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The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

🕚 Updated November 2021

Our iPhones are critical pieces of equipment. They navigate, entertain, inform, assist, and connect us daily. Protect yours with the right phone case for you.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
Twinkle Case
Our SummaryReinforced yet simple, this phone case offers bulk-free protection that won't take away from the aesthetically pleasing appearance of your phone.This phone case features a built-in battery pack that gives your phone a longer-lasting means of energy for over 500 uses.Here's a phone case that maintains the integrity of your phone and credit/debit cards with a highly multifunctional design.This phone case offers you an assured form of protection that's highly resistant to most forms of damage.This visually exciting phone case has a slim profile with multiple amazing design options.
ProsTough without feeling too bulky, features military-grade padding, clear back panel shows off phone.Features an integrated 7,000-mAh battery, allows phone to last 180% longer, charges without overheating.Features three card slots and one bill compartment, includes RFID technology to prevent contactless theft.Expertly durable shell construction that's totally shockproof, features a sliding window protector.Stylish selection of designs, can withstand 10-foot drops, not bulky, also have iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases.
ConsSlick back panel can lead to slippage, tempered glass screen shatters under pressure rather than crack.Battery is susceptible to taking on excess damage, not water-resistant, only good for 500 charges.A heavier phone case than most, magnetic closure system can become faulty when all slots are in use.Kickstand feature can loosen or break over time, lacks a screen protector, overly firm volume & power buttons.Debris and dirt can get trapped inside and look bad, won't look good with all colors of phone.
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The Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Various iPhone cases lined up in a circle around an iPhone displaying the lifesavvy logo.

No matter the brand, model, or price tag, there’s a phone case out there for your cellular companion. And when it comes to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there are many reasons under the sun why you should buy a phone case for the one you own. With that in mind, here are some options we think you should check out.

Buying Guide for iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

four phone cases lined up next to an iPhone with the LifeSavvy logo displayed on its screen.

Why should you buy a particular case?

To restate the obvious, yes, a phone case can provide an aptly constructed barrier to prevent your investment from taking on too destructive a hit. Plenty of options protect, but there aren’t many that do so at a high enough level. When you seek out a particular case, you’ll get to decide just what kind of level of protection you expect, alongside additional conveniences and features that make this selection process so exciting.

What should you look for in a case?

Consider these factors when you’re looking to reinforce your iPhone:

  • Durability: For starters, your phone’s new case should feature an ample degree of strength. Protecting your phone is its top priority, so don’t short yourself here. Some options get by with little more than a rigid polymer mold, but others reinforce your iPhone with a combination of hard and soft properties that can take a blow, absorb the energy, and disperse it throughout the phone so as to limit the likelihood of your device cracking in one particular area. Other strong qualities to keep an eye out for include full-screen protection and a water-resistant encasing.
  • Appearance: Another vital consideration to your phone case hunt is its overall style and appearance because your accessories should still suit you, after all. Just as there are a variety of covers for every type of phone model out there, there’s plenty of style among those covers. Whether you prefer a classic clear cover that doesn’t take away from the design of your phone, or a vividly colorful choice that’s sure to catch a few wandering eyes, it’s important to narrow your selection down to cases that consider who you are as a phone user.
  • Modern Conveniences: Finally, there’s a great selection of phone covers that have made tremendous leaps in tech and conveniences as phones grow more complicated. These conveniences can be as simple as the hands-free operation that a built-in kickstand grants. Or, they can be as multifaceted as phone cases with storage slots and integrated battery packs. Don’t be afraid to demand more from your phone case.

How should you properly disinfect your phone case?

If you’ve ever owned a phone case, then you know just how filthy they can get after a year or two of use. Repeat offenders of this grime-collection streak are often plastic or silicone cases in white and see-through colors. These can be cleaned with soapy water and some elbow grease. Some online reports even suggest using baking soda as an abrasive if your phone case has a stain that won’t give up. For delicate options made from wood or leather, you should dust them regularly with a soft microfiber cloth to prevent a buildup before it settles permanently.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Best Clear Case

Miracase Glass + Case

Reinforced yet simple, this phone case offers bulk-free protection that won't take away from the aesthetically pleasing appearance of your phone.

Pros: With an array of perks that don’t distract from a welcomingly simple design, this iPhone 12 Pro Max case understands how to bring about tough protection without the typically bulky weight. Lining each corner of the case is military-grade cushioned padding that’s been forged to withstand drops from multiple feet in the air. And though its see-through appearance may give the impression that it’s lightweight, that’s only the result of a clear back panel and a built-in screen protector, both of which are made from upgraded materials that can prevent scratches and cracks.

Cons: While its glass front and back panels offer a neat window so that you can still admire the original aesthetic of your phone, they can be limiting. Whether your hands are clean, filthy, or slightly damp, you run a higher risk of dropping your phone due to the slick nature of the panels. Additionally, the front panel is made of tempered glass, and this type of material is known to break entirely rather than chip it in pieces like standard screen covers.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a stripped-down cover that still knows how to encase your phone in a solid amount of security, this option from Miracase Glass + Case offers you plenty of hard-wearing features that won’t overtake the appearance of a new phone.


Best Battery Case

GIN FOXI Battery Case

This phone case features a built-in battery pack that gives your phone a longer-lasting means of energy.

Pros: Ideal for the user who logs serious hours on their phone, this case offers your device hours’ worth of battery power even when there isn’t an outlet around. Built into the case is a 7,000-mAh battery that charges your phone for 180% longer than a phone without the case. Functions that typically drain the energy from a device after minimal use, like video playback and web browsing, are handled with ease, thanks to the case’s constant surge of energy. It even features a failsafe system, so your phone doesn’t run the risk of short-circuiting or overheating.

Cons: Though its built-in security measures ensure the integrity of your iPhone, the same can’t be equally said for the battery pack itself. The case features a hardback plate to protect the battery from immediate damage, but continuous, hard drops over time will likely ruin it, as will liquids. You’re also only given 500 charges out of the case before its internal battery runs out of juice, so it may be best to use this sparingly and for emergency situations.

Bottom Line: If you’re the type of person who relies heavily on their phone throughout the workday, this GIN FOXI Battery Case is a trusted solution and farewell to the horrifying sight of a low-battery notification.


Best Wallet Case

OCASE Wallet Case

Here's a phone case that maintains the integrity of your phone and credit/debit cards with a highly multifunctional design.

Pros: With its soft polyurethane leather shell and integrated slot design, this case is an alternative measure that supports you in more ways than one. Just behind the left-side flap of the shockproof case are four separate slots for you to store credit, debit, and business cards, as well as loose bills. This side of the case features RFID Shielding Technology, which protects your cards’ information from new forms of contactless theft. Also built into the case are 1.2-mm raised edges around the screen and camera to provide maximum protection from scuffs and scratches.

Cons: The hefty look of this case’s soft PU leather design is indicative of an overall feel, as its 6.3-ounce frame tacks on a considerable amount of weight to an already heavy phone. This extra weight can feel all the more noticeable in your pocket or bags. Some users have also taken issue with the case’s magnetic clasp, citing closure issues whenever too much cash is occupying the bill compartment and even when all of the card slots are in use.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a cover that provides protection and style and effectively rules out carrying around a separate wallet, this OCASE Wallet Case can hold your monetary essentials when you’re headed out the door.


Most Rugged Case

CloudValley iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

This phone case offers you an assured form of protection that's highly resistant to most forms of damage.

Pros: Here’s a phone case that protects with an uncommonly durable shell that’s equipped to take some of the hardest hits of any option on the market. This case is made from a combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, which creates an anti-scratch, shockproof, and drop-resistant body. Whereas most phone cases employ raised edges to keep the device from ever making contact with a surface, this option, while doing the same, features a sliding window camera cover that completely guards one of the most sensitive areas of a phone.

Cons: Its built-in kickstand is convenient for freeing up your hands while watching videos, but if the phone is dropped while the stand is deployed, then the jutting feature can actually loosen or snap off completely. And for all of its protective measures, this phone case still lacks a screen protector, so if struck on a corner, your device could be in trouble. Some users have also noted difficulty with the case’s volume and power buttons, citing them as overly firm.

Bottom Line: This CloudValley iPhone 12 Pro Max Case is another tough and easy-to-handle case that resists just about every means of damage you can put it through. In short, look to this option for all your rough-and-tumble outdoor needs.


Eye-Catching Design

Case-Mate Twinkle Case

This visually exciting phone case has a slim profile with multiple amazing design options.

Pros: Like similarly styled choices, this phone case is available in a wide selection of personality-exhibiting designs. It’s featured in various bejeweled and iridescent patterns, with the latter style incorporating glitter into the case itself. As a means of support, this option is formulated in a thin but sturdy shape that’s tough enough to keep hard hits at bay while still thin enough to work with most wireless charging pads.

Cons: Like similar pieces that exude a detailed amount of sensation, this cover is another pricier option. Though its designs are lovely, styles like the ombré gold, which features gold foil flakes spread throughout a see-through case, might not match all phone colors. Moreover, its partially clear body won’t look as good the dirtier it gets over time.

Bottom Line: For the fashion devotees who want their phone case to draw as much attention as they do, this Case-Mate Twinkle Case grants you 18 catwalk-worthy designs and a respectable level of durability.


Best Floral Design

Rifle Paper Co. Case

Here's an appropriately strong and boldly colorful phone case that rests easily in your hands.

Pros: For the crowd who wants a case to put their personality on full display, the simplest, design-forward option can go a long way for you. This Pro Max case provides your phone with standard protective measures thanks to an impact polymer frame that’s scratch-resistant and capable of absorbing and dispersing falls from 10 feet in the air. Its seven different floral designs feature stunningly detailed illustrations that really capture the appeal of seeing flowers wherever you go.

Cons: Because of its fashionable edge, this phone case sports one of the more hefty price tags around. Laying down a big chunk of change for a case that, admittedly, doesn’t feature the same type of protection that less expensive options have can feel like a slight. A purchase here does not include a screen cover, and while the backing prevents your phone from taking on scratches, the same can’t be said for the case’s floral illustrations.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a phone cover that’s more geared toward having a bit of visual fun, this case is available in an assortment of exciting floral color options and size choices that work for more than one model of iPhone 12.

Final Thoughts

There’s more to the phone case than a great understanding of protection. It should be functional, convenient, and stylish, too. Check out our top picks to find a case that checks the box on each of these important factors.

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