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The Best Horseshoe Sets for Any Get-Together

Horseshoes is a fun game for almost any event: BBQs, reunions, birthday or graduation parties, or even just because. As you can imagine, there are lots of rules for horseshoes if you want to be serious about the game. (Although, be sure to know your serious players before you get started.) But the basics involve tossing a horseshoe toward a stake that’s feet away from you, and boy does it make for a good time. Below are some of our favorite horseshoe sets for professional and casual players.

What to Consider When Purchasing Horseshoe Sets

A game of horseshoes is generally played outside on soft grass or sand, but you’ll find plenty of indoor games as well! Picking the right set comes down to what is most important for you.

  • Durability: You want a set that will hold up for game after game, so choose one built of strong metal, durable plastic, or rubber.
  • Safety: Most adults will be fine with a metal set, but they might be too heavy for the little ones who will probably want to have a turn playing, too! There are plenty of sets that are lightweight plastic or metal for added safety.
  • Weight: Professional players will tell you that weight matters when it comes to horseshoes, but in the end, you should just pick a set that will be comfortable for most players.
  • Stake Length: Again, serious players might be picky about the length of the pole, but most range anywhere from 20 inches to 23 inches for adult games.
  • Easy Setup: If you plan on taking your game with you, choose a set with a handy travel bag and stakes that are pointed on the ends for easy driving.

Best Overall: Triumph Steel Horseshoe Set

Built for all adult or young players, this set will deliver optimal backyard fun. Made with cast steel with a powder-coating in gold and silver and a hammered finish that won’t fade, this set is ultra-durable for repeated fun. The set includes four horseshoes and two 20-inch stakes.

Best Overall

Triumph Steel Horseshoe Set - Includes 4 Steel Horseshoes and 2 Stakes

Made of cast steel with an ultra-durable coating, this set is great for backyard play.

Best for Kids: Nattork Horseshoe Set

This plastic set comes with four horseshoes (two red and two blue), four ferrules, and two plastic dowels. The rubber and plastic design makes this set fun for all ages and indoor or outdoor play. There’s no worry about heavy metal horseshoes or damage to the floors and walls if used inside. This set is great for beach trips, parties, and camping, just to name a few. The included mesh bag makes travel convenient, and the game is easy to set up.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Game: Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set

The set has a durable yet lightweight design that is easy to throw and aim for all ages. Rubber mats beneath the stakes mean they will stay in place during the game, and the specially designed rubber horseshoes will not damage your floors or walls. The set comes with 4 colored shoes (two blue and two red), two black mats with yellow pegs for easy aiming, and two red dials for an easy outdoor play setup, making this set a super convenient and versatile horseshoe game!

Best Indoor/Outdoor Game

Champion Sports Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoe Set Red

Thanks to rubber mats and horseshoes that won't damage floors or walls, this set works great for indoor play!

Best Family Set: Boley Ring Toss and Horseshoes Outside Game

This set delivers carnival-like fun with four stakes, eight horseshoes, and eight hoop rings that are brightly colored. This set is fun for any outdoor activity with a spot to drive a stake into—backyard BBQs, the beach, family reunions, etc. This set is child-friendly and covers a list of child safety standards, including ASTM, Sedex, ICTI Care, and more for family fun you can feel good about.

Best Family Set

Boley Ring Toss and Horseshoes Outdoor Game - 20 Piece Ring Toss and Horseshoe Throwing Game for Kids and Adults - Lawn Camping Outdoor Games

With brightly colored, lightweight pieces, this set provides fun for all ages and is safety tested.

Best Professional Set: Trademark Games Professional Horseshoe Set

This durable set includes a carrying case so that you can take your favorite game with you wherever you go. Whether it be a reunion, party, BBQ, or any other occasion, this set is easy to set up for competitive league play. The stakes come to a pointed end for easy driving and are made of high-quality metal. In addition to the carrying case, it includes four 2.33-pound horseshoes and two 23-inch poles.

Best Professional Set

Hey! Play! Trademark Games Professional Horseshoe Set - Heavy Duty with Carrying Case Black/Silver, 1.25x28x9.25

Coming with a convenient carrying case, this set is easy to set up, durable, and sized appropriately for competitive play.

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