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The Best iPad Mini 6 Cases

🕚 Updated December 2021

iPad Mini 6s are a great travel tablet that allows you to take its conveniences with you on the go without adding much extra bulk and weight. Since you'll want a case to protect your iPad Mini 6 on the road, take a look at our top picks for cases.

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  Top Choice Minimalistic Design Best Leather Option Best Patterns Also Great
iPad Mini 6 Case with Screen Protector
iPad Mini 6 Case
New iPad Mini 6 Leather Folio Cover
Case for iPad Mini 6th Generation
Magnetic Case Compatible with iPad Mini 6
Our SummaryGreat for kids and adults alike, this highly functional and protective iPad Mini 6 case will keep your tablet snug and well-shielded.This iPad Mini 6 case gives you plenty of protection and functionality without the extra bulk or heft.Your iPad Mini 6 case can be both stylish and protective, as this slim, elegant synthetic leather model proves.Your iPad Mini 6 case can be cute and eye-catching with this adorable little patterned model.A magnet-secured iPad Mini 6 case with stand that can be easily switched between two modes for your convenience.
ProsMultiple color options, built-in hand/shoulder strap, swivel kickstand, screen protector.Slim, inexpensive, secure magnetic clasps, two-way stand, auto/wake feature.Stylish, built-in storage pocket, versatile stand, hand strap attached, affordable.Affordable, multiple design options, anti-slip, adjustable stand.Magnetic attachments, multiple colors, auto wake, two possible modes.
ConsFits iPad Mini 6 only, bulky, slightly more expensive.Limited compatibility, clasp is less effective when holding pencil.For iPad Mini 6 only, no portrait mode, lesser drop protection.Not compatible with other iPad models, doesn't swivel, no pencil slot.For iPad Mini 6 only, not as snug of a fit, no swiveling.
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The Best iPad Mini 6 Cases

A green case with an iPad sticking out of it.

Since electronics have become such a key part of our daily lives, it’s important that they work well and last as long as possible. This is where an iPad Mini 6 case comes in handy. Accidents happen and can cause damage to your iPad Mini 6. A case can help solve all of these issues.

Buying Guide for iPad Mini 6 Cases

a young girl using a mini ipad with a standing case

Why buy an iPad Mini 6 case?

Tablets are not inexpensive devices, iPad Mini 6s included. The last thing you want is something bad to happen to it. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. You can slip and drop your iPad on the ground. You can be walking to class when a downpour starts out of nowhere. Your significant other could accidentally knock it off your bedside table or the countertop. A good iPad Mini 6 case will protect your tablet from the elements, spills, and falls, so you don’t have to dish out hundreds of dollars each time an accident happens. They also help prevent minor damage like scratches, scruffs, stains, and smudges. And even the priciest of cases cost less than buying a new iPad Mini 6.

What should you look for in an iPad Mini 6 case?

  • Functionality: Consider what extra features and functions you want in your iPad case. There are iPad Mini 6 cases designed for kids. The functions in such a case will differ considerably from cases for professional use, cases with keyboards, and so on. Some cases can be propped upright, come equipped with a pencil for scrolling without smudging the screen, and some even have a built-in handle for easy transportation.
  • Compatibility: iPad Mini 6 cases, you’ll soon find, are often compatible with other generations. If your iPad case works for several generations, you can often loan it to someone who has a different iPad Mini than you. Some may even work with other types of tablets. The devices and generations compatible with your new case should be stated in the product listing, so be sure to double-check it before buying.
  • Design: There are endless iPad Mini 6 case styles out there. What look speaks to you? Rainbow glitter, military chunkiness, sleek leather, or minimalistic? Simple, solid, single colors? Dark hues or light shades? Multiple colors, tie-dye, elaborate patterns? Your case will be with you for a while, so be sure to pick something you like looking at.

What is the best material for an iPad Mini 6 case?

Hard or soft plastic, gel, (faux) leather, carbon fiber, and silicone are all common materials for iPad Mini 6 cases. Hard plastic is good for a child-owned iPad Mini 6 since they’re cost-effective and often colorful, waterproof, and dustproof, but it’s not the strongest possible material and may look inexpensive and bulky. Soft plastic models offer better protection and are easy to customize while still being affordable. However, they may break if dropped and sometimes have a funny smell. Silicone cases are more durable, easy to grip, and aren’t slippery. That said, they can be hard to clean, may grow sticky to the touch over time, and are less customizable.

Carbon fiber cases are considered quite high-end. They’re thin and light yet strong and durable, but they’re expensive and aren’t always easy to get on and off your device. Real leather cases are stylish, waterproof, and long-lasting, but they’re expensive and don’t offer the best protection against drops. Synthetic leather offers a more ethical alternative with the same benefits and minus the higher price tag, though they don’t often last as long. Gel cases offer great protection against scratches, scrapes, and bumps and are nice and slim and lightweight. However, they don’t often come with useful extra features like stands or straps and rarely have screen protectors.

Our Picks for the Best iPad Mini 6 Cases

Top Choice

Timecity iPad Mini 6 Case with Screen Protector

Great for kids and adults alike, this highly functional and protective iPad Mini 6 case will keep your tablet snug and well-shielded.

Pros: There’s a lot to love about this iPad Mini 6 case and the useful features it provides. It offers both a silicone outer shell with a hard PC back cover for extra protection plus a screen protector, so you know your tablet gets full coverage. The built-in kickstand allows you to prop up your tablet up, and the kickstand rotates a full 360 degrees as a bonus. There are two carrying straps: a shorter one for your hand and a longer one for your shoulder for maximum portability. Plus, it comes in 13 different color combinations.

Cons: If you want a nice protective case for your mini tablet but don’t own an iPad Mini 6 specifically, you’re unfortunately out of luck. This case only fits iPad Mini 6s, no other iPad models. The extra protection also makes your iPad Mini 6 much bulkier than normal. While not wickedly expensive by any stretch, it will cost a bit more money than many similar products.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a highly protective iPad Mini 6 case or find yourself dropping your tablet a lot, this case is a great option. It offers excellent protection against falls and scratches. This extra level of protection and built-in carrying straps make it an ideal choice for kids as well as adults and teens.


Minimalistic Design

ESR iPad Mini 6 Case

This iPad Mini 6 case gives you plenty of protection and functionality without the extra bulk.

Pros: This is iPad Mini 6 case has a hard outer shell yet is still incredibly slim-fitting; it barely increases the size and thickness of your tablet, so it’ll remain light and slim even while protected. The clasps are secured by magnets for extra security, and the auto-wake feature (which requires nothing more than opening and closing the case’s flap) is a simple yet effective way to help preserve tablet battery when you’re out and about. Not only does it come with a stand, but the stand can be propped up in both landscape and portrait mode for your convenience.

Cons: This is another tablet case that is only compatible with a specific type and generation: in this case, the iPad Mini 6. As handy and secure as the magnetic clasps are, they will be less secure when the pencil is in place along the side. You may also have some trouble propping the stand up correctly at first; securing it properly takes some getting used to.

Bottom Line: If you want good protection for your iPad Mini 6 without the extra bulk, this is the case for you. It’s nice and slim and lightweight yet still has a nice hard outer shell to shield your tablet against drops, bumps, and scratches. The magnetic clasps and auto/wake feature also ensure that it’s handy and functional as well as protective.


Best Leather Option

ZtotopCases iPad Mini 6 Leather Folio Stand

Your iPad Mini 6 case can be both stylish and protective, as this slim, elegant synthetic leather model proves.

Pros: This is an incredibly sleek, modern, and stylish iPad Mini 6 case. But its looks aren’t all it has going for it. The built-in stand has multiple deep grooves, so you can adjust it to multiple angles when propped up. A useful hand strap comes attached to the back, as does a stylus strap and a handy front pocket that can be used to store flat items like credit cards, business cards, and cash. Yet even with its stylish look and useful features, this tablet case is very affordable and won’t break the bank.

Cons: If you don’t specifically own an iPad Mini 6, you won’t be able to use this case for your tablet. Not only is it sized for an iPad Mini 6, but the cutouts along the sides were designed specifically for an iPad Mini 6’s outlets. And while the built-in stand is nice and adjustable in some ways, it doesn’t have the ability to swivel into portrait mode. Also worth keeping in mind is that this case won’t provide as much protection against drops as some other cases.

Bottom Line: This iPad Mini 6 case is ideal for someone who finds themselves using their iPad in a professional work or office environment quite often. It’s incredibly elegant, won’t go out of style, and looks perfectly in place in a professional setting or environment. And the synthetic leather looks incredibly realistic.


Best Patterns

LI-LOVE Case for iPad Mini 6th Generation

Your iPad Mini 6 case can be cute and eye-catching with this adorable little patterned model.

Pros: Get cute, high-quality, but still affordable protection for your iPad Mini 6 with this case. If the adorable llama pattern isn’t for you, there are six other patterns from which you can choose. And this case’s cute appearance doesn’t detract from its usefulness, either. It’s anti-slip, thanks to the textured surface. The simple yet effective auto wake/sleep function helps preserve your tablet battery, and the built-in stand allows you to adjust the iPad to multiple different angles when propped up.

Cons: This is another case that is incompatible with any other iPads besides the Mini 6 edition. As handy as the built-in adjustable stand is, it doesn’t swivel the way some other stands do, nor does it have a loop or slot to store a stylus or pencil.

Bottom Line: Electronic cases can be a great way to showcase your personal style, and this iPad Mini 6 case is no exception. All seven patterns are both cute and eye-catching, yet still, the case provides good protection for your tablet and plenty of useful features both during use and in storage.


Also Great

ESR Magnetic Case Compatible with iPad Mini 6

A magnet-secured iPad Mini 6 case with a stand that can be easily switched between two modes for your convenience.

Pros: This iPad Mini 6 case provides magnetic attachment, both in the foldover clasp and the actual back of the case itself; your tablet will adhere magnetically right into the case, which holds it securely while also making it incredibly easy to remove in a moment. The slim, silky case can also be folded over into a stand, which can be adjusted into either writing or viewing mode. The auto sleep/wake function keeps your tablet’s battery running for longer when you’re out and about, and the case is available in multiple colors, so you can better pick the one that’s most suited to your tastes.

Cons: Due to the magnetic nature of this case, it may not fit your iPad Mini 6 quite as snugly as you’d like. It should still hold your tablet in place just fine, but it may feel less secure than it is, which some consumers may not appreciate. Also keep in mind that this case can’t be propped up into portrait mode or swivel, at least not with the built-in stand. And you won’t be able to fit a tablet besides an iPad Mini 6 in this case.

Bottom Line: Many people seek out tablet cases with magnetic-secured clasps for the extra peace of mind they bring. This model goes above and beyond, providing both a magnetic flap and magnetic back to keep your iPad Mini 6 tablet extra securely in place. And since it’s nice and slender, you should be able to easily slip it in your pocket or purse and take it on the go.

Final Thoughts

If you own any sort of tablet, a protective case is a near necessity for your device. Tablets, including iPad Mini 6s, are quite pricey and handy tools, so you don’t want to risk harm coming to yours. With a specialty case designed specifically for an iPad Mini 6, you know that it will fit and hold your device perfectly.

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