The Best iPhone 11 Cases

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🕚 Updated December 2021

Keeping your iPhone handy is a daily necessity for most people. Since iPhones get heavy daily usage, it is important to choose a good case that will keep the phone protected. Here are some reliable iPhone 11 cases we recommend.

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  Best Clear Case Most Durable Case Best Heat Ventilation Best Premium Most Color Options
iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Case
Razer Arctech Pro
iPhone 11 Case
OtterBox Commuter Series
iPhone 11 Case
iPhone 11 Case
Our SummaryA thin phone case that shows off your device's natural color while providing just enough protection against slips and hits.This iPhone 11 case features a solid set of scratch-resistant qualities to enjoy.This iPhone 11 case is built to reduce heat buildup and to protect your device's long-term battery life. A user-friendly phone case option that includes a built-in pop socket for easy grip and transportation. This iPhone 11 case is made from a tough and colorful liquid silicone that won't falter after excess scratches and smudges.
ProsReliability at a low price, bumper-like corners keep heavy blows at bay, slim design avoids bulky feel. Features a variety of hard-wearing perks, military-grade padding throughout, clear back panel design lets natural phone color shine. Ideal for heavy phone usage, thermal lining redirects trapped heat, improves battery life and performance. Built-in PopSocket allows for convenient grip when video calling, dual-layer drop protection, swappable pop top. Available in 19 color iterations, silicone design grants shock-absorbent flexibility and scratch-resistant surface.
ConsWon't hide dirt and wear over time, raised edges aren't high enough for some users. Clear back panel will get dirty over time, slippery.Adds a noticeable amount of heft, rubberized interior liner can weaken, tear, and smell. Higher cost than other options, case buttons need to be broken in. Simple, interior microfiber lining collects germs.
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The Best iPhone 11 Cases

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If you’ve ever watched your phone slip from your grasp and brutally crash onto the ground below, then you know how important it is to choose a solid and protective case that won’t falter in moments of frustrating clumsiness. There are many options for protective and useful iPhone cases available.

Buying Guide for iPhone 11 Cases

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Why should you buy an iPhone 11 case?

A phone case can provide a barrier to prevent your investment from taking on too destructive a hit. Yet, while plenty of options protect your device, there aren’t many that do so at a high enough level. When you seek out a particular case, you’ll get to decide just what kind of safety net you desire, alongside additional conveniences and features that make this selection process a lot more fun than most folks would think.

What should you look for in an iPhone 11 case?

  • Durability: For starters, your phone’s new case should feature an ample degree of strength. Protecting your phone should be its top priority, so don’t short yourself here. Some options get by with little more than a rigid polymer mold, but others reinforce your iPhone with a combination of hard and soft properties that can take a blow, absorb the energy, and disperse it throughout the phone so as to limit the likelihood of your device cracking in one particular area. Other strong qualities to keep an eye out for include full-screen protection and a water-resistant encasing.
  • Appearance: Another vital consideration to your phone case hunt is its overall style and appearance because your accessories should still suit you, after all. Just as there are a variety of covers for different types of phone models out there, there’s plenty of style among those covers. Whether you prefer a classic clear cover that doesn’t take away from the design of your phone or a vividly colorful choice that’s sure to catch a few wandering eyes, it’s important to narrow your selection down to cases that consider who you are as a phone user.
  • Modern Conveniences: Finally, there’s a great selection of phone covers that have made tremendous leaps in tech and conveniences as phones grow more complicated. These conveniences can be as simple as the hands-free operation that a built-in kickstand grants. Or, they can be as multifaceted as phone cases with storage slots and integrated battery packs. Don’t be afraid to demand more from your phone case.

How should you properly disinfect your phone case?

If you’ve ever owned a phone case, then you know just how filthy they can get after a year or two of use. Repeat offenders of this grime-collection streak are often plastic or silicone cases in white and see-through colors. These can be cleaned with soapy water and some elbow grease. Some online reports even suggest using baking soda as an abrasive if your phone case has a stain that won’t say goodbye. For delicate options made from wood or leather, you should dust it regularly with a soft microfiber cloth to prevent a buildup before it settles permanently.

Our Picks for the Most Dependable iPhone 11 Cases

Best Clear Case

Mkeke iPhone 11 Case

A thin phone case that shows off your device's natural color while providing just enough protection against slips and hits.

Pros: Whether you’re looking to show off the natural color of your phone or just want a simple option, this clear iPhone 11 case offers great reliability for a super affordable price. It’s scratch-resistant and equipped with strong drop protection, as the hollow, bumper-like corners and hard TPU plastic are formulated to absorb dangerous falls. Additionally, the case curves with the device rather than protruding off it, so it avoids a bulky and odd look.

Cons: While there are four colors to choose from, its most popular option, the clear body, is bound to age worse than the other three because of how easy it will take on visible dirt, stains, and scuffs. Though it has raised edges, they may not be raised enough to protect vital sections of the phone, like its screen and both camera lenses.

Bottom Line: If you’re after an option that’s fuss-free in terms of both placement and style, this Mkeke iPhone 11 Case is one of the easiest-going choices you could tack onto your cellular device.

Most Durable Case

X-Doria iPhone 11 Case

This iPhone 11 case features a solid set of scratch-resistant qualities to enjoy.

Pros: Featuring a variety of advantages that don’t distract from a pretty straightforward design, this iPhone 11 case understands how to bring you tough protection without adding to the bulk like other tough options. Lining each corner of the case is military-grade cushioned padding that’s been forged to withstand drops from up to 10 feet in the air. And though its see-through appearance may give the impression that it’s lightweight, that’s only the result of a clear polycarbonate back panel.

Cons: Whereas other models of phone cases feature a color selection that’s dark enough to hide the blemishes accumulated over time, this particular case is see-through in every iteration. So, there’s really no chance of hiding the wear and tear that the back of your phone case will take on in the next few years. This type of slick plastic backing is also known for resulting in a number of slips from your hand, whether they’re moist or dry.

Bottom Line: With an array of rigid fixtures that make up its outdoor-forward design, this X-Doria iPhone 11 Case is designed in a simple-to-use and familiar style that both hikers and everyday people can get behind.

Best Heat Ventilation

Razer Arctech Pro iPhone 11 Case

This iPhone 11 case is built to reduce heat buildup and to protect your device's long-term battery life.

Pros: Here’s a case that’s designed for those who are heavy phone users or gamers. It’s built to reduce heat buildup and aid long-term battery health/smartphone performance due in large part to its unique thermal conductive lining, which redirects trapped heat through vented airflow channels across the back of the case. This allows for better cooling than traditional cases. It’s also available in four sleek, modern colors and accents to best match your style.

Cons: Most phone cases weigh slim to nothing, typically weighing in at no more than a couple of ounces, but this option actually adds a bit of heft to your device. It weighs 4.4 ounces in total. Now, while that may not initially seem like a problem, think about the total weight once you’ve slid this onto your phone and then into your back pocket. Is the discomfort growing yet? And while the exterior will hold up over time, this iPhone case’s rubberized interior liner will likely come up short.

Bottom Line: This is an ideal choice for those who expect to get the most out of their devices on a minute-to-minute basis. This Razer Arctech Pro iPhone 11 Case offers thermal protection without impacting internet connection or video streaming and without getting in the way of wireless charging.

Best Premium

OtterBox Commuter Series Case

A user-friendly phone case that includes a built-in pop socket for easy grip and transportation.

Pros: Here’s another choice from a trusted brand name that has its sights set on user convenience. This case features a modern staple, the built-in PopSocket, which allows for easy handling when you’re watching videos, making video calls, or just walking around with your phone in hand. The PopSocket itself is swappable, so while you buy the style that comes with the case, you can still swap it in the future. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill phone case either, as its Otterbox name prides itself on providing dual-layer drop protection that will last your device’s lifetime.

Cons: Of course, when you’re buying one of the most popular brands around, you’re likely going to have to fork over some cash, too. This option provides the bang, but you have to provide the buck. Because of this case’s durability, certain pushable buttons take some time to wear in before they can be pushed with ease.

Bottom Line: If you’re just plain tired of propping up your device against a water bottle while on a video call, then this OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 11 Case should provide you with plenty of easy use and renowned strength.

Most Color Options

Miracase iPhone 11 Case

This iPhone 11 case is made from a tough and colorful liquid silicone that won't falter after excess scratches and smudges.

Pros: Phone covers come in many different shades and hues, and users love to buy one that matches their favorite color or suits their personality best. This iPhone 11 case makes the task that much easier thanks to its selection of 19 different color options available for purchase, ranging from classic neutrals to vibrant shades and soft pastels. The liquid silicone rubber cover is thick, smooth, and incredibly durable to offer the best possible protection. It’s also resistant to scratches and smudges.

Cons: Its lack of features may not suit every user’s desire for greater protection or versatility. The interior microfiber lining offers a unique way to prevent your device from being damaged during a fall, but it can also develop an odor and get fairly dirty if you aren’t careful.

Bottom Line: The Miracase iPhone 11 Case may not sport the variety of perks and add-ons that we see so often. However, its stripped-down use and abundance of color styles make it a favorite for many iPhone owners.

Final Thoughts

Phones are expensive, and there’s far too big of a hassle when it comes to replacing them. Moreover, protecting your device is essential for its long-term use, so by going the extra mile and selecting the right case, you’ll keep your phone safe and looking good.

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