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The Best iPhone 11 Cases

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🕚 Updated November 2022

If you've ever watched your phone slip and crash to the floor, you know how important it is to choose a solid, protective case that won't falter in moments of clumsiness. Here are some reliable choices to keep your iPhone 11 safe.

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  Best Clear Case Most Protective Case Best Wallet Case Best with Stand Best Built-in Ring
iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Wallet Case
Metal Kickstand Designed for iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Case with Screen Protector
Our SummaryA thin phone case that shows off your device's natural color while providing just enough protection against slips and hits.This iPhone 11 case features solid protection against dropping, shock, dust, scratches, and more.This iPhone 11 case has a built-in wallet capable of holding up to three cards at a time, plus some cash.A user-friendly phone case that includes a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing and video calls.This durable iPhone 11 case comes with a ring attached for a superior grip and to serve as a built-in kickstand for watching videos and making video calls.
Pros✓ Reliable and durable
✓ Low price
✓ Bumper-like corners keep heavy blows at bay
✓ Slim design
✓ Very hard-wearing
✓ Multilayered protection
✓ Good color variety
✓ Supports wireless charging
✓ Built-in wallet
✓ Air pocket corners
✓ iPhone 11 Pro version available
✓ Textured grip
✓ Screen protector included
✓ Built-in metal kickstand
✓ Horizontal or vertical viewing
✓ Raised edge protection
✓ Supports wireless charging
✓ Easy to grip
✓ Built-in versatile kickstand
✓ Double screen protector
✓ Very durable
✓ Color variety
Cons✗ Won't hide dirt and wear
✗ Shorter raised edges
✗ No built-in screen protector
✗ Extra bulky
✗ Doesn't protect camera
✗ No wireless charging
✗ Limited colors
✗ No screen protector
✗ May turn yellow
✗ Slightly pricier
✗ No wireless charging
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The Best iPhone 11 Cases

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Buying Guide for iPhone 11 Cases

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Why buy an iPhone 11 case?

A phone case can provide a barrier to prevent your investment from taking on too destructive a hit. Yet, while plenty of options protect your device, few do so at a high enough level. When you seek out a particular case, you’ll get to decide just what kind of safety net you desire, alongside additional conveniences and features that make this selection process a lot more fun than most folks would think.

What should you look for in an iPhone 11 case?

  • Durability: For starters, your phone’s new case should feature an ample degree of strength. Protecting your phone should be its top priority, so don’t short yourself here. Some options get by with little more than a rigid polymer mold. Still, others reinforce your iPhone with a combination of hard and soft properties that can take a blow, absorb the energy, and disperse it throughout the phone to limit the likelihood of your device cracking in one area. Other strong qualities to keep an eye out for include screen protectors and a water-resistant encasing.
  • Appearance: Another vital consideration to your phone case hunt is its overall style and appearance because your accessories should still suit you. Just as there are a variety of covers for different types of phone models out there, there’s plenty of style among those covers. Whether you prefer a classic clear cover that doesn’t take away from the design of your phone or a vividly colorful choice that’s sure to catch a few wandering eyes, it’s essential to narrow your selection down to cases that consider who you are.
  • Modern Conveniences: Finally, a great selection of phone covers has made tremendous leaps in tech and conveniences as phones grow more complicated. These conveniences can be as simple as the hands-free operation that the built-in kickstand grants or as multifaceted as phone cases with storage slots and integrated battery packs. Don’t be afraid to demand more from your phone case.

How do you properly disinfect your phone case?

If you’ve ever owned a phone case, you know just how filthy they can get after a year or two of use. Repeat offenders of this grime-collection streak are often plastic or silicone cases in white and see-through colors. These can be cleaned with soapy water and some elbow grease. You can even use baking soda as an abrasive if your phone case has a stain that won’t say goodbye. For delicate options made from wood or leather, you should dust it regularly with a soft microfiber cloth to prevent a buildup before it settles permanently.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 11 Cases

Best Clear Case

Mkeke iPhone 11 Case

A thin phone case that shows off your device's natural color while providing just enough protection against slips and hits.

Pros: Whether you’re looking to show off the natural color of your phone or want a simple option, this clear iPhone 11 case offers excellent reliability for a super affordable price. It’s scratch-resistant and equipped with strong drop protection, as the hollow, bumper-like corners and hard TPU plastic are formulated to absorb dangerous falls. Additionally, the case curves with the device rather than protruding off it, so it avoids a bulky and odd look.

Cons: While there are four colors to choose from, its most popular option, the transparent body, is bound to age worse than the other three because of how easy it will take on visible stains. Though it has raised edges, they may not be raised enough to protect vital sections of the phone.

Bottom Line: If you’re after an option that’s fuss-free in terms of both placement and style, this iPhone 11 Case is one of the easiest-going choices you could tack onto your cellular device.


Most Protective Case

AICase iPhone 11 Case

This iPhone 11 case features solid protection against dropping, shock, dust, scratches, and more.

Pros: Featuring a variety of features that don’t distract from its straightforward yet highly effective design, this iPhone 11 case understands how to bring you rugged protection without adding to the bulk like other challenging options. It has multiple layers to protect against drops and absorb shocks, port covers to keep out dust, dirt, and debris, and a solid shell that prevents scratches, scrapes, and everyday wear and tear, so it’ll look neat and clean and undamaged for longer. Despite its thick, multilayered body, this phone case is compatible with wireless chargers. With 16 different colors and patterns, you shouldn’t have issues finding a design that suits your style and preferences.

Cons: Whereas other models of phone cases come with a screen protector, this one does not. The multi-layered aspect is also quite thick, so you may have issues fitting it in your pocket or smaller purses.

Bottom Line: With an array of features that will help shield your phone from every possible harmful element, this iPhone 11 case is straightforward, hard-wearing, and offers an almost military-grade level of protection.


Best Wallet Case

Smartish iPhone 11 Wallet Case

This iPhone 11 case has a built-in wallet capable of holding up to three cards at a time, plus some cash.

Pros: Here’s a case designed for those who don’t like to carry wallets or purses. This multifunctional iPhone 11 case has a built-in wallet capable of holding up to three credit and ID cards simultaneously, plus some cash. The wallet section is highly secure, so you shouldn’t ever have any issues with your cards or cash slipping free. This case doesn’t skimp on protection, either, as it comes with a screen protector included and has air pocket corners that act like airbags, shielding your phone from drops. The textured grip also makes it easier to hold and less like to slip out of your fingers or hand during use. You won’t have to miss out if you have an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max rather than a regular iPhone 11 either, as versions for both of these phones are also available.

Cons: Though this iPhone 11 wallet case offers good protection in most areas, the camera cutout is thinner and doesn’t shield the camera from drops. While this case is listed as compatible with wireless charging, it may not charge wirelessly while wearing this case.

Bottom Line: This is ideal for those who want a more multifunctional phone case. The handy built-in wallet of this iPhone 11 case allows you to keep your credit cards, ID, and cash snugly at hand, saving you pocket or purse space.


Best with Stand

ESR Metal Kickstand Designed for iPhone 11 Case

A user-friendly phone case that includes a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing and video calls.

Pros: Here’s another case with its sights on user convenience. It features a modern staple, a built-in kickstand, which allows you to prop your phone upright when watching videos, making video calls, or reading, even when there’s no surface to lean your phone against. The kickstand is made of metal rather than plastic, so it’s much stronger and more durable. It also supports your phone horizontally and vertically, allowing you to watch or read in either portrait or landscape mode. The kickstand, when tucked away, won’t interfere with wireless charging, either. The raised edges of the case protect your phone from scratches and short drops.

Cons: Your color options are pretty limited with this iPhone 11 case, with fully clear or see-through black as your only choices. The clear model also tends to turn yellow over time. This case also doesn’t come with a screen protector.

Bottom Line: If you’re just tired of propping up your device against a water bottle while on a video call or watching your favorite show, this iPhone 11 case will be right up your alley. The built-in kickstand is not only strong and retractable but allows you to prop your phone upright in both directions, depending on your preference.


Best with Built-in Ring

JAME iPhone 11 Case with Screen Protector

This durable iPhone 11 case comes with a ring attached for a superior grip and to serve as a built-in kickstand for watching videos and making video calls.

Pros: Built-in kickstands are extremely handy for those who watch a lot of videos, TV, and/or movies on their phone or those who make a lot of mobile video calls. Phone rings are handy because they provide this particular service in addition to giving you a convenient place to grip or hook a finger into when you’re scrolling the web or talking on the phone—and this case comes with a built-in metal ring. You can use said built-in ring to prop up your iPhone 11 both horizontally and vertically. If you have a magnetic phone car mount, it can also attach to that. This case also offers excellent drop protection, as it’s durable, military-grade, has anti-shock corners, and is layered with both plastic and rubber to offer extra protection. It also features a double-layered screen protector to keep out dust and shield against scratches and smudges. And it comes in a pretty good variety of different colors to boot.

Cons: Though not ridiculously expensive, this model is a bit pricier than most iPhone 11 cases. Due to the metal ring, it’s also not compatible with wireless charging. Since the ring isn’t removable, you’ll want to opt for a different case if you primarily or only use a wireless phone charger.

Bottom Line: Lots of people like buying PopSockets or attachable rings for their smartphone cases to use as a kickstand and make their phones easier to grip. The built-in ring on this iPhone 11 case serves the same purpose without needing to buy a separate item. As long as you can live without wireless charging, this tough, durable case should serve all your needs nicely.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your device is essential for its long-term use, so you’ll keep your phone safe and looking good by going the extra mile and selecting the proper case.

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