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The Best Insulated Water Bottles

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🕚 Updated March 2023

Whether you want to stay hydrated during a long hike, are trying to drink more water throughout your work day, or want your protein shake to be cold after your workout, get one of these trusty insulated water bottles to be your daily companion.

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  Top Choice Best Extra-Large Best with Infuser Best Smaller Size Also Great
  Iron Flask
Sports Water Bottle
Sports Water Bottle
Ice Shaker
26 Oz Shaker Bottle
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid, Flip-Top Lid, Wide-Mouth Cap
Our SummaryThis top-rated insulated water bottle lets you choose which lid is your favorite for any day or activity.You won't have to worry about refilling this insulated water bottle all the time.This insulated bottle is meant for so much more than water.Get your kids drinking more cold water, too!This water bottle is durable even with frequent use on rugged roads.
Pros✓ Comes with three lids
✓ BPA-free and non-toxic ✓ Cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours, warm drinks stay warm for 12 hours
✓ Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
✓ Half-gallon bottle keeps water cold for 48 hours
✓ Comes with brush for cleaning
✓ Includes three caps
✓ Variety of colors
✓ Keeps beverages cold for hours
✓ Optional agitator for blending drinks
✓ Tapered design fits in your cup holder
✓ Available in a variety of colors and sizes
✓ Keeps cold drinks cold for 12 hours and hot drinks hot for 8 hours
✓ Comes with two lids
✓ Available in a variety of colors and sizes
✓ Triple insulated
✓Base is reinforced to keep shape even if dropped
✓ Includes three lids
✓Available in a variety of colors
ConsX Not all sizes fit into a cup holder
X Must be washed by hand
X Must be washed by hand
X Heavier
X Colors can chip with rough use
X More expensive than other shaker bottles
X Colors may chip with rough use
X Must be hand washedX Must be hand washed
X Only comes in one size
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The Best Insulated Water Bottles

A beautiful girl drinking from a steel water bottle at the beach.
Anja Ivanovic/Shutterstock.com

Keeping beverages cold or hot might seem like a luxurious ask, but for these products, it’s at the core of their offerings, and you’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long to purchase one.

Buying Guide for Insulated Water Bottles

A young woman stops on her hike to drink from a yellow insulated water bottle.

Why should you buy an insulated water bottle?

If you enjoy drinking cold water much more than room temperature water, an insulated option is right for you. Insulation works both for cold and hot beverages, so if you want to switch things up for a hot cup of tea, the insulated bottle will keep it warm for hours as well. Insulated bottles are almost necessary in our busy modern lives.

What should you consider when shopping for an insulated water bottle?

  • Size: No matter what size water bottle you’re looking for, there’s an insulated option. Choose from 14 ounces all the way up to a half gallon (and occasionally even a whole gallon).
  • Lids: Many insulated water bottles come with a wide mouth lid which makes cleaning the bottles easier. However, not everyone likes drinking from a wide mouth (ice cold water doesn’t feel as refreshing when dripping down your chest!). Some bottles come with one or two extra lids that provide different drinking options so you can enjoy your beverage how you want to.
  • Features: While most insulated water bottles can be used for both hot and cold beverages and are generally straightforward in their use, you can also find a few with special intentions. Included in this list is an insulated shaker bottle that can be used for blending protein powder smoothly into drinks. This insulated bottle can also hold fruit for deliciously infused water as well.

How long can you expect insulated water bottles to hold a drink’s temperature?

All the options in this list are comparable in their insulation performance. Thankfully, high-performing double-wall vacuum insulation is a standard, so you can expect cold beverages to stay cool from 12-24 hours and hot beverages to stay warm from 8-12 hours.

Our Picks for the Best Insulated Water Bottles

Top Choice

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

This top-rated insulated water bottle lets you choose which lid is your favorite for any day or activity.

Pros: Drinking water throughout the day can be a hard habit to get into, especially when it’s an inconvenience. With these three lids, you can switch out which lid best complements your comfort level and activity. Choose from a straw lid, flip top, or wide mouth, and you can sip or guzzle cold water all day long. Each lid is leakproof, and the entire bottle is made of stainless steel that is BPA-free and non-toxic. Cold drinks can stay cold for 24 hours, while hot drinks can stay hot for 12 hours. This water bottle comes in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate your hydration needs and style.

Cons: Not all sizes fit into a cup holder. The water bottles must be washed by hand.

Bottom Line: The variety of sizes, colors, and lid preferences make this insulated water bottle a top choice for those looking to stay hydrated. To keep the bottle performing at its finest, it should be washed by hand.


Best Extra-Large

BUZIO Sports Water Bottle 64oz with Straw Lids

You won't have to worry about refilling this insulated water bottle all the time.

Pros: This durable stainless steel half-gallon water bottle is incredibly well insulated, ensuring that liquids remain icy cold for 48 hours straight, which makes it great for camping trips or days out on the lake. It comes with three separate caps that are all leakproof and a carrying pouch for better portability. You even get a brush that you can use to clean out the inside of the bottle. Choose from seven different colors to find your favorite.

Cons: The colors/patterns of the stainless steel material will eventually begin to fade over time. It’s on the heavier side (thanks to all that water), and it’s a little pricier but still affordable.

Bottom Line: If you’re an outdoorsy person, this half-gallon water bottle is for you. It will keep your water cold for days and won’t need to be refilled seven times a day.


Best with Infuser

Ice Shaker 26 Oz Shaker Bottle

This insulated bottle is meant for so much more than water.

Pros: Whether you want to make your plain water more exciting or need a shaker bottle for your pre-workout or protein shake, this is a versatile option that will keep your drink refreshingly cool, too. The shaker bottle features an optional agitator that will blend powders into smooth drinks or can be used to hold fruit to add flavor to your water. A double-wall stainless steel design keeps whatever you’re drinking at just the right temperature. The bottle is sweatproof and fits in a cup holder thanks to a tapered design. Avid shaker bottle users were also happy that it wasn’t noisy when using the agitator. It’s also available in a variety of sizes and fun colors to show off your personality.

Cons: The colorful exterior may chip with lots of heavy use. The lid can be hard to clean.

Bottom Line: If you’re in the market for a new shaker bottle, this would be a high-end version to try. Users are pretty psyched about the design innovations to an item that’s been around for a long time. With so many ways to use this shaker bottle, it also has greater functionality which can justify its price tag.


Best Smaller Size

HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Get your kids drinking more cold water, too!

Pros: This insulated water bottle comes with every feature you’d expect at the top of the line but also includes a smaller size, perfect for little kids. The double wall vacuum insulation will keep beverages cold for 12 hours and warm for 8 hours. The stainless steel is non-toxic and BPA-free but also features a grip-tech powder coating for a comfortable grip. This bottle comes standard with a wide mouth lid but also includes a straw lid, which is much better for limiting spills while drinking.

Cons: This insulated water bottle should be hand washed to keep it performing at its best.

Bottom Line: These insulated water bottles will keep water cold all day and are sized perfectly for kids. They won’t collect a puddle of condensation, and the comfortable grip on the bottle is great for little hands. The exciting colors are a great touch, too.


Also Great

FineDine Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This water bottle is durable even with frequent use on rugged roads.

Pros: Designed to be used daily and in any type of activity, this insulated water bottle can withstand a few bumps and bruises and maintain its shape. No matter how you like to drink your hot or cold beverage, you can enjoy it comfortably with the choice of three different lids. The insulated bottle comes in several fun colors.

Cons: This water bottle only comes in one size.

Bottom Line: While this insulated water bottle only comes in one size, it performs like others on this list and brings its A game. Enjoy one beverage all day or refill it when needed, but you can enjoy cold beverages for 24 hours and warm ones for 12. The three lids provide great versatility for your comfort, and the strong base will keep its shape even when banged up a bit.

Final Thoughts

If you want to drink more water throughout your day or want your beverage to stay at its best temperature for hours, an insulated water bottle is a great buy. These picks protect against leaks, reduce condensation, have multiple lids, and come in several sizes and colors, so you can find exactly what you need.

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