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The Best Indoor and Outdoor Bug Zappers

Electric bug zapper hanging on kitchen wall.

There is almost nothing more annoying than a curious bug hovering around you when you are trying to concentrate or relax. Factor in that bugs are dirty little creatures that carry diseases, germs, and sometimes feast on your blood, and you might see why eliminating bugs from your home is absolutely imperative. Thankfully, there are many great bug zappers on the market that will ensure your bug problems are a thing of the past. We made this guide to help you find the perfect product for inside or outside your home.

Purchasing a Bug Zapper

When shopping for your home’s perfect bug zapper, keep these questions in mind:

  • Will it attract insects? If your bug zapper can’t attract insects well, you will never notice a decrease in your local insect population. Look for a model with ultra-bright UV light, as these are adept at luring bugs. Additionally, some bug zappers feature the use of non-toxic bug attractants to make them even more effective.
  • Will it eliminate insects? Once a bug is attracted to the UV light, a bug zapper must allow them to easily enter so that they are incinerated by the built-in electrical grid. Thus, depending on what bugs are causing you grief, make sure the bug zapper’s barrier is sized appropriately so that even larger bugs can get inside. However, you won’t want it to be too easy to access the electrical grid, as this can lead to someone you care about getting accidentally zapped.
  • Where can I use it? If you will be using your bug zapper outdoors, ensure it is durably constructed of weatherproof materials so that rain and dew do not turn it into a rusty eyesore. For indoor models, finding a design that is good at catching and storing insects is a good idea to ensure your floor is not covered in dead bugs.

Best for Indoors: ASPECTEK Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer

White rectangular bug zapper with two long UV lightbulbs

If you have a problem with bugs getting into your home, the ASPECTEK electric insect killer is the solution. This product features a unique two-sided design that allows large and small bugs to freely pass inside and tantalizing UV light bulbs that pests cannot resist. The end result is a product that will noticeably thin the bug population in your home in no time. Since this device is designed for in-home use, it also neatly stores the bug carcasses in a removable plastic tray that is easy to remove and clean when the time is right.

Best for Indoors

Best for Outdoors: BLACK+DECKER Bug Zapper

Black outdoor bug zapper with with its packaging.

Featuring a design that is undeniably sleek for a bug zapper, this device from BLACK+DECKER provides the best outdoor protection from wasps, flies, and other flying insects. What sets this product apart is its durable waterproof casing and its ability to stand up to everyday weather. Additionally, its 1-acre coverage area is incredibly impressive, so you will notice a major decrease in the number of pests on your property almost immediately. This one also scores points for the longevity of its replaceable bulb and easy-to-hang design, making it a great choice for your patio or backyard.

Best Rackets: ZAP IT! Bug Zapper

Two yellow and black electric bug zapper rackets with LED lights.

For those who would like to take a more active role in smiting pesky insects, the rechargeable ZAP IT! racket packs up to 10,000 zaps in a single charge and eliminates large and small insects with ease. These zappers come equipped with a triple-layer safety mesh to prevent accidentally zapping yourself or your loved ones. It can be used indoors or outdoors for prolonged sessions of bug slaying. The bright LED light on the handle is also great for attracting bugs as well as keeping them in your sight so that you can zap troublesome mosquitos at night.

Best Rackets

Best Bug Zapping Bulb: GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb

White bug zapper light bulb with a blue UV light.

Rounding out our list is the GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb. Unlike many similar products, this two-in-one light bulb zapper does both of its functions amazingly well, so you won’t have to sacrifice your home’s lighting in order to take care of your bug problem. This bulb features a sloped design, however, so most dead bugs will slide down onto the floor. Thankfully, this product is so good at attracting and killing bugs that it will be much less of a problem after running the zapper for a couple of days. It has three modes, so you can run the light or zapper only, or both at once.

Best Bug Zapping Bulb

GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp UV Led Electronic Insect & Fly Killer

This bug-zapping light bulb features three modes, so you can easily switch between using it as a normal light, a bug zapper, or use both functions at once.

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