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The Best Small Ice Picks for Your Drinks

two different people using handheld ice picks to break up ice for cocktails

Before modern refrigerators, ice picks were used to reshape large chunks of ice into smaller ones that could be put into a glass. This process is a thing of the past now, but ice picks are still valued by some, notably bartenders, to chip and sculpt ice into various shapes for impressive ice presentation. Here are some ice picks we recommend.

What to Look for in an Ice Pick

Consider these factors in an ice pick:

  • Handle: A well-made handle will provide you a solid, ergonomic grip and support your fine motor skills. The handle is where you control the tool, so having a stable one will lead to more precise movements.
  • Durability: An ice pick is a tool, and all tools need to be durable enough to be used again. Look for high-quality materials and an overall sturdy construction.
  • Size: Whether you like a longer or shorter tool depends on your personal preference, but various lengths are available, with most being around 7 to 9 inches.

Top Pick: KOTU 9″ Stainless Steel Ice Pick

handheld ice pick with a long brown handle and matching cap

This is ice pick from KOTU is, without a doubt, one that you can rely on. The pick itself is made of professional food-grade 304 stainless steel, which doesn’t rust. The handle is made out of high-quality wood that matches the safety sheath designed to cover the steel of the ice pick. The sheath securely fits onto the base of the handle with a seamless design. The shaft and handle together measure 9 inches.

Best Value: AQUEENLY Stainless Steel Ice Pick

three handheld ice picks with light brown and chrome handles

This set from AQUEENLY provides three identical ice picks. Its low price point makes it one of the most cost-effective sets you can get.

Don’t let its economical price fool you—these ice picks have solid quality. They’re made of rust-resistant stainless steel that’s durable and sharp. Their ergonomically designed wooden handles are reinforced to the steel shaft. These ice picks measure at approximately 8.6 inches.

Most Versatile: KUNKETECH Stainless Steel Anvil Ice Pick

needle-shaped handheld ice pick with a red-brown and silvery handle

This ice pick can do more than shape ice. It has an anvil head as well as the classic pointed pick at the bottom that can be used to break up ice and frozen foods. It’s made out of an anti-rust 18/10 food-grade stainless steel to last a long time. The sophisticated, wider-than-average beechwood handle is easy to grip. The tool measures 7 inches from tip to tip and is easy to clean and rinse. All in all, it’s a pretty handy tool to have in your kitchen.

Most Versatile

7 Inch Food Grade Stainless Steel Anvil Ice Pick with Wood Handle for Kitchen Bars Bartender (Brown)

This ice pick has an anvil head and a pick for breaking up frozen foods and ice.

Most Durable: MUMIAO Ice Pick Kitchen Tool

handheld ice pick with a pale silver handle and matching cap

This robust ice pick can definitely handle the wear-and-tear of everyday use. The handle is made of a robust aluminum alloy material, and thanks to its knurling, you’ll have a firm grip on it. Along with this, the ice pick comes with a protective sheath with the same design as its handle. The length of this ice pick is around 9 inches.

Most Durable

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