The Best iPhone 12 Cases to Protect Your Phone

🕚 Updated August 2021

It's safe to say that we all drop our phones more than we'd like. The most logical way to protect it from cracks, scratches, and moisture is by buying a reliable case.

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iPhone 12 Case
Crystal Clear iPhone 12 Case
Defender Series
iPhone 12 Case
iPhone 12 Wallet Case
Our SummaryOffering full-body protection, this slim case also provides a comfortable grip with a smooth touch.This clear case is manufactured with armor-level shockproof material. This case offers rugged protection against drops, bumps, and even dirt.This slim and transparent case offers shockproof corners and plenty of colors to choose from. This wallet case secures about three cards and has the option for you to pick your own favorite design for the cover.
ProsRaised edges along the sides, super smooth to the touch, durable and scratch-resistant.Highlights the beauty of your new iPhone, military drop protection, secure grip.Quality defense against drops, scratches, and accidents. The belt clip holster doubles as a kickstand.Affordable, withstands daily drops and bumps, supports cable and wireless charging. A reliable two-in-one, sandblasted texture on the sides prevents accidental slips.
ConsMight come off the edges, attracts dust.Yellows after extended use.No built-in screen protector, MagSafe charging is difficult.Hard to operate the volume and power buttons. Thicker design, hard to take your cards out of the pocket sometimes.
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The Best iPhone 12 Cases to Protect Your Phone

A smiling woman sits on a couch holding her iPhone with a light blue silicone case.

There are many different colors, designs, and features available in phone cases, so to help you decide on one for your iPhone 12, we’ve compiled some of our favorites.

Buying Guide for iPhone 12 Cases

A hand holds an iPhone that's in a blue wallet case.

Why buy an iPhone 12 case?

It’s best to buy a case as soon as you upgrade to an iPhone 12 because you don’t want to wait until your phone cracks or breaks to invest in protection. Phone dropping is somewhat inevitable with our busy lives, so it’s best to immediately buy a case and avoid paying repair or replacement costs down the line.

What should you look for in an iPhone 12 case?

  • Durability: Priority number one in a new case is reliable protection. Regardless of the material, your new iPhone 12 case should be scratch-resistant, offer drop protection, and have multiple layers. It should protect every corner of your phone as well as the camera lenses and screen.
  • Designs & Features: Once you’ve found a case that offers quality protection, you can look into color options, different design patterns, and sublime features like a wallet and case combo or a case with a kickstand. Finding a case that provides both shockproof protection and fabulous flair isn’t too difficult.

How much will a new iPhone 12 case cost?

Prices vary depending on the quality and construction of the case. The pocket-friendly choices are still designed to protect your screen and the corners of your phone, but they usually don’t come with a lot of fancy features. More unique cases, like charging cases, can be a bit pricey because they not only protect your phone, but also offer an extra-convenient component. The same can be said for the more durable cases that provide solid, multilayered protection and a kickstand, for example.

Our Picks for the Top iPhone 12 Cases

Best Design

Miracase iPhone 12 Case

Offering full-body protection, this slim case provides a comfortable grip with a smooth touch.

Pros: This slim case provides raised edges along the sides to protect the camera and the screen from getting damaged, especially when facing down. The silicone construction is not only super smooth to the touch, but it’s also durable and scratch-resistant. This case is also available in over 14 different colors, so you have plenty of choices.

Cons: Since it’s made of silicone, it’s really easy to install and remove the case. But because it’s so flexible, it might come off the edges at times if you’re not careful. Silicone is also susceptible to attracting dust, so if it’s in your pocket for too long, it might come out covered in pocket lint.

Bottom Line: This is a no-frills case with fewer features, but it’s slim, protective, and relatively inexpensive. The silicone material might not be for everyone, as some might enjoy the flexibility and smoothness, while others might recoil at the amount of dust and lint that it attracts.


Best Clear Case

CASEKOO Crystal Clear iPhone 12 Case

This case is manufactured with armor-level shockproof material.

Pros: The transparent design highlights the beauty of your new iPhone and still provides all the features that one hopes for, like military drop protection and a lightweight and secure grip. It also comes with a phone stand that’s compact and foldable.

Cons: Most clear cases yellow after a while, which is usually caused by sweat and cosmetics. This product features an anti-yellow coating that will prevent and decrease yellowing for up to 12 months, but that all depends on how often you clean it, so yellowing is still possible.

Bottom Line: This is the least obtrusive iPhone 12 case that there is, and if you’re interested in something simple, unassuming, and reliable, then this is an affordable option to protect your phone from serious damage.


Most Durable

OtterBox Defender Series

This case offers rugged protection against drops, bumps, and even dirt.

Pros: For quality defense against drops, scratches, and any accidents, this case is your safest bet because of its solid inner shell and soft outer cover. The included belt clip holster also doubles as a kickstand, so you can easily watch your favorite TV shows or movies, and it comes in different colors.

Cons: This case doesn’t come with a built-in screen protector. Another con is that MagSafe charging is difficult when this case is on your iPhone because of its multilayered construction and size. It’s also a bit pricey compared to other iPhone 12 cases.

Bottom Line: This case offers the best protection for your iPhone 12, so if protection is the most important factor to you, then you should seriously consider this case. The lack of a screen protector and the price are a bit disappointing, but you’ll never crack your iPhone with this robust case.


Best Value

Temdan iPhone 12 Case

This slim and transparent case offers shockproof corners and plenty of colors to choose from.

Pros: This is a very affordable iPhone case. Despite its price tag, it’s still shockproof and durable enough to withstand daily drops and bumps. The corners, screen, and cameras are all well-protected. Charging is easy, too, whether with a cable or wireless.

Cons: The buttons aren’t protruded outward when the case is attached, so it’s harder to operate the volume and power buttons. If you normally touch a certain button based on feel instead of vision, then this case isn’t the best fit for you.

Bottom Line: This inexpensive case is great for someone who might occasionally drop their phone off their desk and who isn’t looking for premium protection. If you’re constantly damaging your case or phone, then this case isn’t for you because you get what you pay for. It’s a basic, clear case that will protect your phone from light damage and has plenty of colorful options, but nothing more.


Best Wallet Case

Smartish iPhone 12 Wallet Case

This wallet case secures about three cards and has the option for you to pick your own favorite design for the cover.

Pros: The wallet feature is a major benefit since you won’t have to carry both around separately anymore. The custom design feature and the fact that you can purchase this case for your iPhone 12 mini is also a plus. The almost sandblasted texture on the sides prevents accidental slips, and the so-called “air pockets” protect each corner well.

Cons: Because it’s a wallet case, it does have a thicker design, which might be unappealing to some people. It also takes some wiggling to get your cards out of the pocket. Sometimes, when you just need one card, the other two or three cards might slip out as well, so this can get annoying. It’s also not compatible with wireless or MagSafe chargers.

Bottom Line: Overall, this is a very convenient and functional case. The thick size and extra space are there for a reason: to hold your cards and cash. Understandably, though, some people find it too bulky for their taste. The textured sides are convenient for a better grip, and although you can’t wirelessly charge, it’s still a nice case with plenty of other great features!


Best Charging Case

GIN FOXI iPhone 12 Battery Case

Double the battery life of your iPhone with this fantastic case that will recharge your phone up to 500 times.

Pros: It has a ridiculously quicker charge than other battery cases, so it’s an ideal case for those who travel or are out for a long time without outlets or chargers. It offers maximum protection for the edges of your phone and its cameras. It’s slim despite its built-in battery, and it comes with a screen protector and a free lightning cable.

Cons: Since it’s such a solid case, it’s hard to attach and remove from your phone. The weight of the case is on the heavy side, so it’s not the most comfortable thing to carry around.

Bottom Line: If you need your battery to last a long time because you’re always out and about, then consider this case. Its larger size and weight are small discrepancies since you’re paying for a charging case that will not only give your phone plenty of power, but also, protect it from fatal accidents.

Final Thoughts

Since there are so many different cases to consider, choose the right one that best suits your unique needs. If you travel a lot, then a charging case is important. If you’re looking for something low-key and simple, then a transparent case will do the trick. Whatever your needs might be, each of these cases will surely protect your iPhone 12 from harm.

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