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The Best Headbands for Women

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🕚 Updated July 2022

Whether it's to keep hair out of your face while exercising or to add that finishing touch to your look, headbands are an opportunity to show off your style. Take a look at these functional yet fashionable headbands.

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Headbands for Women
Headbands for Women
Boho Headbands for Women
Boho Bow Headbands for Women
Effortless Beauty Plastic Headbands
Our SummaryThis boho-style headband performs in charm just as much as it does in function.Simple with plenty of stretch, these headbands get the job done and make you look good while doing it.With these 20 versatile headbands, you'll never run out of ideas for your next look.These bandana-style headbands are the perfect way to channel your inner sass and keep it laid back.Don't worry about style or damaging your hair with these trusty, classic headbands you can count on.
ProsMade of stretchy ribbed material, eight nice colors, twist-knot design.Made of sweat-absorbing polyester and spandex, 12 colors, can stretch up to 13.5 inches.Made of satin, linen, or chiffon, comes in 20 patterns and colors, can stretch up to 12 inches.Made of lightweight cotton blend material, six colors, classic paisley pattern, customizable rabbit-ear wired design.Come in four designs, classy thin body, have a nonslip grip.
ConsSizing and stretch are inconsistent.Slips off easily.Thin and may need more security with hair pins.Loose-fitting.Plastic may break easily.
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The Best Headbands for Women

Close-up side profile of woman wearing a pink headband and sunglasses.
Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Women’s Headbands

Woman holding orange fitness mat on purple background.
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Why buy a women’s headband?

A headband is a great accessory to change up your hairstyle, add to an outfit’s ensemble, and create visual interest for those days you feel like it may be boring. If you exercise a lot or work in an industry that’s physically taxing, a headband can keep your hair from getting in the way and make it much less of a hassle.

What should you consider in a women’s headband?

  • Design: Headbands come in numerous styles, so consider if you are looking for ones to dress up an outfit, keep hair out of your face, or stop sweat during sports. No matter the fabric, you can typically find floral patterns, paisley, stripes, and more, so you can get as creative as you want. If you want to keep things casual, polyester, spandex, and cotton are usually more simple. Chiffon, silk, and velvet have a fancier touch and feel if that’s what you prefer.
  • Fabric/Breathability: Headbands are made with all kinds of fabrics including polyester, spandex, velvet, chiffon, silk, and more. Keeping cool while wearing a headband is easy if the fabric is meant to be breathable and either absorb or wick away sweat. Polyester, spandex, and cotton are probably your best bet for working out, whereas chiffon and silk are meant for moments that don’t require sweat.

What are some tips for keeping a headband from slipping off your head?

One method is to add more texture to your hair so that it will gain more hold and traction to the headband. You can do this by adding dry shampoo, a sea-salt spray, or textured powder where the headband is supposed to wrap around your head. An inexpensive but more hands-on route would be to secure the headband on the underside behind your ears with bobby pins or some other type of hairpins. The beauty of this is that most bobby pins are made to match certain hair colors, and you can easily hide the pins by letting down your hair.

Our Picks for the Best Women’s Headbands

Top Choice

Huachi Headbands for Women

This boho-style headband performs in charm just as much as it does in function.

Pros: These simple headbands come with a twist, literally and figuratively. You’ll find these to be a unique, chic option with the twist-knot design on top. They conveniently come in a pack of eight solid colors, so you can play with different looks. The stretchy, nonslip ribbed material is comfy enough to wear for a morning workout or slide on to keep your hair back for an evening out.

Cons: The sizing and stretch of the headbands may be inconsistent.

Bottom Line: These headbands add a bit of flair, whether you decide to go for a ponytail or have a hair-down moment. Its comfy and breathable material makes it easy to wear, but the style will make you stand out.


Best Sporty Headband

Jesries Headbands for Women

Simple with plenty of stretch, these headbands get the job done and make you look good while doing it.

Pros: Sport one of these sporty headbands that will stretch up to 13.5 inches. Take a hike, go for a picnic, or practice your favorite yoga pose in this breathable headband that is made from a polyester spandex blend to absorb sweat. You can choose from a wide selection of 12 colors so that you can be neutral or bold.

Cons: While the stretch is great, these tend to slip off the head over time.

Bottom Line: If you’re a sporty, athletic gal in need of support for your unruly, sweaty hair, these elastic-stretch headbands are what you need. They serve a bit of cuteness and a ton of practicality.


Best Multipack

AHONEY Boho Headbands for Women

With these 20 versatile headbands, you won't run out of ideas for your next look.

Pros: If you’ve been in search of new ways to accessorize your hair, look no further. This pack of 20 delivers multiple patterns, and if that’s not already enough, you can choose from satin, linen, or chiffon to add that specific touch and feel you desire. Some are made with sweat absorbency for those gym days, while others are silky and delicate for a more feminine look. Each comes topped with a knotted design and can be stretched to fit heads up to 12 inches, so you won’t sacrifice comfort for style.

Cons: These are on the thinner side and may need help staying in place with bobby pins.

Bottom Line: This selection of headbands packs a punch in variety and value. Experiment with fun florals in chiffon or keep it understated in a solid-colored linen look.


Best Bandana Design

Yeshan Boho Bow Headbands for Women

These bandana-style headbands are the perfect way to channel your inner sass and keep it laid back.

Pros: Nothing says classic vintage quite like a bandana-style headband. A pack of six is included and comes in two shades of blue, a bright red, maroon, black, and white, all made with a lightweight cotton blend material. They come with a rabbit-ear wired design that can be easily removed, so you can wear them as simple or daring as you want.

Cons: These are loose-fitting, especially if you wear your hair up.

Bottom Line: The signature paisley pattern and comfortable cotton feel of these headbands create a casual country look that doesn’t go out of style. If you’re starting to collect headbands, you won’t regret adding this staple.


Traditional Design

Scunci Effortless Beauty Plastic Headbands

Don't worry about style or damaging your hair with these trusty, classic headbands you can count on.

Pros: Simple but secure, gentle yet refined, this set of four headbands will effortlessly slick back your hair in a matter of seconds. They are made of plastic with a thin body and come in dark-blue tortoise, natural brown tortoise, and solid black, so you can mix and match them with nearly any outfit.

Cons: The plastic is not the most durable and may break easily and wear out over time.

Bottom Line: For the ladies who like to keep things low maintenance, these skinny headbands are easy to slip on to keep the flyaways and bangs at bay. These are the perfect styling solution for everyday wear that you won’t get sick of.

Final Thoughts

A headband will provide style and convenience to your everyday hair routine, whether you’re going on a run or need to polish up for a day in the office. It’s a great accessory that can be as simple or adventurous as you want it to be all while keeping your hair in place.

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