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The Best Highlighters for You

a person using a yellow highlighter on notes

Highlighters are a true office and school supply staple. They’re traditionally bright yellow but are now available in a range of fun colors to mark important text in your notes, journals, or books.

What to Consider When Purchasing Highlighters

As long as the highlighter will stand out against the paper and text, there isn’t really any way to go wrong. Although, there are a few extra things you can consider:

  • Point: A wider point is obviously better for highlighting large pieces of text, while skinnier highlighter tips can be great for writing notes or editing. Chiseled tips allow for both thicker and finer lines.
  • Color: Once again, the color should stand out against the paper and text, and sometimes multiple colors can be useful for color-coding.
  • Quick-Dry: This helps to eliminate annoying smudging and keep your writing looking good.

Top Choice: Sharpie Pocket Highlighters

multiple colored Sharpie highlighters with clip lid

Featuring a chiseled tip for extra precision, these highlighters have a smear guard and quick-drying ink. They’re available in multiple colors for more variety. Each cap offers a convenient clip to attach to your pocket or notebook. The tip is also specially designed to be see-through, so you’ll be able to tell exactly what you’re highlighting.

Best Combo: Crayola Take Note Dual Tip Pens

multiple colors dual tipped highlighters, one open to reveal chiseled and fine tip

Designed to help express yourself in color, these highlighters are great for school and work and just about anywhere in between! In the pack, there are 12 fine-tipped and chisel-tipped highlighters combined into six markers. The tips are flexible and great for highlighting large pieces of text or simply underlining, journaling and doodling. They work in textbooks, notebooks, journals, etc.

Best Combo

Crayola Take Note Dual Tip Pens

Multiple fun colors with thin and chiseled tips combined into six pens that are great for highlighting and writing on just about any paper.

Best Dual Tip: Zebra Pen Double-Ended Highlighter

 multiple colored highlighters with colored caps arranged in half circle
Zebra Pen

Designed to not bleed through paper with a mild translucent ink that is water-resistant, these dual-tipped (fine point and chiseled) highlighters are great for various uses. Whether you’re an artist at heart or someone just on the lookout for a great highlighter, these are great for adding visual interest to scrapbooks, journals, calendars, or notes. The barrel is durable, and the cap fits securely while displaying which color is beneath.

Best Dual Tip

Zebra Pen Double-Ended Highlighters

Great for highlighting or adding notes in vivid colors to anything from journals and calendars to scrapbooks.

Best Bulk: TOOLI-ART 50 Chisel Tip Highlighter Markers

multiple colored and tipped highlighters displayed in display box

These highlighters come in an eco-friendly box that converts into a unique holder or display stand. There are enough markers in here for a whole year, with five neon colors: fluorescent pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Designed to be light and comfortable, these markers work on all paper types, from glossy to newspaper. They deliver a bright, easy-to-see mark that is fast-drying, non-leaking, non-smearing, resistant to fading, acid-free, water-based, odorless, and nontoxic, so they are great for the classroom or the office!

Best Bulk

TOOLI-ART 50 Chisel Tip Highlighter Markers

These come in an eco-friendly box and are great for school or the office.

Best Quick-Dry: ZEYAR Quick-Dry Markers

flat bodies highlighters in various colors with chiseled tips drawing lines

Featuring a flat body for a larger volume, these markers have various intense colors to choose from with nontoxic, water-based ink that is made to dry instantly. The smaller shapes help them easily fit almost anywhere, from your pocket to a pencil case, and the chiseled tip allows you to write fine or thick lines.

Best Quick-Dry

ZEYAR Quick-Dry Highlighters

Nontoxic, acid-free, and water-based, these highlighters have a range of bright colors that dry quickly and a shape that easily fits anywhere.

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