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The Best High Chairs

🕚 Updated November 2022

High chairs make feeding babies as they grow even easier. From compact to convertible to decked out, many designs fit your little one's needs. Here are some recommendations to make your baby part of family dinner fun.

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  Top Choice Best Value Most Compact Most Fun Design Most Versatile
EveryStep 7-in-1 High Chair
Simple Fold High Chair
Slim Snacker High Chair
4-in-1 Highchair
Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair
Our SummaryThis high chair is designed to be a part of your child’s kitchen and dining experience for years.This folding high chair is convenient for anyone to set up or put away.Give your baby a great place to eat, then fold it away easily after every use.This adorable fox design is too cute to pass up and will keep your baby safe while enjoying food or playtime.This chair can transition your child through every stage of their development at meal time.
Pros✓ Seven stages for child's growth
✓ Three reclining positions
✓ Step stool option
✓ Machine-washable cushions
✓ Dishwasher-safe tray cover
✓ Five-point and three-point harness
✓ Easy to fold after each use to save space
✓ Fabric wipes clean
✓ Three-point harness system
✓ Eight design colors
✓ Padded, reclining chair with five- or three-point harness
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Storage sling underneath
✓ Folds in one step with one hand
✓ Cute design
✓ Foam wipes clean
✓ Four ways to adjust chair
✓ Comes with meal mat
✓ Padded chair can recline and wipes clean
✓ Adjusts from high chair to booster to toddler chair
✓ Two children can use booster and toddler chair at the same time
✓ Five- and three-point harness system
Cons✗ Takes up a lot of space
✗ Food gets caught in straps easily
✗ Cushion/cover is not removable to wash
✗ Seat doesn't go upright
✗ Tray does not have removable cover✗ Foam cover is thin
✗ Chair shows signs of wear easily
✗ This chair takes up a lot of space
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The Best High Chairs

Mother feeding her baby in a high chair.

Buying Guide for High Chairs

Baby boy eating out of a bowl in a high chair.
Poravute Siriphiroon/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a high chair?

Your baby will go through countless stages of development, and when they can have greater control of their head and torso, a high chair can be one of the places they can sit. Even when your baby isn’t ready to start to eat solid foods, they can be reclined in a high chair. As they get stronger, you can sit them more upright, and once they sit on their own, they can start using the high chair to explore meals and snacks. A high chair makes this a safe and convenient place for your baby to grow and develop.

What should you consider when shopping for a high chair?

  • Safety Belts: Babies are climbers. They tend to climb even more as they grow, even while sitting. A seat with safety belts helps the baby stay seated while eating or playing with a toy.
  • Convertible: Your little one will continue to grow, so you may decide to go for a high chair that can convert to a booster seat at the table.
  • Compact: Compact high chairs can help save precious space while giving your baby a comfortable and safe place to sit and eat.
  • Washable: Your little one will make many messes, so why not choose a high chair you can easily clean? Some have removable cushions, while others have limited crevices for hiding crumbs.

When will your child outgrow a high chair?

Some high chair options have features that adjust so your baby can use the same chair as a toddler and older, and even other options can grow for life with your child. However, most toddlers will say goodbye to their high chair by age two, moving on to a booster seat at the table. Factors contributing to that decision would be the adjustable features of the chair, the size of your child, and their interest level in being at the big table with you.

Our Picks for the Best High Chairs

Top Choice

Graco EveryStep 7-in-1 High Chair

This high chair is designed to be a part of your child's kitchen and dining experience for years.

Pros: If there was ever a product that makes you go googly-eyed, this is one of them. Of course, you want a high chair that will fit every stage of your child’s growth from about six months to six years of age. The high chair has extra padding for support and three reclining positions for comfort and stability at the earliest stage. With the last stage of this growing-with-you high chair, your child can use it as a sturdy step stool to be involved with you in the kitchen. The stages in between can accommodate different booster seat options for various table setups. Even with so much use, you’ll be able to keep it clean with the machine-washable cushions and the dishwasher-safe tray cover. This convertible chair is available in two colors.

Cons: This high chair is bulky and takes up quite a bit of space. The straps catch food easily and cannot be removed for easy cleaning.

Bottom Line: If you want to invest in a high chair that has the potential to take your infant from purees to your little kid decorating cupcakes with you, this is an excellent choice. Be realistic that part of that dream relies on your diligence in cleaning it properly to last all those years.


Best Value

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

This folding high chair is convenient for anyone to set up or put away.

Pros: This high chair is a safe and effective place for your baby to eat a meal. Unfold the chair, secure your cutie with the three-point harness system, and set up the tray in the proper position for your baby to begin exploring new tastes and develop a sophisticated palate. When it’s not in use, the fabric wipes clean quickly, and it’s just as easy to fold away. This chair is simple but is available in eight different designs.

Cons: The cushion/cover is not removable to clean deeper. The seat is tilted back and cannot adjust to being upright.

Bottom Line: This no-frills chair is excellent for small spaces or keeping at a grandparent’s house. Its lightweight and straightforward design is foolproof for anyone to use and set up safely.


Pros: This model proves that a great high chair doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. When your baby enjoys a meal, they can sit in a padded chair with the option to do a five- or three-point harness. To support the child, the back of the seat can recline. The chair is easy to wipe clean, and the pad can be removed for cleaning underneath. A storage sling is underneath for keeping handy items like bibs nearby. Using only one hand, the chair folds down and in for easy and compact storage.

Cons: The tray does not come with a removable or dishwasher-safe cover.

Bottom Line: When caring for a little one, you’ll have plenty of tasks that require one hand. Thankfully, folding and storing this high chair is easy to do with one hand. The slim fit and compact storage make it a great option for a small space while still providing safety and comfort.


Most Fun Design

Infantino 4-in-1 High Chair

This adorable fox design is too cute to pass up and will keep your baby safe while enjoying food or playtime.

Pros: This adorable baby fox design is heart-melting, but it’s not just a cute face; it has thoughtful features to make your life easier during meals and snacks. For starters, it has two reclining positions to support a baby at six months, plus it has an upright position to encourage correct posture in toddlers. The high chair can be a booster seat secured to a chair with the tray or without, but the meal mat can be used on the table. Finally, it can be a fun chair for your toddler, lowered to his size, and great for flipping through a favorite book. The tray comes with an optional meal mat that fits with built-in food compartments. The mat wipes clean easily but is also dishwasher-safe. The tray and seat also wipe clean so that the little fox won’t be stained.

Cons: The foam seat cover is thin, and the chair shows signs of wear quickly.

Bottom Line: There is a lot to love about this high chair. This is a great option for a high chair and booster seat combination, from the cute fox design to the adjustable features that grow with your child.


Most Versatile

Ingenuity Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair

This chair can transition your child through every stage of their development at meal time.

Pros: Your child grows quickly; thankfully, this high chair can accommodate them throughout these milestones with its conversions from high chair to booster seat to toddler chair. As a high chair, the back reclines to support your little one. The chair features easy-to-clean padding that can be removed for easy cleaning and eventually for transitioning to the toddler chair. When it’s time to bring your child to the table, the chair detaches from the base and can clip to your dining chairs. When they’ve grown even more, pull the base up to the table to give him a more natural dining experience. Your child can stay safe through every stage with the five- or three-point harness. This chair can also support someone in the booster phase while another child can sit in the toddler chair.

Cons: The whole chair takes up quite a bit of floor space.

Bottom Line: It can be hard to accommodate your child’s different developmental stages, especially because they can happen quickly. This high chair gives you the multifunctional uses you need throughout all the stages of your little ones’ mealtime milestones.

Final Thoughts

A high chair is a convenient purchase for your baby, and several options exist to give cute comfortability and safety.  After you consider some of the essential features of a high chair for your family, your baby can safely enjoy meals and snacks with you.

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