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The Best Interior Door Handles

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🕚 Updated April 2022

When it comes to privacy in the home, doors get all the glory, but their handles and knobs are an integral part of maintaining functionality and safety. If you're adding or replacing door handles, check out these top-rated, high-quality choices.

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  Classic Knob Best Modern Lever Best Heavy-Duty Choice Top Crystal Design Best Simple Lever
  Copper Creek
Ball Knob Privacy Lock
Halifax Contemporary Door Handle
Heavy-Duty Pull and Flush Handle
Modern Globe Crystal Knob
Accent Door Lever with Push Lock
Our SummaryA traditional round knob in tons of finishes.Sophistication and simplicity combine in this door handle for modern homes.A door handle that's made long-lasting with high-quality steel.A gorgeous, diamond-glass statement piece doorknob.A handle with a popular, elegant wave design.
ProsGrade-3 security, traditional feel, low-security lock great for kids, multiple finishes, multipack option.Modern feel, three function options, deadbolt option, reversible handle.Heavy-duty steel handle, great for barn decor doors, long-lasting matte finish, corrosion-resistant.Luxurious feel, oil-rubbed bronze finish, bright and clear, durable, reversible, comfortable to touch, multiple function options.Sturdy, simplistic feel, 10 finishes, eight style options, multiple function options.
ConsEasy to unlock on outside for older kids.Lever rests at a slight downward tilt.Screws may be difficult to thread at first.Young children may need help turning.Cannot order multiple of the same key for privacy locks.
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The Best Interior Door Handles

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Buying Guide for Interior Door Handles

closeup of a square cornered chrome door handle on a blue-gray door

Why invest in new interior door handles?

Knobs and handles dictate just how safe your space is. They keep your interior doors shut and locked, providing necessary privacy for everyone in your home (or for that cluttered room you want to hide). It’s important to maintain doors and hardware to stay updated and as safe and functional as possible. Plus, it’s fun picking out new styles and designs to match your aesthetic, which can change over time.

What should you consider when buying interior door handles?

  • Entry Type: First, consider the doors in your home. Are they all privacy doors you’re looking to shut and lock at times? Or are they passage doors that don’t need securing, like closets or interior barn doors? Maybe you want a dummy knob that doesn’t serve any purpose other than serving as a fun statement piece. This will help you pick the best knobs/handles for your space.
  • Aesthetics: Knobs and handles come in multiple designs and finishes, so think about whether you want a classic, timeless feel or a more contemporary, sleek vibe in your home. Dark or light finishes? Rustic or contemporary vibes? It’s all up to you.
  • Lifestyle: If you have a busy family and bustling home, door handles (levers) may better suit your in-and-out lifestyle, at least in your most dynamic spaces. They’re easy to open and shut when your hands are full.

How do you measure for new interior door handles?

Before purchasing and installing your new knobs or handles, measure your door’s thickness and backset (area between the edge of the door and the handle/knob hole). Taking these measurements will help ensure your new handles fit well the first time. You can also research standard sizes for interior doors to see where yours lands.

Our Picks for the Best Interior Door Handles

Classic Knob

Copper Creek Classic Privacy Ball Knob

A traditional round knob in multiple finishes.

Pros: This Grade-3 security privacy ball knob from Copper Creek is the epitome of traditional doorknobs. It’s also a great choice if you have kids, as it features a slotted emergency unlocking button, so you can enter rooms even when you’re locked out. Insert a flathead screwdriver or coin into the slot and turn. Choose from multiple elegant finishes, including stainless steel, antique brass, nickel, black, or bronze. You can also purchase multipacks if you’re adding or replacing more than one unit.

Cons: If you have kids, the slotted emergency lock can be a pro and a con. It’s easy to unlock for older kids, so beware when wrapping those birthday and holiday gifts.

Bottom Line: This is a basic, quality doorknob at an excellent price, especially if you’re looking to switch out two or three knobs at once. It’s easy to install, and one of its many finishes is bound to look great in your space.


Best Modern Lever

Kwikset Halifax Contemporary Door Handle

Sophistication and simplicity combine in these door handles for modern homes.

Pros: Looking to update your home from traditional to modern? This contemporary Kwikset door lever is the perfect addition. It’s offered in three styles—privacy, passage, and dummy (non-functioning)—four colors and offers a deadbolt option for extra privacy and protection on bedroom and bathroom doors. The fully reversible handle can be installed on left- and right-handed doors with an adjustable latch that fits all standard door sizes. It ensures accessibility to friends and family with disabilities and is easy to install in minutes.

Cons: Unlike other similar models, the lever doesn’t rest horizontally. Instead, it’s slightly tilted downward when not in use.

Bottom Line: Door handles from Kwikset are certified high-quality and won’t sag over time, making it a top pick for any door you want to update in the future.


Best Heavy-Duty Choice

FaithLand Heavy-Duty Pull and Flush Handle

A door handle that's made long-lasting with high-quality steel.

Pros: Got a passageway door that doesn’t require a lock? This 12-inch, heavy-duty handle from FaithLand could be a great addition to your interior barn or sliding doors, especially if you’ve got a modern, country-chic space. It’s constructed from steel and finished in a long-lasting matte black to help maintain the integrity of your stylish door hardware. The entire set is resistant to rust and corrosion. Its backplate is smooth and ultra-thin to avoid unsightly parts, and the lever works with residential and commercial doors up to 2 3/8 inches (standard size).

Cons: The handle’s screws may be difficult to thread in at first.

Bottom Line: A gorgeous addition to your statement-piece doors. The price is right, and you won’t have to replace this high-quality steel handle anytime soon, as it’s certified to last.


Top Crystal Design

KNOBWELL Modern Globe Crystal Knob

A gorgeous, diamond-glass statement piece doorknob.

Pros: Enhance your unique vintage or eclectic space with a few of these KNOBWELL crystal-glass door knobs featuring an oil-rubbed bronze finish. This bright, clear knob is durable and reversible to fit right- and left-handed doors. It’s also super comfortable to the touch, even for a rigged knob. You can choose from the privacy model (with a pin lock), passageway model for basic privacy, or dummy model if you appreciate the knob’s aesthetic. Your new crystal doorknob is also easy to install with adjustable latches.

Cons: These glass knobs are a tad stickier than traditional ones, making them harder to turn.

Bottom Line: This is an easy, luxurious way to spiff up your unique space. Buy one, or upgrade your entire space with a five-pack.


Best Simple Lever

Schlage Accent Door Lever with Push Lock

A handle with a popular, elegant wave design.

Pros: You’ve got so many elegant options in this sturdy and simplistic door lever from Schlage. If a typical silver, circle-plated doorknob isn’t your thing, that’s okay because you can choose between eight interesting styles and more than 10 finishes. Looking for a more decorative door plate? Try the Brookshire. If you want a more modern vibe, go for the square Collins plate with a lever. Want it in gold? Not a problem. Each door handle includes a privacy push-button and reversible lever for doors that swing right or left. Pick from privacy, passage, and dummy models.

Cons: This merchant doesn’t do custom key orders, so if you order multiple knobs and want all keys the same, you’ll need to have them keyed elsewhere.

Bottom Line: With this Schlage door lever, you’re getting a bang for your buck. It’s simple-seeming but full of customizable options and features. It’s like a one-stop-shop for the different levers you might want in your home.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to compromise style for safety and privacy with these highly-rated doorknobs and handles for your home. Think about your knob needs and what you’re setting out to accomplish—then comes the fun part. Pick from a range of designs and finishes to add that extra something to your unique space.

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