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The Best Hex Wrenches for Your Toolbox

man using hex wrench on bike; three sets of hex wrenches resting on a table; person using hex wrench in a workshop
Texas Best/LEXIVON/Performance Tool

You may not know this tool by name, but a hex wrench, sometimes referred to as an Allen wrench, is as commonly used as pretty much any other tool in your toolbox. This handy tool is perfect for tightening legs on a table or door handle or helping assemble pieces of furniture. They come in various sizes, and while some are sold separately, we prefer the ones that are sold in sets so you can securely keep all your hex wrenches together. In this article, we’ve gathered five of our favorite hex wrench sets that will be a great addition to your toolbox.

What to Look for in a Hex Wrench Set

Here are some things to consider:

  • Length: Unlike other wrenches, a hex wrench fits inside a hexagonal nut or bolt. Hex wrenches are especially useful in confined spaces where a standard wrench can’t reach, so the length is important. A long, L-shaped arm with a ball end is what you want to look for. The long arm models have a better reach, while the ball end feature allows the tool to enter the screw head and reach around obstructions.
  • Storage: Because this tool is so small, finding a set is ideal compared to buying them individually. You can buy a separate hex wrench organizer if you only need a few, but most hex wrenches include some form of an organizer.
  • Material: Most of your common hex wrenches are made of carbon steel which offers an extra amount of strength when tightening various objects. Alloy steel, various types of chrome, and manganese phosphate are all acceptable and will increase your tool kit’s longevity.

Let’s take a look at the best hex wrenches available on the market today!

Best Bang for Your Buck: Tekton Hex Key Wrench Set

A hex wrench set inside a red hinged case.

The best value for your money is quite possibly this 30-piece set from the company Tekton. There are 15 long pattern keys and 15 short pattern keys in various sizes, so you’ll be ready for almost any job that is thrown at you. The designs offer extended reach on one end and extra leverage on the other, regardless if it’s short or long. The hinged storage case is labeled and opens flat, making it easier to get wrenches in and out.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Tekton Hex Key Wrench Set

This large set offers a red case with easy-to-read sizes and metrics clearly marked.

Best Compact Set: Texas Best Folding Hex Keys

Two compact hex key sets in yellow and red.
Texas Best

One of the best compact sets is from Texas Best. These two folding sets come in two sizes, MM and SAE, with a total of 17 sizes available. This set is made of alloy steel for maximum performance and offers a special flexible angle for use on different occasions. You can tighten or loosen the hex keys by adjusting the bolts that hold the tool together, which also determines the resistance of each tool to fold in and out.

Best Compact Set

Texas Best Folding Hex Keys

This quality set offers two hex key sets that will easily fit in your pocket or tool belt.

Most Ergonomic Grip: Performance Tool T-Handle Hex Key Set  

Blue and red T-handle hex keys standing in a set
Performance Tool

This T-handle set from Performance Tool is available in four different sets that each allows either MM or SAE (or a varied combination of the two). We like the 10-piece set that offers both metric sizes. This combination set has a ball end feature and a bright high visibility PVC T-handle grip for added ease of identification, torque, and comfort. There’s also a bonus storage tray mount for your wall or bench.

Most Ergonomic Grip

Performance Tool T-Handle Hex Key Set

This T-handle set provides a comfortable handle and superb durability.

Most Durable: LEXIVON Master Wrench Key Set

A black hex wrench set in a black storage organizer.

One of the largest and most durable sets in this article is from LEXIVON. This 35-piece, long arm ball end hex key set is made of industrial-grade, heat-treated S2 alloy steel. This heavy-duty component will increase turning power and outperform the regular common carbon materials. The material is also rust and corrosion protected, plus the chamfered edges and ball end design will provide up to 25-degree angle entry. The neatly organized tray has a great size range and is clearly marked with each size.

Most Durable

LEXIVON Master Wrench Key Set

You can tighten anything with this durable and very large set of 35 different hex keys.

Also Consider: Tekton Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set

Two sets of hex wrenches; one in gray case and one in red case

Another quality set to consider is this 13-piece set from Tekton that also features a ball end and plenty of length options. The ball end feature allows you to reach around obstructions, and the chamfered, straight ends offer a snug fit and reduce wear. The black oxide finish protects against corrosion without added plating that could chip off under high-stress contact. There are both long and short arm designs and color-coded housing for instant identification.

Also Consider

Tekton Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set

This awesome set is designed with a ball end to easily access socket cap screws.

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