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The Best High-Pressure Showerheads

🕚 Updated December 2021

While showering, sometimes a sudden drop in water intensity can ruin the relaxation and turn into a sad trickle. To combat these frustrations, look to one of these high-pressure showerheads to deliver the rapid-water goods.

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Handheld Showerhead
Rainfall Showerhead
Our SummaryThis high-pressure showerhead features three water dispensing functions that are designed to massage and soothe.This pressurized showerhead features two filtration systems: one packed with Vitamin C & E and another packed with 15 purifying stages.This showerhead strengthens the output of your pipes by pressurizing less water through smaller nozzle holes.This pressurized showerhead features 90 self-cleaning nozzles and can be positioned in any direction.This pressurized bundle includes one oversized showerhead and an accompanying handheld one for close contact cleaning.
ProsMaximizes low water pressure for best results, designed to relieve soreness, totally flexible throughout.Fuss-free installation, designed with quality materials, features two separate filtration systems.Increases water pressure while preserving water output, three spray settings, eco-friendly construction.Powerful yet kind on the skin, includes 90 self-cleaning nozzles that can dispense 2.5 GPM.Includes two different showerheads for two unique purposes, handheld unit includes nine spray settings.
ConsConcentrated across only 3 inches, prone to leakage given the multiple moving parts.Hefty price tag, showerhead must be allowed to run for 5-10 minutes prior to use.Filtered model requires upkeep and replacement between the filter and filtration beads.Removal of water restrictor results in showerhead making high-pitched noises.Premium price tag, large bundle means sifting throughout multiple settings with a learning curve.
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The Best High-Pressure Showerheads

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Imagine bringing the deep-tissue bliss of a spa back home with you; that’s what you’ll get out of a high-pressure showerhead. They’re designed to dispense water faster and harder, even if the pipes in your home try to trouble you. So, if you’re seeking more enjoyment out of your morning or evening shower time, then here are a few showerheads we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for High-Pressure Showerheads

A high-pressure showerhead shooting out water.
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Why should you buy a high-pressure head?

A pressurized showerhead may be one-note, but it hits that single note with gusto and leaves you feeling ultra-clean. It was built for an at-home spa treatment, the kind that provides a considerate but forceful washing of your body to clean and relieve the stress hiding beneath the surface of your skin.

What should you look for in a high-pressure showerhead?

  • Spray Pattern: A key factor to consider when selecting your high-pressure showerhead is the variety of spray patterns you get from a single showerhead. In all likelihood, you’re going to find a showerhead with at least three different spray patterns. More spray patterns result in a more versatile and exciting wash that can be adapted to your ideal preferences.
  • Unit Design: Of course, it’s also important to select a showerhead that can be seamlessly applied to your bathtub or shower stall setting. The two most popular showerhead styles include the mounted head (a traditional choice that’s fixed to one spot) and the handheld head (a totally mobile choice that can be flexed and positioned as needed). However, there’s also the rainfall head (a larger unit that provides a greater area of water coverage) and the dual showerhead (a two-pack that combines either a mounted or rainfall head with a handheld head). Consider which device is up to your speed and can be installed with little fuss.
  • Water Flow: Finally, it’s also important to consider the amount of water that can be dispensed from your showerhead. Water flow is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Typically, you’ll find that a showerhead will dispense water anywhere from 1.5 and 2.5 GPM. Something below this margin is sure to save you some cash on your next water bill, but it won’t feel as pressurized. Something above this margin will provide top-tier water pressure but could hurt come payday.

When should the filters in your showerhead be replaced?

According to numerous reports, to ensure the cleanest showering experience, you should maintain an awareness of how often it’s used. Of course, that’s easier said than done, so a 6-month window of operation has been deemed the longest amount of time you should go without replacing your filter. It’s vital that your showerhead filter is replaced during this timeframe because the longer you go without a change, the higher the likelihood of contaminants seeping into your water and onto your body.

Our Picks for the Best High-Pressure Showerheads

Best Handheld

HO2ME Handheld Showerhead

This high-pressure showerhead features three water dispensing functions designed to massage and soothe.

Pros: Even if your home pipeline suffers from low water pressure, this option takes the drizzle and turns it into a powerful showering experience. It features three high-pressure functions designed to impact the body with enough force to relieve soreness while remaining soothing. Its rubber jet nozzles prevent the build-up of hardened minerals, so water is constantly rushing through. It also sports a handheld device, allowing you to reach and clean as necessary.

Cons: This showerhead doesn’t provide tremendous water coverage. Its three-spray function offers ample kneading power, but it’s largely concentrated across only 3 inches of your body. For users who prefer optimal coverage, this option may fall short. Additionally, some users have noted that because of the variety of parts that need to be tightened during the installation process, the completed showerhead can occasionally leak if not soundly sealed.

Bottom Line: For those who enjoy the freedom of having their shower move with them, this HO2ME Handheld Showerhead balances some vigorous washing regardless of your home’s pipeline pressure.


Best Premium Filtration

AquaHomeGroup Showerhead

This pressurized showerhead features two filtration systems: one packed with Vitamin C & E and another packed with 15 purifying stages.

Pros: With a fuss-free installation process, this pressurized showerhead is a premium choice that offers maximum bang for your buck. The showerhead itself is made from high-end metal and ABS materials. However, located at the front of the showerhead is an internal filter cartridge packed with Vitamin C & E ceramic balls that enrich the skill while cleaning it. Above this is a 15-stage filter that softens water in addition to eliminating remaining toxins and smells.

Cons: Understandably, some users may not be over the moon about its price. Before jumping into the shower, it’s recommended that you let the shower run for 5-10 minutes so that carbon buildup can be pushed through. If you don’t have a moment to waste, this idle time could prove frustrating.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a showerhead that features top-tier filtration power, this AquaHomeGroup Showerhead includes not one but two built-in filter compartments that are used to great effect.


Best Budget Filtration

NOSAME Showerhead

This showerhead strengthens the output of your pipes by pressurizing less water through smaller nozzle holes.

Pros: Built to increase your home’s water pressure by up to 200%, this showerhead dispenses great power while preserving water, too. Like similar models, this option features three spray settings (rainfall, massage, jetting) and a multi-layer filtration system. What makes this choice and its familiar perks so unique is in the details. From a universal fitting that makes its tool-free installation a breeze to its eco-friendly ABS construction, not a single inch of this showerhead is without fine attention to detail.

Cons: A drawback to filtered models like this one is the occasional cleaning it takes to keep them running. You’ll need to take it apart and wash away the buildup of minerals and gunk to ensure water flows smoothly. Additionally, you’ll have to replace the filtration beads every so often as well, so that’s two means of upkeep some may not always want to dedicate themselves to.

Bottom Line: This NOSAME Showerhead features plenty of the same filtration qualities you’d find in a premium model only for significantly less money, making it a strong value that knows how to work wonders on your skin.


Best Rain Shower

CircleSplash Showerhead

This pressurized showerhead features 90 self-cleaning nozzles and can be positioned in almost any direction.

Pros: Here’s an option that’s powerful yet not without its delicate side. This showerhead features 90 highly pressurized nozzles through which 2.5 gallons of water are pushed each minute. These nozzle holes are actually self-cleaning, so, at most, it’ll just need an occasional wipe-down of its surface. The unit’s adjustable brass ball joint allows you to position the head at almost any angle you need, and removing the water restrictor will take your shower experience from soothing to a comfortable pummeling.

Cons: A major selling point driving this showerhead is the ability to tap in or out of its highly pressurized abilities with the removal or placement of the water restrictor. However, some users have noted after the water restrictor was removed that the showerhead often produces a screeching noise all shower long. Additionally, because this showerhead produces 2.5 GPM, it can’t be shipped to California, given the state’s shower regulations.

Bottom Line: This CircleSplash Showerhead combines the strength of the pressurized showerhead you’re after with the soft touch that can only come from a rainfall-style model.


Best Dual Showerhead

COSYLAND Rainfall Showerhead with Handheld Combo

This pressurized bundle includes one oversized showerhead and an accompanying handheld one for close cleaning.

Pros: Power comes in two with this welcomingly oversized showerhead bundle. A purchase here gives you a massive rainfall showerhead that can rotate freely and dispense water in three different settings. Off to the side of that is a secondary but just as effective handheld showerhead that features nine different spray patterns, ranging from Power Massage to Saturating + Misty. The handheld showerhead also includes a 5-foot steel hose, so you couldn’t possibly miss a spot.

Cons: This is a premium bundle, so, naturally, you’re going to have to pay a premium price for its luxury. Moreover, it’s such a large bundle with multiple settings to sift through that some users may feel overwhelmed with how much exploring they’ll need to conduct pre-, mid-, and post-shower.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a versatile shower experience, then this COSYLAND Rainfall Showerhead with Handheld Combo provides you with two forms of highly pressurized washing and an abundance of washing settings.

Final Thoughts

Inconsistencies of the showering experience aren’t fun. That’s why these pressurized showerheads are held in such high regard. While the standard option can only get you as far as the pipes are working, a pressurized model takes the bad with the good and offers a powerful spray-down.

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