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The Best Ice Packs for Any Occasion

Nothing is worse than pulling a soggy, warm ham sandwich out of a lunch box after you’ve been waiting all day for lunch! Ice packs are the surefire way to keep your food fresh so that you can enjoy it as it should be. They are also the surefire way to reduce inflammation and ease pain and swelling in injuries. Whatever you may need or want your ice packs for, we have the top choices here!

Purchasing an Ice Pack

There are plenty of types, sizes, and uses for ice packs. Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Size Needed: Larger ice packs or sets that come with more are the way to go if you have a larger cooler. Lunches won’t need a ton of ice packs or anything too large. Ice packs for your body should be sized appropriately for where you plan to use them.
  • Intended Use: If you are looking for ice packs specifically for injuries, buying a rigid lunch box cooler is the wrong approach. On the flip side, if you need an ice pack for your lunch box, you won’t want a big, floppy one that takes up all the space inside. For injuries, you’ll want something that is pliable and conforms to the injured area. For lunch boxes and coolers, you’ll want compact, hard-cased ice packs.
  • Duration of Use: You may need to keep your food cool for a long time before you enjoy it, so find an ice pack that meets those needs!

Best for Packed Lunches: Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers

Fit & Fresh makes the best ice packs for keeping your lunch fresh wherever you go. The ice packs are slim and compact, but they are very powerful. They are specifically designed for tight spaces at only a quarter of an inch thick! They are reusable, nontoxic, and BPA-free so that you can be confident in using this pack with your food. They come in a pack of 4, 8, or 12 and can be stacked together to increase their cooling power!

Best for Injuries: Vive Reusable Injury Gel Wrap

Vive has an amazing five-piece set of gel cold packs that are the best choice for treating injuries. The packs are filled with a unique, nontoxic gel that stays flexible when frozen to conform to the body. They are secured with two strong fastener straps that utilize D-rings to use and adjust the shape with just one hand. The neoprene blend cover is durable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Plus, it has Velcro straps to adjust the level of compression and to hold it in place. It is latex-free, soft, and breathable for ultimate comfort while you are easing your pain.

Best Disposable: Medpride Instant Cold Pack

These cold packs by Medpride are an awesome quick fix for a multitude of situations. These packs are not stored in the freezer! You can activate the pack by squeezing the center of the ice pack, and it will become as cold as ice. They are safe for use on any body part from your head to your feet. They are great for dealing with rolled ankles, muscle soreness, toothaches, headaches, sunburns, bug bites, and more. Once you are done with it, simply toss it in the trash.

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