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The Best iPhone 13 Cases

🕚 Updated December 2022

The iPhone 13 may be faster and better than the previous ones, but it's by no means indestructible. Instead of leaving it up to fate to safeguard your beloved iPhone, here are the best cases to protect your investment.

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  Top Pick Most Durable Best Wallet Case Best Slim Design Best Colorful Patterns
Case for iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Case Protective Cover
iPhone 13 Wallet Slayer Vol. 1
Defender Case
iPhone 13 Case with Screen Protector
Our SummaryThis clear case is made of quality material to resist yellowing and offers improved lens protection for your iPhone's camera.This hardcore military-grade iPhone case is convenient and secure.An iPhone wallet case that organizes your purse or pocket and ups your style.This slim, budget-friendly case offers premium features such as a MagSafe ring and two screen protectors.This iPhone case turns the ordinary into extraordinary with mesmerizing decorative patterns.
Pros✓ Resists yellowing
✓ Showcases iPhone
✓ Slim-fitting
✓ Offers extra camera lens protection
✓ Alternate color options
✓ Military-grade drop-resistant
✓ Clear built-in screen protector
✓ Textured easy-grip frame
✓ Built-in kickstand
✓ Light and durable
✓ Comes in fun designs
✓ Doubles as a wallet with room for three cards and cash
✓ Built-in spring design
✓ Affordable price
✓ Includes screen and lens protectors
✓ Slim design
✓ MagSafe-compatible
✓ Co-molded TPU+PC body
✓ Raised bezels
✓ Smudge and scratch-resistant
✓ Colorful patterns
✓ Comes with screen protector
ConsX May complicate wireless chargingX May not be ideal for those who want a sleeker lookX Not compatible with MagSafe or wireless accessoriesX Doesn't offer heavy-duty protectionX Not a great match for those who prefer solid colors
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The Best iPhone 13 Cases

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Buying Guide for iPhone 13 Cases

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Why buy an iPhone 13 case?

Let’s face it; you’ll drop your new iPhone at some point. When you do, it is only natural to want it to be protected from becoming damaged or unusable. A quality iPhone 13 case will offer invaluable protection to the phone’s body, screen, and inner workings if it becomes dropped or battered. Your iPhone 13 case can also add a lot of functionality. This is especially true if it features space for your credit cards, a screen protector, or a built-in kickstand for watching media on your iPhone. Additionally, buying a case for your iPhone will allow you to upgrade its style to your favorite color, design, or pattern.

What should you look for in an iPhone 13 case?

  • Compatibility: Your new case must fit your iPhone 13 perfectly. This might be a little confusing to some since the iPhone 13 lineup also includes a Mini, Pro, and Pro Max version. Remember, a case made for an iPhone 13 Mini, Pro, or Pro Max won’t fit an iPhone 13, so be careful when ensuring the compatibility of your new case. Additionally, unlike the iPhone 12, previous-gen iPhone cases won’t fit the iPhone 13 due to its updated camera design.
  • Protection: When it comes to safety and durability, not every iPhone case is created equally. If you’re prone to dropping your phone, investing in a rugged, heavy-duty model is an excellent choice. While these might cost a little more than cases that offer lesser protection, your case will pay for itself when it saves your iPhone 13 from meeting an untimely end. However, for those who rarely, if ever, drop their phone, finding a budget-friendly case that offers basic protection is a great way to ensure your phone is protected.
  • Style: One of the reasons so many people love iPhones and other Apple products is their sleek, nuanced style. Thus, you probably won’t be happy if you purchase a bulky case that turns your beautiful iPhone 13 into an eyesore. Seek out a case that offers stellar protection without being overly bulky. Buying a phone case is also a great way to change your phone’s color, pattern, or overall style to fit your unique tastes better. Of course, if you love the original look of your iPhone, finding a clear case is the best way to protect it from spills while showing it off to the world.

Will you be able to charge your iPhone 13 with a MagSafe charger if it is in its case?

Not every iPhone 13 case will be compatible with MagSafe chargers or other wireless charging options. If you use wireless chargers to charge your phone, look for a case with a built-in MagSafe magnet ring on the inside and check reviews to ensure it’s compatible with your preferred wireless charging method. Additionally, remember that thicker cases cause more issues with wireless chargers and can increase the time it takes to fully charge your phone.

Our Picks for the Best iPhone 13 Cases

Top Pick

Mkeke Case for iPhone 13

This clear case is made of quality material to resist yellowing and offers improved lens protection for your iPhone's camera.

Pros: Featuring a sleek, clear design that showcases the beauty of your iPhone 13, this case from Mkeke won’t add unnecessary bulk. It will add a ton of protection, thanks to its raised edges, which protect your screen and camera from accidental drops. There’s an extra raised edge around the camera, offering more protection to its lens that many other iPhone cases don’t offer. This case also provides a longer lifespan than many clear cases, thanks to its stain- and sweat-resistant coating.  that helps prevent the case from turning yellow. And if the clear color isn’t to your liking but you still want the protection this case offers, it’s available in seven other color choices.

Cons: While most people haven’t had issues using this case with a wireless charger, some have noted a weak connection, increasing the time it will take your iPhone to reach a full charge. Its efficiency using MagSafe chargers is somewhat limited, even though it is safe to use with MagSafe and other wireless chargers.

Bottom Line: This product is your best choice if you’re looking for a clear case that offers solid protection without overcharging for meaningless bells and whistles or turning an unattractive shade of yellow over time. While this isn’t the most heavy-duty or functional case on the market, it will be hard to find a clear case this slim and sleek that offers the degree of protection that it does. 


Most Durable

SOiOS iPhone 13 Case Protective Cover

This hardcore military-grade iPhone case is convenient and secure.

Pros: It’s almost unbelievable: an iPhone case that’s both military-grade drop-resistant, lightweight, and slim enough to slip inside your pocket. With the transparent built-in screen protector, you won’t have to stress applying a tempered glass film for a perfect fit. It’s touch-sensitive, too, so you can navigate the screen without a hitch. If your phone has ever slipped out of your hands, you may appreciate the textured, easy-grip frame. Perhaps the best feature is the built-in kickstand. Use it to FaceTime your friends hands-free or play videos in vertical and horizontal positions.

Cons: While the case is advertised as lightweight, it’s bulky and may disappoint those who want a sleeker look.

Bottom Line: The SOiOS iPhone 13 case makes a great buy if you prioritize full-body protection over elegance. It’s made to protect your phone whether you’re hiking, climbing, or enjoying a movie with a friend.


Best Wallet Case

Smartish iPhone 13 Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

This is an iPhone wallet case that organizes your purse or pocket and ups your style.

Pros: In the spirit of simplifying everyday busyness, the Wallet Slayer. Wait, do we need to say more? It’s a paradox on many levels. The Wallet Slayer is ultralight and ultradurable, thin, and protective; it features fun designs and seriously smart features. As the name indicates, this iPhone 13 case doubles as a wallet, with room for three cards and cash. There’ll be no IDs, credit cards, or business cards littering the sidewalk. The built-in design will make sure of that.

Cons: It’s not compatible with MagSafe or wireless accessories.

Bottom Line: The Smartish line of iPhone cases has gained great popularity for performance and style. The Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 has only increased attention because it’s practical and pretty cool in appearance and design.


Best Slim Design

TAURI Defender Case

This slim, budget-friendly case offers premium features such as a MagSafe ring and two screen protectors.

Pros: Featuring a budget-friendly price and several unique style options, the TAURI Defender Case is a great pick for those wanting more for less. Compared to similar products, this case is slim, which helps preserve the original look and feel of your iPhone 13. Given its low price, this product has a lot to offer, including multiple screen protectors, lens protectors, and even a MagSafe ring for optimized wireless charging.

Cons: While there’s a lot to love about this case, it won’t offer you the robust protection of the Otterbox-branded option. Thus, you might want to think twice about this case if you’re prone to losing phones due to accidental drops. 

Bottom Line: Many premium cases leave out features such as a lens protector and a MagSafe ring, making TAURI’s offerings even more enticing. Seeing as how this case also excels in terms of style, it has the potential to be one of the most popular budget iPhone 13 cases on the market.


Best Colorful Patterns

ICEDIO iPhone 13 Case with Screen Protector

This iPhone case turns the ordinary into extraordinary with mesmerizing decorative patterns.

Pros: This basic iPhone 13 case by ICEDIO passes all the tests. The co-molded TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) + PC (polycarbonate) case has impassive durability and scratch and smudge resistance. The angles of each of the four corners make built-in air cushions. Also, the 0.009 raised bezels protect your phone’s screen and camera. With the sturdy material and smart design, nothing exciting should happen if you drop-test it. Instead, make your phone exciting by choosing among ICEDIOs many eye-catching designs. Choose from patterns like spiderwebs, blooming henna, constellations, and more.

Cons: If you prefer solid colors, you may be happier with a different case.

Bottom Line: If you’re bored with the standard clear or solid color iPhone case and don’t want to sacrifice quality, the ICEDIO is worth a look. It passes all the tests; it just needs to pass yours.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a serial smartphone dropper or simply preparing for the worst-case scenario, investing in a trusty case for your iPhone is a great idea. Remember, you may be required to compromise between protection, price point, and style when choosing a case that’s right for you. However, there are enough high-quality iPhone 13 cases on the market to ensure you have a great case that suits your iPhone and your lifestyle.

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