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The Best King Headboards

🕚 Updated October 2021

King-sized beds are the mark of luxury and ultimate comfort, so you need a headboard to match that impressive image. Even if your style doesn't match with royalty, there's a headboard for your aesthetic.

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  Best Tufted Design Best Value Best Wooden Model Best Metal Option Also Great
Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard
Flash Furniture
Bedford Tufted Upholstered King Size Headboard
King Bookcase Headboard
Nova Metal King Headboard
Givanna Upholstered Headboard
Our SummaryAn elegant headboard for upgrading the décor of your bedroom.A paneled king headboard with special upholstery that give it a unique look.This wooden headboard offers lots of storage and is suitable for most home décor.Transform the décor of your bedroom with this classic-looking king headboard.A beautiful headboard made of a solid wood frame for a regal appearance.
ProsMultiple classic color options, comes with pre-drilled holes, durable construction.Box stitch design, adjustable rail slots, made of commercial-grade materials.Easy to assemble, built for better convenience, multifunctional.Adjustable height features, classic and beautiful design, sturdy and long-lasting.Durable construction, soft fabric upholstery, hardwood frame.
ConsYou will need to secure it to the wall.Upholstery might collect dust, requiring you to vacuum and clean it occasionally.You cannot adjust the height.Limited height options.You will need to clean regularly, exposed legs.
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The Best King Headboards

A grey tufted headboard with square edges displayed in a bedroom

If you own a king-sized bed, you might’ve opted against buying a model with a headboard when you first purchased your frame. Maybe you wanted to save space, you wanted an easily assembled and foldable bed frame, or you simply liked a more minimalist look. If your needs or preferences have changed since you first bought your king bed, you might be looking to upgrade your bed frame to include a headboard. But if the frame is still perfectly intact and holding strong, or you’re on a tight budget, it might seem wasteful to buy an entirely new bed frame. Fortunately, you can buy a brand new king-sized headboard alone and install it on your bed instead. This is not only more cost-efficient than buying a brand new bed frame, but it allows you to rotate it out for a different frame if you ever want to change styles again. This is also an easy way to give your bedroom an upgrade without splurging or overspending. Here are a few king-sized headboards we recommend.

Buying Guide for King Headboards

A square headboard with grey fabric and tufts in a modern bedroom.
Flash Furniture

Why buy a king headboard?

Basically, it offers you an easy solution to upgrading your bedroom without having major renovations. Headboards are fairly easy to install, they don’t take up a lot of space, and you have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. Take this opportunity to revamp your bedroom with a headboard that matches the decor of your home.

What should you look for in a king headboard?

  • Composition: You always want to know what your headboard is made from. Your main choices will be various woods, metals, or upholstered fabrics. The easiest way to choose is to match it to your current king bed frame, a wooden headboard for a wooden frame, etc. If you can’t find a perfect match, consider if you prefer a king headboard that is soft and comfy or hard but strong. If you like to lean back against your headboard when reading or watching TV, you might prefer an upholstered fabric model. If you’re more concerned about strength and stability, wood and metal are much more durable and long-lasting. Also, keep in mind that wooden and metal headboards are easier to clean and don’t attract dust or pet hair the way fabric does, while fabrics will be more colorful overall.
  • Style: Like the bed frames, king headboards are available in various shapes and aesthetics. They can be rounded, curved, wavy, scalloped, rectangular, or sharp. Wood or metal headboards can be flat or carved with different designs. Fabric upholstery headboards might be tufted or cushioned and decorated with buttons or metal embellishments. While you’ll need to pick a king-sized headboard for a king bed, you might prefer a taller or shorter height depending on the wall space available or bedroom ceiling height.

Do king-sized headboards come in different colors?

Most king bed headboards are going to be neutral in color. Black, white, beige, dark and light grays, and assorted shades of brown will be the most common choices. If you want a bit more variety, upholstered fabric headboards tend to provide better options. You’ll be able to find them in colors like reds, blues, pinks, yellows, and more, as well as neutral shades. Multicolored and patterned options will still be hard to find, however. You might be able to paint your king headboard if you have a wooden one.

Our Pick for the Best King Headboards

Best Tufted Design

LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard

An elegant headboard for upgrading the decor of your bedroom.

Pros: The tufted, structured, upholstered fabric will fit a wide range of bedroom decors and has a luxurious linen texture. The fabric is stretched around solid Siberian Larch wood that will last you night after night. It’s also padded with dense foam that makes the headboard more comfortable to lean against. And it comes equipped with four possible mounting positions to modify the height to your personal liking or to better fit the thickness of your king mattress.

Cons: Keep in mind that you will need to set up the headboard against the wall. In other words, you can’t attach it solely to your bed frame, so you will need to make sure that you have enough space inside your bedroom to set everything up.

Bottom Line: This king headboard adds more visual appeal and variety to your bedroom, providing you with an affordable and hassle-free opportunity to spruce up your interior decor. It is compatible with most bed frames, and it has a timeless design that you will adore for years to come.


Best Value

Bedford Tufted Upholstered King Size Headboard

A paneled king headboard with special upholstery that gives it a unique look.

Pros: Not only will you be able to afford this king headboard, but it also features fabric upholstery and panels to provide your bedroom with a greater sense of comfort. With black metal stands and several slots, you can easily adjust the height of your headboard. In terms of quality and overall performance, you cannot go wrong with this headboard.

Cons: Upholstered headboards tend to collect dust, which can be problematic if you suffer from allergies. Fabric is also more prone to regular wear and tear than other headboard materials.

Bottom Line: Many premium headboards are extremely costly, which will force you to consider other options. However, this affordable and budget-friendly headboard provides you with every feature you would normally find in some of the more high-end models. Also, with multiple color options, you should take advantage of the variety that this headboard offers.


Best Wooden Model

Prepac King Bookcase Headboard

This wooden headboard offers lots of storage and is suitable for most home décor.

Pros: This king headboard is made out of nontoxic composite woods that meet all North American safety standards. And even though the headboard is made out of wood, you don’t have to attach it to a wooden bed frame. If the drifted gray laminate isn’t to your liking, there are four other color options, either grained espresso or gray or sleek black or white. Additionally, the six open compartments will give you plenty of space to store electronics or decor.

Cons: This headboard is fairly large in size, so make sure you measure your bed to ensure that it will be a good fit. Also, the height is not adjustable, but it can accommodate most standard king-sized bed frames.

Bottom Line: Wooden bed frames are strong, long-lasting, and far from flimsy. This option provides you with enough stability to ensure that you can assemble everything with ease. With its more classic aesthetic, this headboard will greatly complement the decor of your bedroom. Now is the time to take your renovations to the next level!


Best Metal Option

Modway Nova Metal King Headboard

Transform the décor of your bedroom with this classic-looking king headboard.

Pros: This metal headboard possesses seven different height-adjustable mounting positions, which allow you to better modify the headboard to fit your mattress’s thickness or let you decide how much (if any) space you want in between the headboard and mattress. Modway combines several classic and contemporary elements that establish a well-crafted headboard ideal for many different styles of interior decor.

Cons: The headboard comes with pre-drilled holes, but for taller bed frames, you will need to drill in extra holes to accommodate the height difference. This is something the manufacturer wouldn’t recommend that you do.

Botto Line: This metal king headboard has a simple, structured, and modern design that is also incredibly adjustable to boot. The rustic, mid-century appearance of the headboard is what makes it so appealing to the eye. If you want to upgrade your bedroom without having to undergo major renovations, then this is a great option.


Also Great

Rosevera Givanna Upholstered Headboard

A beautiful headboard made of a solid wood frame for a regal appearance.

Pros: Made to fit standard king-sized bed frames, this upholstered model is available in either a curved or waved top and three different neutral colors that will suit almost any bedroom design style. The tufted, durable polyester fabric resembles luxurious quality linen and is gentle to the touch, padded with foam to give you a soft, comfy place to lean against when reading or watching TV in bed. The fabric wraps around solid hardwood and plywood to ensure the headboard is every bit as strong as it is comfortable. And thanks to the multiple mounting leg holes, you can adjust this headboard to four different heights in order to better fit the thickness of your mattress.

Cons: Although the fabric upholstery is incredibly beautiful and soft to the touch, you will need to clean and scrub it down every now and then. Additionally, the legs of this headboard are not covered in matching fabric, so you might want nightstands to disguise them.

Bottom Line: Beds are the focal points of bedrooms, so if you want to ensure that your headboard has a flattering, attractive design, you can’t go wrong with this statement headboard.


Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t have to delay any renovations to your bedroom, and installing a brand new headboard will help kick-start the process. If you can find the right headboard, you will ultimately have an opportunity to create a look that aligns with your style and creates the ideal atmosphere for relaxing. Take a good look at all your available options so that you can find something that appeals to your personal tastes.

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