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The Best Hiking Sandals for Women

🕚 Updated April 2023

Hiking sandals are specially designed footwear that provides comfort, support, and protection during outdoor activities. Here are some great options if you're looking for a breathable alternative to traditional hiking boots.

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  Top Choice Best Closed-Toed Best Designs Most Color Options Best Waterproof
Women's Brilliancy Sport Sandal
Women's Whisper Closed-Toe Sport Sandals
Women's Original Sport Sandals with Arch Support
Women's Hiking Sandals with Arch Support
Waterproof Hiking Sandals
Our SummaryThese hiking sandals are comfortable and supportive, featuring adjustable straps and soft cushioning.These close-toed sandals are comfortable, sturdy, and perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and water sports.Hiking sandals don't have to be boring or unattractive, as this patterned pair aptly proves.These colorful hiking sandals are highly recommended for their comfort, arch support, and adjustable straps.Stay comfortable, dry, and secure on your adventures with these waterproof hiking sandals.
Pros✓ Comfortable
✓ Suitable for various outdoor activities
✓ Durable and lightweight
✓ Multiple colors and sizes
✓ Good price
✓ True to size
✓ Comfortable to wear
✓ Sturdy construction and protective features
✓ Machine-washable
✓ Good traction
✓ Great color variety
✓ Soft and cushiony
✓ Adjustable straps
✓ Multiple patterns and colors
✓ Long-lasting
✓ Supportive for walking and hiking
✓ Comfortable and supportive
✓ Stylish patterns
✓ Designed to fit different foot types
✓ Cushioned soles
✓ Durable and sturdy
✓ Excellent grip
✓ Waterproof
✓ Well-shaped footbed
✓ Contours easily to feet
✓ Sturdy soles with good traction
Cons✗ Limited support
✗ Nonadjustable toe straps
✗ Sizing can be inconsistent
✗ Stretchy straps may develop holes
✗ Higher price
✗ Ankle area lacks adjustability
✗ Limited sizes
✗ Not true to size
✗ Inferior grip
✗ Sizing runs small
✗ Not quick-drying
✗ Arch too high for some
✗ Not enough arch support for some
✗ Thinner padding
✗ Some colors may not match photos
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The Best Hiking Sandals for Women

Closeup of female legs wearing sandals ascending forest staircase.

Buying Guide for Women’s Hiking Sandals

Protective trekking sandals for a hike in the mountains on a woman's legs.

Why buy hiking sandals?

Hiking sandals offer several benefits for hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. They’re lightweight and breathable, allowing your feet to stay cool, dry, and well-aerated during extended periods of physical activity. They also provide more flexibility and freedom of movement than hiking boots, making them ideal for trail running or scrambling on rocky terrain. Additionally, hiking sandals are typically more affordable than boots, and they’re easy to pack and transport for travel since they’re not as bulky and take up less room. Hiking sandals for women are often tailored to fit the anatomical structure of women’s feet, with features like arch support, adjustable straps, and durable outsoles to provide grip and stability on rough terrain.

What are some factors you should look for in women’s hiking sandals?

  • Support and Stability: Hiking sandals should provide adequate foot support since you will be on them for hours when hiking. Look for sandals with arch support, a contoured footbed, and a sturdy sole with good traction to stabilize uneven surfaces; a rubber sole is always a good bet for traction. Midsoles made of EVA foam provide a lightweight, shock-absorbing material that offers extra cushioning and support. Adjustable straps are also essential to customize the fit and prevent your feet from sliding around inside the sandals, which can cause blisters and discomfort.
  • Durability: Hiking sandals should be made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. Leather is a durable and sturdy option that provides excellent support and protection for your feet, while synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and neoprene are lightweight, water-resistant, and quick-drying. You’ll also want hiking sandals with reinforced toe caps to protect your toes from impact and abrasions and water-resistant or waterproof materials to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Comfort: Look for sandals with ample cushioning and padding to absorb shock and reduce fatigue during long hikes. A breathable upper and moisture-wicking lining can also help keep your feet cool and dry, preventing blisters and other foot-related problems. Choosing sandals that fit properly and have a comfortable, supportive footbed is essential to reduce the risk of foot pain and discomfort during your outdoor adventures.

Should you buy open-toed or close-toed women’s hiking sandals?

The choice between closed-toe and open-toe hiking sandals largely depends on the terrain you plan to hike and your preference. Closed-toe hiking sandals offer more protection for your toes, making them a better choice for hiking on rugged, rocky terrains. They provide more coverage and support for your feet and are generally more durable than open-toe sandals. Closed-toe sandals are also a good option if you plan to hike in areas where you may encounter wildlife like snakes.

Open-toe hiking sandals are more breathable and allow for better ventilation, making them a good choice for hot weather and casual hikes on flat terrain. They’re more lightweight and flexible than closed-toe sandals, allowing for more freedom of movement. The flip side is that they offer less protection for your toes since they’ll be more exposed.

Our Picks for the Best Hiking Sandals for Women

Top Choice

Skechers Women's Brilliancy Sport Sandal

These hiking sandals are comfortable and supportive, featuring adjustable straps and soft cushioning.

Pros: Looking for a comfortable and stylish sandal that can handle hiking and various other activities? From walking all day at Disney to chasing toddlers around the house, these sandals will keep your feet happy and free of soreness. They’re also great for people with certain foot conditions like hammer toes or flat feet, thanks to the soft cushioning and adjustable straps to provide a perfect fit. They’re made from high-quality fabric and rubber that are both durable and lightweight, making them ideal for outdoor adventures. This pair comes in 11 colors and 16 sizes, including some wide sizes, and features a rubber sole for a better grip. And their price is on the lower side compared to many women’s hiking sandals.

Cons: While the adjustable ankle strap is nice and elastic, the straps across the toes are not adjustable and may be too long or too snug for some. Sizing is also inconsistent.

Bottom Line: These Sketchers athletic sandals offer great comfort, making them perfect for various activities. Between the adjustable ankle straps, soft cushioning, and a range of sizes, they’re a great option for almost any feet. Plus, their affordable price point is a great value for anyone looking for a comfortable and long-lasting pair of hiking sandals.


Best Closed-Toed

KEEN Women's Whisper Closed-Toe Sport Sandals

These close-toed sandals are comfortable, sturdy, and perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and water sports.

Pros: If you’re after a pair of closed-toed hiking sandals, this pair from Keen are beloved by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. These sandals are designed to be true to size and provide instant comfort from the moment you slip them on, even if you have wider feet or high arches. While they may be difficult to put on, the stretchy straps eventually mold to your feet for a perfect fit. With sturdy construction and protective features like toe guards, these sandals can take a beating and protect your feet from rough terrain. These sandals feature a rubber sole and multidirectional lugs with razor siping for good traction and come in an impressive 28 color options. They’re also machine washable for easy cleaning.

Cons: The stretchy fabric on the straps of these sandals can sometimes develop holes at the stitch marks, which may require repairs. The price is a bit high compared to other models, and they’re not the best option for more intense backcountry activities. It’s also worth noting that the ankle area lacks adjustability.

Bottom Line: If you want a pair of comfortable and durable sandals for your hiking adventures, Keen’s hiking sandals are a top choice that many outdoor enthusiasts swear by. And thanks to their closed design, you know you’re getting extra protection for your toes.


Best Designs

Muboliy Women's Original Sport Sandals with Arch Support

Hiking sandals don't have to be boring or unattractive, as this patterned pair aptly proves.

Pros: Introducing the Muboliy walking water sandals—the perfect combination of comfort, support, and style for everyday activities. They’re well-made and durable, ensuring they will last long. The adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, making them suitable for people with flat feet or arch problems. And with multiple patterns and colors, you can easily style them to match any outfit.

Cons: These sandals may not fit true to size for everyone, and sizing options are a bit limited overall. Another potential issue is that the grip on these sandals isn’t as good as other brands, so they’re not the best option for water-based sports with higher slip risks.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a pair of sandals that will provide comfort, support, and style, look no further than the Muboily walking water sandals. While they’re great hiking sandals, their colorful patterns make them a great option for dinner with a sundress or another cute outfit.


Most Color Options

CIOR Women's Hiking Sandals with Arch Support

These colorful, patterned hiking sandals are highly recommended for their comfort, arch support, and adjustable straps.

Pros: These sandals are designed to fit perfectly and comfortably, whether you have high-arched or skinny feet. Their durable and sturdy design ensures you can use them for all outdoor activities. Plus, you’ll love the easy-to-wash and clean feature. And they’re both affordable and incredibly cute to boot. There are 41 different colorful patterns along the straps to choose from.

Cons: Sizing can be problematic with these sandals as they run small. The fabric also isn’t very quick-drying. Thus, they’re not the best option for water-based activities or wet hikes. The arches may also be too high for some people.

Bottom Line: Don’t settle for hiking sandals that cause blisters or discomfort. Say goodbye to buckles and sew ridges that cause discomfort, and hello to a comfortable, supportive pair of hiking sandals that you can wear all day long.


Best Waterproof

CAMEL CROWN Waterproof Hiking Sandals

Stay comfortable, dry, and secure on your adventures with these waterproof hiking sandals.

Pros: These sandals are notable for their simple design, snug fit, and excellent grip. Another standout feature is that the velcro straps can be customized to fit your feet perfectly. The footbed is also well-shaped and provides the right support for your feet. These sandals are also made of high-quality materials designed to withstand water and other outdoor elements due to being waterproof. The sturdy soles provide excellent traction, making them ideal for hiking, beach vacations, and other outdoor activities.

Cons: Although the sandals have a contoured footbed and some arch support, they may not be supportive enough for those who require more significant arch support. Additionally, you may find the padding too thin for their liking. There’s also a chance that the hue or shade of the sandals you buy might not perfectly match the color in photos.

Bottom Line: These CAMEL CROWN waterproof hiking sandals are a must-have for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. They’re comfortable, durable, and versatile enough to be worn in various settings, so don’t hesitate to try them.

Final Thoughts

Women’s hiking sandals are a practical and comfortable option for outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the great outdoors. With their durable materials, supportive features, and customizable fit, hiking sandals offer protection, stability, and breathability for all types of terrain.

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