizer?

Not only are hat organizers a great way to keep your belongings organized in a safe and secure location, but they’re also great for preserving the shape and quality of your hats. Hat organizers are great for dorms and apartments because they optimize your living space’s storage capacity. Hats can easily get warped when stored in cramped areas, so having a hat organizer for storing your caps, berets, and beanies is essential for any hat lover. Closet organizers and storage baskets are also great ways to arrange your clothing, shoes, and accessories.

What should you look for in a hat organizer?

  • Style: From vertical hat racks designed for display to convenient hat hangers that are easy to hang in any wardrobe to storage boxes that can easily be stored underneath your bed, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you prefer for your items to be tucked away, then a storage basket or cubby may be the best option for you. If you wish to display your hat collection for guests to see, then vertical hat organizers would probably be ideal.
  • Material: Choosing a hat organizer that’s made out of durable materials is also essential. Most hat racks are made of metal or plastic. Metal hat organizers are a great heavy-duty option for storing your items, but if you prefer something more lightweight, a plastic organizer will work better for you. If you’re opting for a box or basket to store your hats, choosing a transparent one so you can easily see your items may also be something to consider. If you prefer something soft and easy to tuck away, a fabric hat organizer that’s easy to store in your closet or underneath your bed is also a great option.
  • Finish: Picking a hat organizer that will complement your home decor is also important to consider. If you have a more minimalist aesthetic, a hat organizer with a clean, stainless steel finish may be right up your alley. There are also hat organizers that are available in classic tones of black, white, and other neutrals that will fit any home’s aesthetic. A hat organizer with a metal or stainless-steel finish tends to look higher quality than plastic organizers, so if you’re displaying your hats for your guests to view, a metal finish is ideal.

How much should you expect to spend on a hat organizer?

One of the many great things about hat organizers is that they’re incredibly affordable. You can usually find a convenient hat organizer for around $20 or less. There are more expensive options available if you require a lot of storage capacity for your items, but even larger hat organizers won’t break the bank and still typically cost less than $50.

Our Picks for the Best Hat Organizers

Best Overall

Perfect Curve Over-The-Door Hat Rack

This over-the-door hat rack holds up to 18 baseball caps for easy and convenient storage.

Pros: This unique hanging storage option allows you to store and organize up to 18 baseball caps or visors over-the-door or on a wall. The hanger comes with two adjustable straps to fit any door perfectly, and each strap has nine hooks to hold nine caps or visors for a total of 18. You also have the option to double up on each hook and hold up to 36 caps or visors. Durable and strong, this hanger is double-stitched for added stability. And all the hardware you need is included with your hanger.

Cons: This system really only works for hats and visors with an adjustable strap or velcro on the back.

Bottom Line: If you love to collect baseball caps and have difficulty storing them, this may be a great solution. This over-the-door hanger helps to save space in the closet and keeps your hats neat and tidy.


Best Space-Saver

Binboov Hat Rack for Baseball Caps

Easily store your favorite baseball caps in the closet with this unique set of hangers.

Pros: Turn any old hanger into a hat storage solution with this unique system: The durable polyester folds over and attaches to a hanger with strong velcro and comes with ten durable clips. And each package comes with two of these polyester hanging apparatuses, so you can easily hang up to 20 hats. Since the hanging pieces are small and attach to any hanger, you can travel with them, too. This system keeps your hats separate and also keeps them from getting smashed.

Cons: This system takes up a bit more closet space than some people would like.

Bottom Line: For those who prefer to keep their hats tucked away in the closet, this may be an excellent storage solution. Each of the “hangers” in this set attaches easily to a closet hanger. And because these are small, they’re also easy to travel with.


Best Wall Dock

Dome Dock The ORIGINAL Wall Mount Hat Rack

This patented, American-made hat rack mounts easily to the wall and saves tons of space.

Pros: Compact and minimalist, this hat storage “dock” fits seamlessly onto any wall or door. It’s designed to be mounted directly onto drywall or wood and stay securely in place. And this rectangular hat storage dock is also made from durable, weatherproof wood and comes with 2 mounting screws. It can hold up to 35 lbs of hats, so if you’re an avid collector of hats, this storage solution may be just right for you.

Cons: This storage option works better if the bills of your hats are stiff; floppy hats don’t stay in place well. Also, you have to remove hats from the top to get to the ones underneath.

Bottom Line: Baseball cap lovers, this easy stackable hat storage solution is as easy to install as it is to use. It mounts directly to the wall and stays in place. And it holds a lot of hats!


Best Hanging Shelves

Boxy Concepts Hat Rack

Protect and store your favorite hats in this hanging storage rack.

Pros: You can easily protect your favorite head gear from getting dented, smashed, or wrinkled with this simple hanging organizer. This organizer works just like a hanging shoe organizer; it hangs in your closet over the rod neatly with strong velcro and eliminates clutter from shelves and from laying around haphazardly. There are ten separate cubes for displaying your favorite hats, and the entire rack is covered with plastic to keep dirt and insects out. And when you’re not using this hat organizer, it folds flat for easy storage.

Cons: The cubes aren’t super sturdy, so a heavier hat may not sit flat. Also, this organizer doesn’t work with all closet systems.

Bottom Line: If you have ample room in your closet for hanging hats, this hat organizer may be just what you need. It fully protects your hats from damage, unlike some other organizers. And it installs in seconds.


Best Drawer Storage

Boxy Concepts Plastic Hat Organizer

For extra protection for your favorite hats, this tough transparent organizer keeps hats tucked away safely.

Pros: These pro storage boxes are easy to stack, and use. Each drawer slides smoothly and locks into place seamlessly. With their stackable shape, clicking lock on the front door, and vent holes in the back, this hat storage solution lets you keep your cap collection tidy and neatly displayed. This set of boxes is custom designed to fit caps, protecting them from creases, dents, and moisture while ensuring your caps keep their shape. And you can store one hat per box or several depending on your needs.

Cons: Assembly is required, and it may also be time-consuming. There is a YouTube video that can help you through the process.

Bottom Line: This hat storage box not only stores your hats neatly, but it also makes a pristine display for your favorite collectible hats. While it’s a bit of a pain to put together, once it’s built, it works like a dream.


Best Portable Option

AOODA Hat Storage for Baseball Caps

For avid collectors, this hat storage organizer holds up to 40 baseball caps.

Pros: This is one of the best storage solutions for people who own a lot of baseball caps. The container is 16 inches wide and can store two full rows of oversized caps. This organizer fits neatly on a shelf or under a bed, so you don’t have to worry about eating up any closet space. And the organizer is made to keep your hats separated so they won’t get damaged. It’s also easy to access your hats when you need them; simply unzip the zipper all the way and dig out your favorite head gear! The clear yet sturdy plastic cover allows you to see all your hats as well.

Cons: The bottom of this container isn’t very sturdy. It would be better and easier to store on a shelf if the bottom was reinforced.

Bottom Line: This inexpensive hat storage solution stores over 40 hats easily and even fits awkward-shaped or extra-large hats. It protects against bugs and moisture. And it’s a great space-saving solution.


Final Thoughts

Hat organizers are an affordable and convenient way to protect your favorite caps from creases and dents, as well as dust and humidity. Hat organizers are often lightweight yet durable and are usually versatile enough to store other items as well. They can be hung in your closet or stored under your bed, so they’re a great way to maximize your living space.

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