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The Best Holiday Throw Pillow Covers

Kristen Prahl/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated December 2021

Tis' the season to sit back and put your feet up on a comfy couch with a warm mug of cocoa. What could possibly be missing? Holiday throw pillows, that's what!

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  Best Plaid Artistic Choice Most Traditional Classy Design Fun Set
Plaid Pillow Covers
4TH Emotion
Watercolor Christmas Tree Throw Pillow Cover
Christmas Pillow Covers
Snowflake Pillow Covers
Throw Pillow Covers, Set of 4
Our SummaryA set of two comfy plaid pillow covers for the holidays and beyond.These watercolor-style holiday tree print pillow covers are great for those with an eye for art.This set of four holiday pillow covers feature prints of classic snowy scenes reminiscent of those on greeting cards.These lovely snowflake-printed pillow covers will bring out that snow-loving kid inside.A set of four pillow covers featuring beloved holiday characters.
ProsSoft polyester, affordable, zipper closure, versatile placement.Lovely tree design, great size, zipper to open and close the cover, durable polyester.Four classic holiday prints, good size, soft material, machine washable.Simple and elegant, raised pattern adds dimension, cotton linen material, hand and machine washable, various colors available. Set of four, 100% polyester, will last for seasons to come, easy-to-use zipper.
ConsPoorer-quality fabric.Coloring could be different than it appears on the screen.Low-quality zipper.The coloring might be off.Sizing of the covers might be off, measure before ordering.
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The Best Holiday Throw Pillow Covers

Two Christmasy plaid throw pillows on a cream-colored couch.
Kristen Prahl/Shutterstock.com

Add some holiday cheer to the rooms in your home with holiday throw pillows. Whatever your reason for celebrating this time of year, there’s a set of festive pillow covers for you. Cover up your living room pillows with holiday-themed ones to entertain guests and create a happy atmosphere for your family.

Buying Guide for the Best Holiday Throw Pillow Covers

A throw pillow with a wreath and "Happy Holidays" printed on it next to a stack of presents and a tree in the backgound.
Olha Yefimova/Shutterstock.com

Why buy holiday throw pillow covers?

If you love the holidays or are looking for inspiration, a few themed throw pillow covers can do the trick. They’re colorful, useful, and easy to clean. Some individuals seem to have limitless zeal to go all-out decorating the house for the holidays inside and outside, top to bottom, as soon as the weather changes. Others appreciate the jolly atmosphere of a well-decorated home but are too busy less invested in the energy and money spent on such a project. Holiday pillows may be a great solution! Regardless of one’s approach to holiday accessorizing, a few decorative throw pillows can add a nice touch. Plus, you can simply put them over your existing throw pillows to transform your neutral living room into a festive one.

What should you look for in holiday throw pillow covers?

  • Material: Many great-quality pillows and pillow covers are made of polyester. Not everyone likes this material, though. Other options may include polyester blends, cotton linen, and wool.
  • Design: The print or design of a nice holiday pillow cover may be more important to some than others. Pick from busy, colorful scenes or simpler and more traditional designs. Some come with text; others come with a simple embroidered design.
  • Size: The standard size for holiday throw pillow covers is 18 by 18 inches—a great size to give your back some support without overwhelming your sofa. Most of the products we review here are available in multiple sizes, typically from 16 by 16 inches to 20 by 20 inches. Just consider the effect you’re after and how big your furniture is.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a festive pillow cover design?

It depends on the look you’re going for. If you’ve put up a tree with lots of colorful ornaments and lights, you may want to go for a more understated design for contrast. On the other hand, you could opt for a colorful print to accentuate the colorful atmosphere you’ve created. If you want to start with the pillow covers first, consider adding other comforting home decorations like throw blankets, scented candles, holiday table runners, etc. Have fun decorating!

Our Picks for the Best Holiday Throw Pillow Covers

Best Plaid

MIULEE Classic Retro Checkers Plaid Pillow Covers, Pack of 2

A set of two comfy plaid pillow covers for the holidays and beyond.

Pros: You can’t really go wrong with plaid, especially during the holiday season. These 18- by 18-inch pillow covers are made of soft polyester, which gives durability and is more affordable than wool. The zipper closure makes it easy to insert and remove the pillow of your choice. Use these festive pillow covers on the couch, bed, porch, wherever.

Cons: You may find the material to be of poorer quality than desired.

Bottom Line: The MIULEE pillow cover set is an easy way to add holiday cheer to a room. If you haven’t yet put up the tree or other ornaments, these pillow covers have you covered in the interim. Just throw them where you want and enjoy.


Artistic Choice

4TH Emotion Watercolor Christmas Tree Throw Pillow Cover

These watercolor-style holiday tree print pillow covers are great for those with an eye for art.

Pros: This evergreen tree pillow cover is just beautiful with watercolor-like green brushstrokes as though done by an artist. This pillow is 18 by 18 inches, a size large enough to lean back on and feel supported but small enough to not overwhelm. Use the zipper to open and close the cover. The material is polyester, and the pillow retains its beauty through the years.

Cons: The coloring may be different on your screen from what it is in person.

Bottom Line: Some holiday enthusiasts want the loud colors, bright flashing holiday lights, and greeting cards that play carols when they’re opened. Not everyone does, though. This watercolor tree pillow strikes a nice balance.


Most Traditional

Hlonon Christmas Pillow Covers, Set of 4

This set of four holiday pillow covers feature prints of classic scenes reminiscent of those on greeting cards.

Pros: There’s the classic tree, decorative lights, garlands, and stockings to hang above the fireplace. But don’t forget the rest of the house! This set of four pillow covers features classic holiday prints: a snowy red barn, a church, an old-fashioned red truck with a tree in tow, and a collection of ornaments beneath a “Noel” sign. The 18- by 18-inch festive pillow covers are made of soft material that is machine washable.

Cons: The zippers aren’t the easiest to use since they don’t go along the whole bottom of the pillow and can get stuck.

Bottom Line: Spruce up almost any room of the house with these cheerful and affordable holiday pillow covers. Throw them on the guest bed or sofa; place one outside on a front porch chair. It’ll bring a festive feeling wherever you put it.


Classy Design

Elife Snowflake Pillow Covers

These lovely snowflake design printed pillow covers will bring out that snow-loving kid inside.

Pros: On some occasions, you may want highly detailed, complex decorations for the holidays. Other times, high-class accessories are in order. These two 18- by 18-inch seasonal pillow covers feature simple and elegant fluffy snowflakes. The pattern is raised, which adds dimension to the falling snowflakes. Made of cotton linen and burlap materials, the pillow covers are hand and machine washable. Choose from white, gray, red, black, and light blue. Buy several sets for variety!

Cons: You may find that the white color of the snowflakes is more cream than white. The gray color might be greener than you want.

Bottom Line: Keep them for yourself or give them away as gifts. Whoever ends up with them will be delighted with their subtle elegance. These snowflake pillow covers are nonreligious, so their beauty extends beyond the holidays.


Fun Set

AENEY Throw Pillow Covers, Set of 4

A set of four pillow covers featuring beloved holiday characters.

Pros: Welcome the legendary figures of the gnome, Santa, flying reindeer, and jolly snowman into your home with this set of four pillow covers. Put all four to use or rotate them for variety. The polyester fabric will last for seasons to come. The 18- by 18-inch covers feature an easy-to-use zipper to insert the pillows of your choice. When it’s time to wash them, just unzip the covers, remove the pillow inserts, and throw the covers in the wash.

Cons: Some people found the sizing of the covers off. You may want to measure your pillows carefully before purchasing.

Bottom Line: Put one on your favorite recliner or sofa, one on your child’s bed, one on the window seat, and take one to the office. These magical decorative pillow covers will keep your spirits up all through the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

Adding some holiday pillow covers to the mix of your favorite decorations will add happiness; it’s as simple as that. These pillow covers are inexpensive and easy opportunities to make your holiday experience a bit more enjoyable.

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