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The Best Hoverboards that Kids Can Ride

a smiling girl riding a pink hoverboard on asphalt by a garden

Nothing says afternoon fun to a kid quite like hopping on a slick hoverboard and strolling around the neighborhood. They’re a one-of-a-kind treat, the kind that spins circles around the scooters, bikes, and skateboards of yesteryear.

Hoverboards are the latest and greatest innovation in motorized entertainment for kids, providing moderately quick thrills and one heck of a light show, depending on the board of your choosing. If you’re in the market for the next great piece of mobile fun, then here are a few hoverboards we’re sure your kids will love to take for a ride.

What to Consider in Your Child’s Next Hoverboard

When you’re ready to give your kid a new way to travel down the sidewalk, use these factors to guide your purchase:

  • Motor Power: You may be buying a hoverboard for a child that’s no older than preteen age, and because of that, you should be considerate of its motor power, particularly how fast a hoverboard is capable of going. Every standard option for kids will pull no less than 4 to 5 miles per hour. Moderation is always key, but if you have a little daredevil on your hands that you’re keen to amuse, then seek options that have a max speed of no more than 10 miles per hour.
  • Design Flair: For kids, a large part of the fun behind riding a hoverboard is its decked-out appearance. A regular old scooter is one thing, but a motorized device that’s draped in a bold graphic design and lined with bright LED lights will wow kids on and off the board.
  • Safety Features: Finally, it’s important to remember that hoverboards require a learning curve for most young riders, so you should seek an option that knows how to safely accommodate your child while riding. Look to hoverboards that provide your child with balance through a means of comfortable foot pedals, flexible turning, and solid tires for the smoothest riding experience. Additionally, you should find a hoverboard that’s UL2272 certified, a title awarded to devices that have passed strict electrical and safety tests.

Best Overall: SISIGAD Hoverboard

on the left is a boy on a white hoverboard; on the right is the hoverboard displayed with dancing silhouettes in the background

Rolling on with enough perks to make a kiddo’s head spin, this SISIGAD Hoverboard combines the sleek appeal of LED lights and a casually swift 6.5-miles-per-hour function for an easy-going day on wheels. This hoverboard features bold LED lights not only on the rims of its dual hub wheels but on the top of the board and on its face, acting as front-facing headlights. It’s available in 10 different design patterns and colors, all of which include a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so a kid can listen to their favorite tunes while they coast down the street.

Best Overall

SISIGAD Hoverboard

This option features easy coasting and all-around LED lighting for safe and fun riding at any time of the day.

Best Budget Pick: LIEAGLE Hoverboard

a black hoverboard with multicolored lights on the side, top, and front

The wallet-friendly choice that doesn’t cut corners except for the price, this LIEAGLE Hoverboard is tough, speedy, and always easy to learn. This hoverboard is equipped with a dual 300-watt motor that can accelerate to a max speed of 7.5 miles per hour. All of that power may have you wondering, “Will I run out of steam too quickly?” Well, thanks to the hoverboard’s battery indicator light at the center of the axis, you’ll know how much power is left with each passing minute.

Best Budget Pick

LIEAGLE Hoverboard

A wallet-friendly board that's capable of reaching a max speed of 7.5 miles per hour and does so in a variety of neat graphic designs.

Best Off-Road Choice: Gyroor Warrior All Terrain Hoverboard

On the left, a rider stands on top of a black and blue hoverboard. On the right, a close up of the device's rigid frame.

Safety is every parent’s priority, so wouldn’t you like a hoverboard that reflects this principle too? Crafted from a brilliant combination of UL-approved materials that guarantee durability and a smooth ride, this Gyroor Warrior All Terrain Hoverboard is sturdy in every sense of the word. It features solid, 8.5-inch tires capable of traveling along surfaces covered in grass, dirt, gravel, and water. Even a max load of 265 pounds on its aluminum body won’t stop this hoverboard from reaching a top speed of 9.95 miles per hour.

Best Off-Road Board

Gyroor Warrior All Terrain Hoverboard

With its rugged frame and 700-watt motor, you're looking at one of the speediest and toughest options on the market.

Best Assistance Features: EVERCROSS Hoverboard

On the left, a large seat with an extendable front-wheel rests on top of a black and blue hoverboard. On the right, a child runs to the hoverboard while an adult off screen blows bubbles.

Guaranteeing a safe ride for your young coaster is one thing, but what about an easy ride, the type that grants them the perfect safety net? This EVERCROSS Hoverboard is the hoverboard for adults, kids, and every new user who wants to learn without busting their butt. In addition to the hoverboard staples that kids love, like bold LED lights and Bluetooth capabilities, this option includes an ergonomic seat attachment that allows riders, both experienced and novice, a chance to climb aboard and move.

Best Assistance Features

EVERCROSS Hoverboard

A board that accommodates both experienced and new users with the ideal form of balance.

Best Superhero Design: Rawrr Hoverboard

On the left, a full-frame view of a red and black hoverboard donning a web-like design reminiscent of Spider-Man. On the right, a close up view of the device's foot pedal, which features a large spider imprinted in its rubber.

For the kid who wants to show off their love of a favorite comic-book hero while coasting from street to street, this Rawrr Hoverboard is your web-slinging device of choice. Each of the five differently colored options is coated in a spider-web design reminiscent of Spider-Man, with an arachnid symbol imprinted onto both foot pedals. Of course, it’s an efficient and secure ride, too, including a Safe Speed Alert that sounds when the rider accelerates beyond a reasonable speed.

Best Superhero Design

Rawrr Hoverboard

An efficiently safe ride that's draped in a spider-like design reminiscent of everyone's favorite wall-crawler.

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