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The Best Ink Pen Sets for the Writer in You

A woman wearing silver chain bracelet writes in a notebook with a blue and gold fountain pen while sitting in the grass.

Have you fallen out of love with video calls, email, and social media as a way of communicating? You are not alone. Pen and ink sets remain popular among writers, calligraphers, and artists with good taste. You can use these unique tools as a specialized pen for your daily writing or as a fine writing utensil to practice calligraphy. Artists love ink pens, too, as the quality tips produce precise lines. Here are some great ink pen sets that we recommend.

Purchasing an Ink Pen Set

While shopping for the perfect ink pen, keep these factors in mind:

  • Desired Use: Ink pen sets vary considerably in all sorts of aspects, but intended use is a big one. Do you want to try calligraphy, create glittery stationery, or just get hold of a trusty, quality pen? You will find it all with a simple, short search.
  • Supplies Needed: An advantage of purchasing a pen and ink set is that you have all you need in one package. But what of the myriad accessories do you actually need? If you need a single, high-quality fountain pen, then you don’t need to pay for more. For more frequent ink pen users, opt for a set that includes extra ink wells.
  • Style: Yet another important consideration: what’s your style? Are you a fan of the Harry Potter realm? There’s a feather pen that will make you feel as though you are a part of the wizarding world. Are you a professional with a strict dress code? There’s a sleek design that will blend into the contemporary designs of an office.

Best for Beginners: Hethrone Calligraphy Pen Set

A person writing with the calligraphy pen on a piece of paper.

Ready to launch into a new arts and craft hobby? Well, it’s time to get your ink on. The Hethrone calligraphy pen set gives you all the supplies you need to get started. In the set, you will get a natural wooden handle, 11 nibs, and non-toxic ink. The different nib options allow you to easily practice hand lettering for cards, as the ink flows continuously. With a little practice, you will soon be creating illustrations and art drawings!

Best for Beginners

Hethrone Calligraphy Pens Set for Beginners - Fountain Dip Pen Vintage Pen Set

If you are new to calligraphy, this pen features 11 nibs so you can explore your style.

Finest Fountain Pen: Asvine Forest Fountain Pen

Matte black fountain pen with cap off to the side.

Grasp this weighted pen in hand and allow the surge of creativity to spring forth. It’s writing time! This extra-fine point writing utensil is made of stainless steel with a matte black design that elevates the antique look into a more sophisticated realm. It comes with a sleek metal pen case for protection and a converter that allows you to easily refill with ink from a bottle. This pen comes in mustard yellow, pink, dark blue, and more.

Finest Fountain Pen

Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Classic Design with Converter and Metal Pen Box Set by Asvine

This reliable pen is made to make you look like a fountain-writing pro with its matte exterior and weighted handle to ensure your grip feels natural.

Writers Dream Pen: Dryden Designs Fountain Pen

The cap and nib of a blue and gold fountain pen.

The Dryden Designs fountain pen deserves the same respect it extends to its writer. This quality writing pen delivers a precise and steady ink flow. Its unique design allows you to refill this pen with either ink cartridges or bottled ink.  This pen is hand-assembled to create an elegant appearance. While it might present itself as high-class, it’s the kind of pen you can take anywhere. Put it in your purse, use it in class, or on a legal pad as you sit at a mahogany desk in your corner office.

Writers Dream Pen

Classy Glass Pen: Mancola Glass Dipped Pen Ink Set

Glass ink pen to the left of 12 different colors of ink both in and out if the packaging.

You will feel like a true artist with this beautifully crafted glass fountain pen. This product is what you make of it. You get 12 ink colors, each mixed with gold powder to add some glamour, magic, beauty, or fantasy to your creations. Mancola used high borosilicate glass to create this pen, both body and tip, to ensure a note-worthy writing or drawing experience.

Classy Glass Pen

Coolest Quill Pen: Vimpro Feather Pen And Ink Set

A quill pen with a red feather and silver base sitting in its antique-style packaging next to a cup of coffee and pink flowers.

Make your message official with this bold, mystical quill pen. Just holding it will set you back to medieval times. But Vimpro’s creation is not just alluring; it’s also meant to be used. The set includes five nibs of varying widths and a 15-milliliter bottle of ink, and stationery. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of all is that this quill pen is handmade.

Coolest Quill Pen
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