The Best Hole Punchers to Have on Hand

A three hole punch on a desk next to a fake plant and basket with paper clipsFor those who like to keep organized, a hole punch is a great tool to keep loose paper sheets from getting messy. Hole punches come in various types, depending on the number of pages you need to punch at one time. Here are some of the best hole punchers to have on hand.

What Should You Consider In a Hole Puncher?

Here’s what to know before you buy:

  • Holes: Consider how many holes you want to punch; three holes are the standard for 8.5- x 11-inch paper. However, sometimes you want something that can handle more than the standard binder rings.
  • Capacity: Determine how many sheets you need to punch at a time. Hole punchers can get jammed like anything else, and some can only take a few sheets at a time.

Top Pick: Bostitch Hole Punch

A three hole punch folded down on a desk next to a fake plant and basket with paper clips

This standard hole punch has three holes and can punch up to 12 sheets of paper at once. The durable, all-metal design comes with an easy-to-clean chip tray and a rubber base pad for stability during use. It is a slim and lightweight product, which takes up minimal space on the desktop and is easily stored in cabinets and drawers.

Top Pick

Bostitch Office HP12 3 Hole Punch, 12 Sheet Capacity, Metal,Silver

A standard three-hole punch that cuts 12 papers at once.

Best for Multiple Sheets: Bostitch 3-Hole Punch

A hole punch with a lever on the left, and on the right is a person demonstrating it in use

This hole punch comes with EZ Squeeze technology and requires 50% less force during use. Users can easily punch 40 sheets of paper at once. The all-metal design has a handle that locks down for compact storage. This punch is durable and has a tray that collects the paper punches and empties after use.

Best for Multiple Sheets

BOSTITCH EZ Squeeze 40 Sheet 3-Hole Punch (HP40)

An easy to use hole punch that can punch at a high capacity.

Best for Crafts: Swingline Single Hole Puncher

A single silver handheld hole punch

This handheld, single-hole punch is made from metal, and the slim handle plier design is easy to operate. It can punch up to five sheets of paper at once, creating precise 1/4-inch holes. The metal hole punch opens easily to allow for disposal of scraps, and it fits easily in pockets to take along to school or store in a desk.

Best for Small Holes: Toysdone Single Hole Paper Punch

A single silver and pink handled hole punch for tiny holes

If you need to create tiny holes, this 1/16 inch hole punch is a great option. The traditional design is ideal for simple holes in craft projects and has a cushioned grip for comfortable use. This tool works best with 65-pound cardstock and lower. The handheld punch includes a cage to catch hole scraps to reduce mess.

Also Great: Toysdone Single Handheld Hole Paper Punchers

A single silver and pink handled hole punch for heart-shaped holes

This traditionally designed handheld hole punch is excellent for punching simple, small heart shapes in craft projects. There is a tray that catches the punched-out pieces to keep clear of a mess. It is portable, easy to use, and small enough to take in your pocket or store in a desk drawer when not in use.

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